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6 Budget-Friendly Items to Use During Your Company’s Next Promo Campaign

Promotional marketing campaigns have been used for decades to help companies grow their brand and the public image they’re looking to cultivate. That being said, many people assume they cannot afford to run one of these campaigns, due to the cost of the items themselves.

Well, here’s some good news: there are many, many excellent promotional gifts you can order in bulk for an incredibly low price point. Each of the items on this list can help you grow your brand to new heights of success without breaking your marketing budget. Here are six budget-friendly items to use during your company’s next promo campaign:

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are classic, stylish, timeless, and highly beloved by the public. If you can make a pair of sunglasses look cool with your brand on them, you’ll have a one-way ticket to boosting your public image. The fact that you can buy tons of sunglasses when you order in bulk makes this a great option for businesses that are tight on marketing cash. You’ll have the ability to put smiles on the faces of old and new customers alike by giving them a snazzy new pair of sunglasses for the low, low price of completely free.

2. Pens

Pens remain one of the most tried and true choices for promotional marketing giveaway campaigns. Since they are useful, and since most people need a pen more often these days, pens add a ton of value to your client’s life, without breaking your marketing budget. You can get thousands upon thousands of branded pens for as little as a few hundred or so dollars (or less) in some cases. The fact that you’ll be investing in a stock of branded giveaway items to use time and time again in the future will make your initial investment well worth it.

3. Bumper Stickers

Making your brand more organically visible in the public sphere is always a great way to bring in new customers. If you can get customers to use your branded gifts in public, you’ll be reaching hundreds of new eyes. If you can design a bumper sticker that’s catchy, fun, and that people will actually want to put on their car, you’ll unlock a great organic, guerilla-style way of putting your brand in front of new people.

Just make sure you design them in a way that also features your brand and a phone number or website that people can easily remember, or jot down in a hurry. Doing so will allow people to access the information on the bumper sticker in a way that will be sure to boost your brand over time.

4. Keychains

Keeping your keys together can be a huge pain. With a quality keychain, however, the task becomes much more accessible. People love keychains that have a little fob, or some other quirky addition to them.

By using a fobbed keychain with your brand on it during a promo marketing campaign, you can help people stay organized, and remind them of your brand every time they take out their keys to go about their daily lives. The gift of a less cluttered mind will show your customer that you care, and help to build their loyalty to your brand gradually over time.

5. Frisbees

For companies that cater to more sports-minded, active clientele, giving out promo gifts that can be used for fun and exercise is a great idea. Frisbees are one of the most budget-friendly and enjoyable options in this category of promo gifts.

Since frisbee is becoming more popular than ever over the last decade, with the rise of ultimate frisbee in particular, it’s also a hip gift that you can give to your customers. They are also incredibly easy to brand and have plenty of surface space to work with. Few sports-minded promo gifts will give you as much consistent value as a bulk order of branded frisbees. Have customers post their frisbees online on social media for an extra marketing boost.

6. Tote Bags

Speaking of organization and making your brand more organically visible in the public sphere, branded tote bags help you to achieve both of these useful qualities with your promotional marketing efforts.

Tote bags are also insanely cheap (much cheaper than you would even imagine), making them great for companies who have little to nothing to spend on their marketing efforts in 2023. They are great for up-and-coming businesses and can be designed in a fun, fancy way as well. Food and book companies will get extra value out of branded tote bags, as they can give them out to each new customer to help foster brand loyalty.

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