birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

A Day to Remember: 28 Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

Many parents go all out for the first few birthday parties they throw for their children. By the time the kids get to double-digit ages, it can be easy to feel uninspired when it comes to picking a birthday theme. If that has happened to you, try one of these birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds.

28 Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

The following birthday bash ideas have been sorted into categories ranging from classic birthday themes that are suited for most kids to ones that are for kids with more niche interests. You’ll find some explanation for how you can set up each theme on the list below.

But, if one of these ideas piques your interest, feel free to research it online to see how other parents have adapted those general ideas to their circumstances.

  • Classic Birthday Party Ideas You Can Always Fall Back On

1. Favorite Character Inspired


Image source: Pinterest

Birthday parties that are centered around your child’s favorite cartoon character are never going to go out of style. Thanks to the availability of branded party supplies, you’ll easily find plates, cups, and gifts that will suit the theme. After all, Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Barbie merch is pretty much everywhere.

Alternatively, you can go more in-depth with the theme. For example, if your child really loves Tinker Bell you could create a Fairy Wonderland in your backyard with butterfly decorations, ribbons, and decadent sweets. And, of course, make sure each of the attendees has a pair of fairy wings waiting at the entrance!

On the other hand, if your kid likes the Little Mermaid, you could have an Under the Sea-themed party complete with an ocean backdrop and tons of tinsel. Or better still, organize a Disney Princess party and have everyone arrive as their favorite princess.

2. Movie Night


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If you’re raising a little cinephile, all you need to throw a successful birthday party is a big screen and some popcorn. You can even follow up the movie marathon with a sleepover — but that’s not a requirement.

Alternatively, if your kid is more obsessed with celebrities than movies themselves, you could have a red carpet event before the movie. Ask the attendees to dress up and set up a photo op with a red carpet. If the birthday boy or girl likes being the center of attention, they could even host a little movie trivia show!

3. Dance Party


Image source: Pinterest

No one can resist a good, old-fashioned dance-off! If your child is born for the stage, set one up for their special day. Just clear some space, decorate it with balloons and party lights, and let them go at it.

Having a professional DJ there would make the experience more complete, but it’s not a necessity. In fact, you could have your child choose the music. Alternatively, you could just put on a Spotify playlist and focus on providing snacks and beverages.

4. Magic Show


Image source: Pinterest

Having a magician at your kid’s birthday party may sound like a cliche at this point — but it became one for a reason! Besides, if you wait for another year to pass, you risk your child losing interest in magic. So let them experience it before they become cynical tweens!

5. Game Night


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If you have a competitive kid on your hands, they might enjoy celebrating their birthday with a stimulating game night. You can break out the tabletop games or just go for charades. Alternatively, you can let the kids play games like Twister or Jenga. If nothing else, that’ll help them work on their motor skills!

6. Arcade Party


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Video games are another popular option for kids’ birthday parties. However, the situation can quickly devolve into chaos if the kids start fighting over the only console you have in your house. With that in mind, you can go for the next best thing — have the party at the nearest arcade. If nothing else, that would give the kids more options.

  • Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds Who Appreciate Good Food

7. Cooking Class


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Many parents are hesitant to let kids help them around the kitchen. But with your kiddo turning ten, it’ll probably be safe to let them participate in meal prep. Hosting a cooking class at their birthday party would prepare them for future cooking activities. And who knows, it may be the start of a lifelong interest!

8. Cupcake Icing (or Donut Glazing) Party


Image source: Pinterest

Even if your kid doesn’t particularly like learning about cooking or baking, they’ll probably appreciate having the chance to get messy with some delicious icing. Cupcake icing parties are pretty popular with kids — and even parents, if you warn them ahead of time!

Just make a bunch of cupcakes and have the kids ice and decorate them with different toppings. Alternatively, you can have them glaze donuts. Either way, you could introduce a competitive element into it by having the birthday boy or girl judge the best cupcake or donut presentation! And in the end, the guests will get to eat their creations — so everyone wins!

9. Tea Party


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If your child is into sweets but not particularly keen on getting messy, you could throw an old-fashioned tea party instead. Have your kid design the invitations and make sure the guests know the dress code is formal. Then, you’ll just have to focus on creating the right atmosphere with table dressing. Be sure to serve both sweet and savory treats!

  • Glamorous Pamper Parties

10. Spa Sleepover


Image source: Pinterest

If your child likes to be pampered, you could host a spa day party — or better yet, a hotel experience sleepover. The kids could put on face masks and get their nails done while sipping non-alcoholic beverages from champagne glasses. If you don’t want to have to give a bunch of kids manicures — you could even outsource the job. Then, you’d just have to worry about providing the canapés and desserts!

11. Runway Fashion Party


Image source: Pinterest

If there’s one thing 10-year-old divas love, it’s having a chance to flaunt their wardrobe. Give your child a chance to live out their dreams by letting them walk down a catwalk with all their friends. They can all pool their outfits and you can provide the accessories. We’re talking feather boas, sunglasses, flowers — the works!

The kids’ parents could sit in the audience and snap pics while their little models strut their stuff. You just make sure there’s a snacks table backstage and put on some good tunes.

  • Creative Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds Who Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

12. Art Party


Image source: Pinterest

Most 10-year-olds love expressing themselves creatively — so why not make that the focus of their birthday party? Just prepare some canvases, paints, and paintbrushes, and let the kids take it from there.

If painting isn’t enough to hold their interest, they could periodically swap canvases. That would make all the pieces a group effort! After the party, the attendees could either take their artwork home or leave them to the birthday boy or girl.

13. Crafting Party


Image source: Pinterest

Some kids prefer more tactile creative outlets such as sculpting or crafting. Organizing a birthday party around those activities could be just as fun as painting. The kids could make and paint birdhouses, shelves, picture frames — whatever they want.

14. Foam Party


Image source: Pinterest

The popularity of foam parties may have waned a bit since their heyday in the ‘90s. But that just means most 10-year-olds haven’t experienced the joy of having some old-fashioned sudsy fun. So why not give them an experience they’ll never forget?

Most of the bigger party supply stores have foam machines you can rent for a day. You could even pair this idea with the first one on this list and use the foam to enhance an Under the Sea-themed party.

  • Sporty Party Venues

15. Batting Cages


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re raising a baseball fanatic, holding their birthday party at the local batting cages is a no-brainer! Some places even offer catering services for such events. But really, even if you have to prepare the snacks yourself, the party is sure to be a success!

16. Bowling Alley Party


Image source: Pinterest

If your kid is still playing with their indoor bowling set, turning ten would be the perfect time to let them try the real thing! Most bowling alleys have equipment that’s suitable for children, anyway. Moreover, they usually have some kind of snack vendor and seating area on site — so there’s something for everyone!

17. Laser Tag Party


Image source: Pinterest

Hosting a nerf gun war or having your child’s birthday party at a paintball park would probably be pretty fun. At least, athletic kids tend to love those kinds of activities. However, as a parent, you also need to consider the safety of your child as well as others.

With that in mind, you might want to look for a laser tag place in your town instead. Unlike paintball or nerf guns, lasers can’t hurt anyone. So rather than worrying about the kids, you could just focus on providing food to the fallen warriors.

18. Roller/Ice Skating Party


Image source: Pinterest

If your child is the sporty type, you could have the party at a roller skating rink. Alternatively, an ice skating rink would work just as well. Either way, most people tend to have a great time skating around with their closest friends to the tune of their favorite songs. So your kid will surely remember their tenth birthday fondly.

  • Outdoors Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Olds

19. Skate Park Party


Image source: Pinterest

Since we already have you considering hosting your kid’s birthday party at a roller skating rink, you might as well consider taking it outside. Who needs a rink when they have a skate park? Well — you’d probably have to find one you can rent first.

Alternatively, you can rely on the people there to play nice with the kiddos. When the guests are all tuckered out, take them to a nearby family restaurant. That’ll be the perfect end to the perfect party!

20. Go-Karts


Image source: Pinterest

Admittedly, taking a bunch of 10-year-olds to a skate park may result in some injuries. Aside from investing in protective gear, one way to prevent that would be to have them all strapped into vehicles. That’s where go-karts come in.

Your kid will love getting to drive around the course with all their pals! In fact, some parents might want to join the fun too.

21. Trampoline Party


Image source: Pinterest

Next up, you could go for another crowd favorite — having a trampoline party! If you don’t want to confine the kids to an indoor trampoline park, you could always rent some trampolines or even inflatable bouncy castles to set up in your backyard. Then, just put some music on and let the kids loose.

When they’re all tired, you can conclude the party over pizza. Just make sure no one gets back on the trampoline after eating!

22. Backyard Camping Party


Image source: Pinterest

If your child has a summer birthday, one of the best ways to celebrate would be to have a backyard camping party! Set up some tents, put up some fairy lights, and brew some hot chocolate. You’ll have to stay out with the kids, of course, but your child will never forget the experience. That alone should be worth losing some sleepover!

23. Scavenger Hunt


Image source: Pinterest

Whoever said that scavenger hunts were strictly an Easter event? Why, we think they’re the perfect way to let kids work on their detective skills! Depending on the venue you choose, there are all sorts of prompts you can use to create the hunt.

You’ll just want to make sure the kids can’t scatter too much while they’re looking for clues. And, of course, you’ll have to prepare a tempting prize for the winning team to keep everyone engaged.

24. Rock Climbing Party


Image source: Pinterest

If there’s an outdoor rock climbing wall in your area, you shouldn’t hesitate to have your child’s birthday party there! Just hire some rock climbing instructors to make sure the kids stay in line while you and the other parents cheer from the sidelines. Or better yet, you can all join in. Don’t worry — everyone will be wearing harnesses and helmets so the chances of injuries will be slim.

25. Pool Party


Image source: Pinterest

If your child loves being in the water, having a pool party is the way to go. However, if you don’t already have a pool, you can improvise with inflatable pools, slip-n-slides, and various water features. Set up some sprinklers, give the kids water guns, and clear the way!

Alternatively, if you want to commit to the theme, you could decorate your backyard with seashells and inflatable palm trees. On top of that, you could provide fun pool floats and set up classic beach games like volleyball, limbo, and frisbee!

26. Sledding Party


Image source: Pinterest

While we’re on the subject of seasonal birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds, we might as well offer another winter option. This one is pretty simple. Just have the party guests bundle up and meet you at the nearest hill with all their sledding gear.

When the kids have had their fun, pack it up and head home for a round of hot chocolate and cake. You can also continue the party with another one of the ideas on this list. Just make sure the other kids’ parents bring a change of clothes, in case the outdoor portion of the party gets too rowdy.

27. Zoo/Aquarium Party


Image source: Pinterest

If the birthday boy or girl loves learning about animals, you should have the party at the local zoo. Alternatively, you could go with the aquarium, though those are usually mostly indoor structures. In any case, if you decide to go for an animal-themed party, you could make some animal-inspired snacks to go with it!

28. Horseback Riding Party


Image source: Pinterest

Last but not least, you could see if your child is interested in trying horseback riding! Even if you have never considered looking for one, you’re sure to find a hippodrome in your area that offers classes for children. While the staff works with the kids, you and the other parents can do what parents do best — take lots of pictures!

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