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13 Best Books on Dream Interpretation

We all dream about different things and situations, some of which may be good and others bad. In most instances, we’re left trying to figure out the deeper meaning of our dreams.

Fortunately, there are numerous reliable dream interpretation books that you can use to understand your dreams. In this article, we offer you the 13 best books on dream interpretation.

13 Best Books on Dream Interpretation

1. The Interpretation of Dreams (Sigmund Freud)


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This book helps you to understand the origin of dream interpretation. It’s a classic story of the meaning of dreams in our lives. The book was first published in 1899 and republished in English by James Strachey.

It explores the reasons why humans dream and why our dreams are important. It also explains how dreams influence us psychologically. Although this book is quite dense and overwhelming to read, it’s the genesis of modern-day dream analysis.

Sigmund Freud is credited with constructing the theory that dreams are the fulfillment of our unconscious wishes. This book is the ideal choice for people with an interest in psychoanalysis, the unconscious mind, and dream interpretation.

2. Man and His Symbols (Carl Jung)


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This book was authored by Carl Jung, a renowned psychiatrist before he died. It’s based on his own dreams about his work being understood by many ordinary people, not just psychiatrists. So, he collaborated with his associates to write this book, which was completed just before his demise.

The book explores the unconscious mind in human beings and the signs it deploys in our dreams. The author suggests that a dream is the means by which our unconscious mind gives our conscious mind practical advice. This book is a good choice for beginners in psychology because it’s quite enlightening and offers insights into our inner selves.

3. Inner Work (Robert Johnson)


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This book is perfect for readers who want to interpret and use their dreams for personal growth. It’ll help you live a more fulfilling life by enabling you to understand your unconscious mind for internal transformation. The author of this book is a famous Jungian analyst, so he offers you a practical approach to Carl Jung’s dream work and active imagination technique.

He breaks this approach into four simple steps. The book also offers clear instructions and artwork allowing you to do your own investigation and discover strengths that exist in your subconscious. It’s a great choice for both general readers and professional psychiatrists.

4. The Wisdom of Your Dreams (Jeremy Taylor)


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The author of this book, Jeremy Taylor, is a famed expert on the subject of dream interpretation having studied dream analysis for over 40 years. In this book, Jeremy claims that every dream is related to health and completeness. Every symbol you see in your dream has special meaning and energy. So, it’s important to understand the meaning of symbols in your dreams so that you can use them to improve your life.

In this book, Jeremy motivates you to embrace the worst nightmares and try to understand their meanings. He also encourages you to share your dreams with other people so that they can help you to discover their true meanings and gain insights into your life. According to Jeremy, sharing your dreams with other people will not only help you understand your conflicts, but it’ll also create deeper familiarity and understanding between you and the people around you.

5. Dreaming the Soul Back Home (Robert Moss)


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If you’re looking for a book that will help you understand the dream world so that you can use your dreams to better your daily life, this book is a perfect choice. The author, Robert Moss, has also written other books on dream interpretation, including Active Dreaming, which combines shamanism and modern dream work.  In Dreaming the Soul Back, Moss discusses how our souls suffer when we’re going through bad experiences or suffering trauma.

He also reveals how you can recover the lost parts of your soul and regain wholeness. Moss wrote this book from his own experiences, making it a perfect choice for people who love to read and learn through other people’s experiences.

6. Dream Interpretation Dictionary (J.M DeBord)


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When you’ve just had a terrible dream and you want quick answers, this is the book you peruse through. This book is different from other dream dictionaries because instead of explaining the symbols with several broad sentences, this book offers multiple contexts and provides you with a deeper meaning of your dream. Although you’re the only one who understands what exactly your dream means, this book offers you more clarity, enabling you to make sense of the dream.

It also offers instructions to enable you to remember your dream better and the details about recurring dreams.

7. Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams (Sylvia Browne)


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Although different people may experience dreams with similar symbols, each dream is personal. In short, similar dreams by different people will have different meanings. Unfortunately, some dream interpreters offer generic interpretations. But with this book, you’ll get a fresh outlook so that you can make better sense of your dream.

While most books on dream interpretation revolve around the symbolism within a dream, this one concentrates more on the various types of psychic dreams and they can be distinguished. This book has been authored by Sylvia Browne, the number one New York Times bestselling writer and psychic. It’s designed to help you get a deeper understanding of your inner self and deduce your personal meaning from your dreams.

8. The Guided Dream Journal (Katherine Olivetti)

This book is based on the idea that the best and most important step in interpreting your dreams is to write them down. Therefore, this journal was created to help you capture your dreams most vividly and logically for easier interpretation. It also gives you practical prompts and shrewd questions to help you analyze your dreams.

Aside from providing you with adequate pages to write down your dreams, this journal also offers you simple dream information on the first and last pages to help you understand the deeper meaning of each dream. This book is ideal for beginners and intermediate dream interpreters.

9. The Dream Dictionary from A to Z (Theresa Cheung)

Dream Dictionary

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This is a simple dream interpretation book that you can peruse quickly to understand the meaning of your dreams. It’s systematized from A to Z and it’s not too bulky to overwhelm you when searching for meaning. You can keep it near your bed for quick perusal when you have a momentous dream.

In the first pages of this book, you’ll find a brief account of the origin of dream interpretation, how to capture different types of dreams, and the most common types of dreams. In the last pages of the book, the author gives 10 common types of dreams that you should take seriously. So, if you’re interested in the meaning of your dream, this book is a good place to start.

10. The Hidden Power of Dreams (Denise Linn)


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This book is suitable for people who are interested in the spiritual aspects of their dreams. Its author, Denise Linn, is an acclaimed healer, who specializes in helping people remember and understand the meaning of their dreams. In this book, Linn offers you information that will help you to recall your past life, develop astral projection skills, and heal yourself and others using your dreams.

Linn also believes that a dream is a secret message from your unconscious mind that you can use to figure out your true self and your life. Therefore, this book helps you to discover the power of your dreams for divine transformation and provides you with direction and wisdom to make the right decision in life.

11. The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams (Wild B. Tanner)

World of Dreams

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This book is suitable for readers who are curious about their dreams. It has information that will help you understand the meaning of your dream. What’s more, this information is simple and easy to understand. Therefore, it’s suitable for beginners and dream interpreters who need reference material.

12. The Complete Book of Dreams: A Guide to Unlocking the Meaning and Healing Power of Your Dreams (Stephanie Gailing)


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This is an all-encompassing dream book that’s both informative and inspirational. It offers you practical tips on how to understand and remember dreams. The author, Stephanie Gailing, even advises you on how to keep a journal of your dreams.

In this book, Gailing also talks about the importance of getting enough sleep and a good night’s rest in order to remember what you dreamt about. The book has several chapters dedicated to sleep and dreams for children.

13. 12,000 Dreams Interpreted (Linda Shields)


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If you’ve had a serious dream that sticks to your mind and you’re wondering what it could mean, this book will help you to unravel the mystery. It offers you all kinds of themes, events, and symbols that are common in dreams and their deeper meanings. That way, you can be more acquainted with your inner life.

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