15 Baby Shower Decorations to Make Your Party Unique

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate a soon-to-be mom and the baby that will change her life. It can be hard to come up with the perfect theme, and the decorations that follow. Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas online to help you find something perfect for the celebration.

Here are 15 baby shower decorations that will make your party unique and bring happy memories for a long time. You’ll make sure the soon-to-be mom gets the party she deserves.

15 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

1. Preserved in Glass


Image source: Pinterest

Whether you want a little decoration for every table, or just one large centerpiece, a glass container holding something related to the baby or mother is a great option. In this picture, they simply used some paper confetti, a rose, and baby shoes.

However, you can change it up easily to fit your themes. You can use a different color of confetti if it is a boy, or a fun, neutral color if the gender isn’t known. There are also all sorts of baby-themed items, including animals, clothes, socks, toys, pacifiers, and more.

Using things that the mom and baby can use later can be a great option because it allows you to create an amazing centerpiece while also repurposing. And later, they can use the container to store something they want to preserve, like an old pacifier, stuffed animal, or shoes they outgrew.

2. Cupcake Design


Image source: Pinterest

Want something cute and edible? Get a set of cupcakes in a fun shape or pattern. This is something you can make yourself or hire a company to do. Design the cupcakes into cute animals, a stroller, a pacifier, diapers, or more.

Since the frosting and pattern make most of your design, you can still have a variety of flavors or just the soon-to-be mom’s favorite flavor with a sweet and creamy frosting on top. People can admire the design before they all dig in and savor the flavor.

Just make sure you get a picture before it’s eaten to preserve the memory.

3. Marshmallow Ballerinas


Image source: Pinterest

If the baby is going to be a girl, these little marshmallow decorations can be a small and cute idea. These are really great if there will be kids at the baby shower because they can snack on them at the end.

They are pretty simple to make. Just take a big marshmallow, cover the top half in pink sprinkles, and then stick a pink cupcake liner underneath them and stab them all through with skewers. You can change up the colors to fit the theme as needed while still making adorable ballerinas.

For another little touch, add a little piece of chocolate on the top, like a mini Reeses or a white chocolate kiss.

4. Make It Calmer


Image source: Pinterest

If the mom doesn’t want a lot of big or bold decorations, there is plenty you can do to make the event look simple and fit a smaller, more mature crowd. Keep a more neutral and muted tone with soft greens, golds, whites, and wood tones. You can place some plants or fake plants into jars, add a couple of snacks, and some simple banners.

It comes across as simple and muted while still giving the mother the celebration she deserves.

5. Balloons and a Big Sign


Image source: Pinterest

Creating a half-arch mixed with a big sign can be just the perfect entrance decoration to any baby shower. Whether inside or outside, this would fit just about any theme. Throw in a couple of stems from a plant and it looks professionally made.

Or you can have more fun with it and stuff all sorts of baby things in between the balloons like shoes, socks, rattlers, and more. Make it unique.

6. Balloon Wall with Name


Image source: Pinterest

Does the mom already have her baby’s name picked out? Announce it to everyone with a giant balloon sign spelling out the letters. Put it above a snack or present table so it isn’t in the way but everyone can see it.

Often, the lettered balloons don’t always look nice. However, you can make it look a lot nicer by surrounding it with other balloons that match the color scheme and throwing in some plants to fill up the empty spaces.

Most of the time, all you have to do is tightly tie the balloons to chicken wire or mesh and stick the plants through it, so it is easy enough to do yourself. However, if you are already really busy, there are plenty of companies that do this exact job and make them look very nice.

7. Spelling Blocks


Image source: Pinterest

It’s pretty normal to incorporate those baby spelling wood blocks somewhere in a baby shower. But having big plastic or glass boxes filled with balloons is a new take on it. You can easily find these blocks online and fill them up with all colors of balloons, and maybe a few plants or flowers to make them stand out.

While these will likely just be a side decoration and not the main centerpiece, they will help you to create the atmosphere and make the whole party feel that much nicer.

8. Floating Away


Image source: Pinterest

What screams baby more than a teddy bear? To make the party whimsical, attach a teddy bear to a bunch of balloons and make it look like it is floating away.

It doesn’t have to be a teddy bear either. Any sort of stuffed animal can be a great option. Have fun with it, using various animals and their matching balloon colors. Giraffes, elephants, ducks, and rabbits are all great options to create a centerpiece as well.

If you want one big showstopper piece, have a trail of stuffed animals all attached to one another trying to hold on as they float away. These stuffed animals can then all go to the mother at the end to have some toys ready for her baby.

9. Floating Basket


Image source: Pinterest

As a slightly different take on the one above, another option is to have a little stuffed animal in a balloon basket. It looks like a cute take on a hot air balloon, and gives the mom some storage containers and stuffed animals for her baby.

If you don’t just want to do stuffed animals, you can also look at adding some other things in the basket as well, like diapers, clothes, diaper cream, shoes, and other toys!

While having items for the baby is nice, make sure you think about the mom too. Maybe add some chocolate or the mom’s favorite treat to a couple to keep her going through those long nights, belly oils, or clothes for after the pregnancy.

10. Go Big


Image source: Pinterest

Animals are common for a baby shower, but why not take it up a notch with giant animal statues and a balloon arch behind them? This piece would fit well at the entrance to the event center or home to let everyone know without a doubt that they were in the right place.

It also works as a backdrop for pictures. Just put the momma and her friends in the front and you have a picture everyone will want to hang on their wall!

11. Snack Bar


Image source: Pinterest

Everyone knows that a pregnant momma is always hungry. Make the party unique and functional by creating a snack bar. It allows everyone to get food and drink when they need it. Fill it with healthy snacks for the mom, and delicious treats to celebrate how hard she’s worked for her baby.

Chocolates, fruits, meat, cheeses, and crackers make a perfect tray, and no one has to be worried about people having enough to eat or drink because it’s all laid out right there.

You can add simple drinks like juice or water, or go crazy and find some unique mocktails that everyone can enjoy!

12. Give the Mom a Seat


Image source: Pinterest

If you’ve been pregnant before, you know how hard it can be to stand all the time, especially near the end. Some women have it harder than others and are even sentenced to bed rest.

When you are celebrating a soon-to-be mother, it can be easy to overlook the fact that this is about them. You may be so focused on creating the perfect party you don’t think about how tiring standing around and talking to people can be.

Thankfully, this is easy to fix, and you can blend it in rather easily with your theme. Create a wall with curtains or streamers, and surround it with balloons. You can even add some other decorations, like stuffed animals, a rug, baby blocks, and more.

However, the most important part is that you add a chair to it. In essence, you are making the mom the centerpiece and giving her a throne to sit upon. This makes sure the focus is always on her, while also giving her a place to sit down and relax if she needs it without feeling like she isn’t being social enough.

13. A Giant Balloon Circle


Image source: Pinterest

There’s been a lot of balloons on this list, from balloon arches to balloon signs. You might be starting to feel that balloons aren’t all that unique, and you’d be right. By themselves, they are basic, and can actually look pretty bad if not done well.

However, balloons are easy to use to fill up empty space and attract the eye. If you want an area where people can pile up to take pictures and create a massive centerpiece, don’t go with a standard balloon arch. Instead, make a big circle absolutely filled with balloons of different colors and sizes.

If you want to make it stand out even more, then add another big centerpiece to it, such as a giant star, a big animal, or a bouquet.

For those who aren’t experienced, this can be hard to make yourself, but you can easily hire someone to do it as long as you have a reference.

14. Non-Edible Cake


Image source: Pinterest

If you want a mix of fun and useful, consider making a non-edible cake. You can create layers of cloth diapers, clothes, and socks in different tiers. This is a great decoration because you can style it with all sorts of colors and patterns, throw some matching plants, some motivational signs, and a ribbon on it to make it look amazing.

It also serves a practical purpose and provides the mom with some much-needed clothes for the baby. They can keep it as a fun cake until the baby comes and then easily break it down and have stuff ready right when they come out of the hospital.

15. Mom Drinks


Image source: Pinterest

Does the mom-to-be often miss the wonderful girl’s nights out you all used to have together, full of drinks and fun? Remind her that she can still have a lot of fun by creating a mom-osa bar. Instead of champagne, use some sparkling water, or juice, have a bar full of different kinds of juices, and then some other additions.

In the picture, they did fruit, which is a fun option, but ice cubes filled with fruits, or fun flavors can be a great addition as well.

Now the mom and her friends can spend the day partying and drinking like they used to without having to worry about the health of the baby. She can take a much-needed break and properly enjoy a day to celebrate herself and the life she is bringing to the world.

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