is dove chocolate the same as dove soap

Are Dove Chocolate And Dove Soap From The Same Company?

Is Dove Chocolate the Same as Dove Soap? One is a soap, the other a chocolate. But they share the brand name. So if you have ever wondered whether it’s the same company that’s making your Dove Soap and Dove Chocolate, you’re not alone.

After all, both products also match in their silky, smooth texture!

So what’s the truth? Are Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap the same company? Does Dove make confectioneries, personal care goods, or both?

Let’s end your dilemma so you can go back to enjoying your Dove (whichever one you prefer).

Is Dove Chocolate the Same as Dove Soap?

Dove Soap

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To break the suspense, no.

Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap are not manufactured by the same company even though they do share the same brand name.

So why do people think they’re the same?

Because despite being different products from different companies the two do share some similarities. These are enough to convince customers that they’re from the same company.

For starters, both brands share the same name. Second, both brands also write their name in a similar font and style on their packaging and advertising. Additionally, both brands share two similar colors (white and brown), although they do use other unique colors too (golden and royal blue).

Lastly, both brands chose to pronounce their names the same way.

Surprised how two brands can share the same name?

Well, while the situation is unlikely, IP, copyright, and trademark laws allow companies to operate under the same brand name so long as they’re selling different products. Especially if the products are of different categories and there is no likelihood of them being confused.

Let’s take a journey down the corridors of the history of both brands to help you understand how different they are, why they share the same name, and why they’ve never reconsidered their brand name.

Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap: Which Came First?

Dove Chocolate

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Dove Chocolate was founded by Leo Stefanos in 1939 when it started out as the Candies and Cream Company. Back then the company manufactured only ice cream bars and exclusively sold their products in Chicago. Of course, down the line, the company’s success resulted in it being acquired by Mars, which also makes chocolates and cream products.

When Mars acquired the company in 1986, it also changed its name to Dove Chocolate. And that’s the way it’s been. Since Mars was already a popular product in America, this move further helped Dove Chocolate grow into a national favorite.

On the other hand, Dove Soap didn’t come into existence until 1957, when it was first launched in the United States. Unlike Dove Chocolate, Dove Soap was introduced by Unilever and is owned by the same company to date.

For those who don’t know, Unilever also manufactures a large variety of products in various categories, which also include products like Ben & Jerry’s and Vaseline. That’s another reason why many people wonder if Dove Chocolate is the same as Dove Soap.

Another reason for the confusion is that Dove Soap today also makes personal care products for both men and women. These include body lotions, moisturizers, facial care, hair care, deodorants, and more.

Today, Dove Chocolate comes in a variety of forms and flavors. And just like Dove Soap, Dove Chocolate (after being acquired by Mars) is sold all across the United States.

So, it’s only natural to think Dove Chocolate is the same as Dove Soap, or at least under the same parent company.

This confusion wouldn’t exist had the companies not had the same group of target consumers. With the same audiences consuming both Dove Soap and Dove Chocolate, confusion was bound to exist.

Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap: The Story Behind the Name

Story Behind the Name

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Dove Chocolate, although established first, didn’t get its iconic name until 1986. So, while the company did come first, it was Dove Soap that used the iconic brand name first.

Dove Soap opted to go with the name to help build a brand image that centered on softness, purity, and romance. Dove Chocolate, on the contrary, may have opted for the term considering it was a popular term back then, in use as a moniker for children’s fancy playthings.

Overall, there is no clear answer as to why the two companies chose to go with the same name. Perhaps it was just coincidence.

What’s more surprising is that Dove Chocolate is sold under the name “Galaxy” in the UK and other parts of the world.

The name Dove Chocolate is only used in the United States. That may explain why in other parts of the world there’s no confusion on whether Dove Chocolate is the same as Dove Soap. Nobody knows a product named Dove Chocolate in the first place!

While this may be an indication that Mars wanted to avoid confusion between the two products, there’s no official confirmation that can attests the fact. But it sure does make things easier for Mars, which only needs to change its name in the United States, if they do wish to end consumer’s confusion.

Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap: How Are Both Companies Doing Today?


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While using the same brand name might be an issue for many other brands, Dove Soap and Dove Chocolate remain unaffected.

Dove Soap is a popular brand under Unilever and is sold all across the world. Unilever itself has a net worth of $130.59 billion as of 2023.

Dove Chocolate too is a highly popular brand in the United States and also around the world, where it’s more commonly marketed as “Galaxy”. Its parent company Mars is estimated to have a net worth of $45 billion as of 2022.

Even with all the confusion, the companies and their sales remain unaffected. Plus, the two never addressed the brand name confusion publicly.

They’re both popular and successful in their respective markets, so they don’t have any reason to change their name. Whether they will change it in the future, only time will tell!

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