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8 Best Tea for Headaches: A Warm, Soothing, and Quick Cure

Whether it’s dealing with an occasional headache or a persistent one, headaches can completely ruin your day and deplete your energy. If you’re not a fan of popping pain relievers, there is a natural alternative you can rely on instead.

Herbal teas are not only soothing beverages but they also offer a wide variety of health benefits, including easing your headache! Learn about the best teas for headaches and sip your way to healing.

8 Best Teas for Headaches

Certain herbal teas can make your headaches more manageable and sometimes even make them go away.

Drinking tea is known to help relax your muscles and can even help open up the sinuses to release some of the tension accumulated in your body. Tea can also help keep your body hydrated, reduce inflammation, release anxiety and stress, and help block your pain signals, all of which together help to alleviate headaches.

Most teas also have aromatherapy properties that further relax your body and mind. Sip your way through this list of herbal teas so you can curate your own collection of delicious teas that can help your headache go away.

#1. Chamomile Tea


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Known as one of the most soothing teas, chamomile tea is highly recommended for headaches because it can decrease inflammation, which is a common reason for headaches. Chamomile is also fantastic at helping alleviate stress, which is another stressor for headaches.

Chamomile tea can reduce anxiety, and with the tea’s sweet sleep-inducing smell, you can’t help but let go of all the tension and anything that’s worrying you. Once the stress and anxiety ease up, it allows your body the chance to rest and recuperate, thus getting rid of the nagging pain in your head.

A 2018 study also proved that chamomile could reduce the symptoms of migraines. The study showed a reduction in nausea, light sensitivity, and pain after sipping this sweet floral tea and going for a nap or straight to bed.

#2. Ginger Tea


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Ginger is one of the most potent herbs that has been been used in ancient and traditional medicines, and there’s no question about its efficacy. It’s also a staple in a variety of cuisines.

Ginger also offers numerous health benefits, including reducing headaches. When you drink ginger tea, you can expect your headache to lessen to the point where you can function and be productive again.

Like chamomile tea, ginger tea also helps reduce inflammation in your body. Not only is ginger tea one of the best remedies for headaches, but it also boosts your immune system, and a healthier immunity affects your energy and overall mood.

#3. Peppermint Tea


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When you have a headache, your anxiety always shoots up the roof causing your pain to escalate and making you unable to complete tasks or think logically. This is where peppermint tea can benefit you, especially when dealing with tension-type headaches.

Aside from being a refreshing treat, peppermint tea relaxes your mind and body, and being calm can help minimize the pain and allow you to focus on the task at hand. A cup of this minty tea can soothe headaches caused by colds and flu by opening up your nasal passages and comforting your sinuses.

Peppermint tea is also your ally for calming an upset stomach and increasing your alertness.

#4. Lavender Tea


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Perhaps one of the most aromatic teas, lavender tea offer a lot of calming aromatherapy benefits. It is also an analgesic and a natural anti-inflammatory plant. When infused in tea bags, lavender offers immense relaxing and calming effects. This becomes an effective solution for your headache, primarily if it is caused by anxiety and stress.

Consider drinking lavender tea before going to sleep; it’ll not only help you feel calmer but also help with more restful sleep, so by morning, you will not only be rid of the headache but also wake up well-rested.

#5. Turmeric Tea


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The benefits of turmeric are known to us all. Turmeric tea carries curcumin, which is known for its neuroprotective effects and for helping ease headaches.

Turmeric also reduces inflammation and helps improve your overall mood and energy. And given that turmeric tea doesn’t have any caffeine, it’s also a good choice of tea before going to sleep.

#6. Clove Tea


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Cloves have antimicrobial and antiviral properties, making them a top choice for natural herbal treatments for a variety of health concerns. This spice is also commonly incorporated into caffeinated chai and other spiced tea drinks.

Clove tea can ease headaches thanks to its analgesic properties. Drinking a cup of clove tea can make you feel refreshed and energized so you can get through your day without the pain distracting you. Aside from the headache, clove tea is also recommended for toothache.

#7. Lime Tree Tea


Also called linden tea, lime tree tea is commonly used for medicinal purposes. Studies indicate that the antioxidants from this type of tea effectively decrease chronic pain.

Lime tree tea also has sedative properties that can relieve your headache by helping relieve your body of the anxiety, stress, and other negativity that can trigger and worsen your headache. This natural pain reliever can thus reduce the throbbing in your head and even rejuvenate your energy to continue your day.

#8. Willow Bark Tea


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As the name suggests, willow bark tea comes from the bark of a willow tree. It contains salicin, a natural ingredient that you can also find in aspirin. So, willow bark tea can be considered nature’s aspirin, which is how it helps reduce headaches.

Willow bark has always been used for its anti-inflammatory benefits. However, salicin is a potent element, so drinking willow bark tea is not recommended to pregnant mothers and those taking blood-thinner medicines.

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