Are Dolphins Evil? Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

Dolphins are one of the most popular marine mammals. Not only do they look adorable but they are also known to be highly intelligent sea creatures. They also have some very unique traits — these warm-blooded animals have a specific way of communicating with other dolphins, they produce milk, and breathe through their lungs, unlike most other fish that use gills.

But dolphins look really cute. If you have a dolphin lover around you, you can custom keychains for him. Connecting a practical keychain with an adorable dolphin not only shows you’re thoughtful but the process is easy, because is here to help.


But dolphins also demonstrate some unsavory behaviors that make them seem sinister. Behind that gentle face is a dark side that will make you wonder, “Are dolphins evil?”

Are Dolphins Evil?


Well, no, not all dolphins are categorically evil. But there have been one too many instances of problematic dolphin behavior that will make anyone side-eye these creatures.
Don’t believe us?

Take a look at some truly horrifying dolphin behavior that’ll make you wonder how these seemingly sweet and harmless dolphins can have such menacing personalities.


1. Male Dolphins Are Fans of Infanticide

Adult males often kill off their own babies, and their reason for doing this is baffling. Research has shown that male dolphins kill off the babies so that the female dolphins are ready to mate again.

There was a study conducted with five young bottlenose dolphins who showed fatal injuries consistent with an attack of a bottlenose dolphin.

2. Male Dolphins Also Kill Baby Porpoises

Male dolphins apparently are also inclined to kill the babies of another marine animal — the porpoises.

The reason? A case of mistaken identity where the male dolphins assume that the baby porpoises are baby dolphins since the two have a lot of resemblances.

Dolphins even use pulping techniques and echolocation to inflict fatal internal injuries on young porpoises. What’s worse is that they sometimes kill baby porpoises just for fun, as a sport.

3. Male Dolphins Are Sexual Predators

Male dolphins are just assholes apparently. They not only prey on female dolphins but there have also been instances of gang rapes lasting weeks. These horny creatures isolate their victim from the pod and keep her in line by threatening her through aggressive movements and noises.

Researchers have also observed male dolphins whacking the female using their tails to keep her subdued. And escape is almost impossible because the male dolphins will simply chase the female and only let her go once they’re done.

4. The Male Dolphin’s Penis is a Weapon

Dolphin rape is traumatizing enough. Add aggressive mating with a prehensile penis on top and you have a horrifying visual in your head. The dolphin’s penis is almost like a human hand that can grab, grope, and swivel.

Why? Because the penis needs to enter and navigate the female’s rather complicated reproductive tract. Well, if that was the only purpose, then that’s fine.

Unfortunately, when the dolphin’s penis is fully erect, it resembles a hook that can latch on inside the female dolphin’s body. This makes it impossible for the female to get away because the penis is forcefully locked inside its organ.

5. Male Dolphins Can Even Sexually Attack Humans

There’s just something about male dolphins and their massive sexual appetites; nothing seems to be off-limits. Male dolphins are so horny that they’re totally okay with making the moves on humans.

If you look up this topic online, you’ll find countless news articles and videos of male dolphins trying to grope human women. In 2003, actress Demi Moore also had to get away from a sexually aggressive dolphin when she was visiting Siegfried And Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat.

6. Dolphins See Other Animals As Playthings

Another unexplainable behavior among male dolphins is that they play with other marine animals just for their entertainment.

Imagine a pod playing with a baby shark, tossing it around with its tails because they’re bored. It’s just plain cruel. And the weird thing about it is, dolphins actually enjoy inflicting harm on these poor animals.

7. Dolphins Are the Bullies of the Ocean

Dolphins like to prey upon the weaker species — and it is not for survival but simply because they’ve got nothing to do or want to have fun.

There are even instances when they bully another marine creature to the point of killing the animal, and then they move on to the next prey. If that wasn’t scary enough, after bullying someone to death, you’ll find the dolphin smiling with its usual upturned mouth as if it didn’t do anything evil.

8. Dolphins Are Into Drugs

Just one more reason to choose a different animal as your favorite — aside from murder and rape, dolphins are also occasional drug users. And everyone knows that you can expect something nasty to happen once someone gets high.

Dolphins like to get high with the neurotoxin that puffer fishes release to survive and defend themselves. So, dolphins intentionally attack these puffer fish so that the poor fish would fight for their lives and secrete the neurotoxins for dolphins to enjoy.

9. Dolphins Engage in Nasal Sexuality

If the gang rapes, mudering, and infanticide wasn’t enough to make your stomach turn, male dolphins have shown another vile behavior. They are the only known creatures who copulate by inserting their sexual organs inside the blowholes of other dolphins.

No wonder they are considered major carriers of sexually transmitted diseases.

Although it should be noted that this behavior is exceedingly rare and has only been documented a handful of times. Nevertheless, it is just another example of their endless sexual appetite.

10. Dolphins Are Voracious Meat Eaters

When hunting together, dolphins will eat anything and everything that comes their way. They will eat small fish, shrimp, and squid not just to satisfy their hunger, but they often hunt and kill just for the sake of doing it.

Their hunting skills are also impressive (or should we say brutal?) to ensure nothing escapes. And these brutal killings are a regular pastime for the seemingly innocent-looking dolphins.

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