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Do You Prefer Baggy Or Tight Jeans?

Jeans are a staple in our closet. Surely you have more than 3 pairs, and even one is the most gifted. We use the winter and summer, to work, to go out, to go to concerts or to relax at home for a weekend. But do you prefer wearing baggy or tight jeans? What to look for when you go out to buy them? We tell you that there are many more variables than size, color, or model. If you want to choose well, take note of what you should and should not do:

Follow trends blindly:

We all indeed feel attracted by the latest model of jeans; because of the ads, we see in stores. You should know that the latest model is not for everyone. We recommend buying the jeans that best suit your personality and body shape.

Buy your size:

The key is to buy the one that fits you now. Not when you lose a few kilos and can wear them as you imagine. You must accept your current size. Neither too tight that you can barely bend over, nor too loose that you need to tighten them with a belt.

Don’t buy from memory:

The mannequin does not have your body, even if you are thin, it looks good in the store does not mean that it fits you well. Factors such as the cut of the fabric are essential when it comes to adapting to our body. Remember not to buy anything quickly, but go early to try on yourself and look at yourself 360.

Tight jeans:

As its word says, skinny jeans should fit your legs but not squeeze them. Besides that, very tight jeans cause cellulite and the appearance of varicose veins. Remember that too tight can send the wrong message.

Double pocket cargo pants are very close-fitting jeans that have an almost second-skin effect. Double pocket cargo pants are particularly flattering on slim women, but also on those who aren’t afraid to show off their curves.

Baggy or Flare jeans:

This cut of jeans is very similar to the bootcut. The main difference? The flared jean starts to flare out from below the bust and the hem is wider. In many ways flared jeans are reminiscent of the famous ’70s bell bottoms.

They flatter almost every silhouette, but they look particularly good on tall women. In addition, they are perfect for concealing curves or optically reducing the size of the thigh. It is preferable to wear them with classic heels or wedges to avoid shortening the figure.

Calm and relaxed shopping:

The worst thing you can do is go shopping for jeans for a date in the next few hours or the next day. You need to take the time to see all the models and try on the most suitable ones for your body.

Important tips to wear Jeans according to your body type:

There’s something about jeans that drives us crazy. We love wearing them with everything, especially in my spare time. When we think of another possibility to choose what to wear when going out to eat or to the movies, we find it hard to think of anything other than denim.

If you love curves and your body is an Hourglass type:

Wear jeans in solid tones that don’t add extra bulk to your legs so they don’t look fatter. The medium-rise favors this type of body, accompanying the figure without splitting it or removing the annoying “chubby”. And when it comes to pairing your jeans with boots, Stride Wise offers a wide selection of boots that are both stylish and comfortable.

If you are short, wear a long boot, which you can wear with heels or platforms, covering part of the shoe to lengthen your figure. The straight boot is also recommended, although this type of body is flexible and allows different styles to be used.

Curvy jeans for body types:

If you’re tall and have skinny legs, try to find jeans that are tighter through the thighs and straighter through the calves. This will give your legs better proportions making them look longer and you look taller. For your figure, you can also wear Boyfriend jeans if you prefer to take attention away from your legs and have a much more modern look.

If your body has no curves:

You can play with the proportions of jeans and blouses. If you wear skinny jeans, a loose blouse will make you look super proportionate. Classic straight-leg jeans will also be flattering, especially when paired with high heels.

If you are Plus Size:

If you want to show off your natural curves, you can wear semi-fitted jeans complemented by loose blouses and a jacket or blazer that accentuate your figure. The medium-rise will be more flattering than the extra low rise, you will also have a better fit and control in your midsection. Try to wear plain jeans without any pronounced fading that can add extra volume.

Remember that comfort is important, meaning that extra skinny jeans will not only be uncomfortable with two-piece pants set women, but they can also make you bulge out and highlight unwanted imperfections. Also, we prefer jeans with back pockets, without appliqués, glitter, extra shine, prints, or psychedelic processes. In any case, as they say out there: for tastes, colors!

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