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Celebrities Much More Open About Cosmetic Procedures Compared To The Past

Even as recently as a decade ago, the rumor that some celebrity had gotten so much as a couple of Botox injections was enough to send gossip magazines into overdrive. Of course, there will always be various publications trying to “expose” celebrities for getting a nose job or a facelift, but the fact is that a lot of celebrities are actually beating them to the punch by admitting to the procedures themselves.

This trend may not be the norm (yet), but increasing numbers of the rich and famous are openly talking about how cosmetic procedures have improved their lives. From Amy Schumer saying that she loves the results of her liposuction, to Cardi B saying that she got a breast augmentation after giving birth, celebrities of all types are normalizing the concept of not just getting plastic surgery, but of being proud of it.

Along with social media and other factors, the way celebrities discuss plastic surgery has definitely influenced people to look into it for themselves. They might want to get something minor done, like a non-surgical rhinoplasty, or they could decide to get something more comprehensive, like a mommy makeover procedure by Hill Country Plastic Surgery. Whatever the case, it’s certain that this trend is here to stay.

What happened to get the trend going, though – and why are so many people responding positively? Let’s take a closer look.

How social media has influenced the perception of plastic surgery

This may be a bit of an oversimplification, but it’s possible to link the rise of social media with a boom in the popularity of plastic surgery. While there are definitely other factors at play, social media platforms brought images of the best and brightest – and most beautiful – to everyday people.

It’s hard for most people to not compare themselves to what they see online, even if half of the photos are skillfully posed, photoshopped, or filtered. This has led to a number of people pursuing plastic surgery to get closer to what they perceive as the ideal “look”, whether that means liposuction, a chin augmentation, or an eyebrow lift.

On a more positive note, social media platforms have given many celebrities a way to get closer to their fans. Even if they don’t exactly communicate directly with any of their millions of followers, it’s still a lot more immediate than a magazine or TV interview. This openness has changed the way a lot of celebrities relate to their fans, whether they realize it or not.

Even if their social media accounts are more for business than pleasure, there’s still a certain amount of honesty that’s expected. They might post about a new cooking skill they picked up, or about a personal victory. It’s also becoming more common to open up about personal struggles, such as mental health or body image issues. And yes – sometimes they talk about the fact that they’ve gotten plastic surgery.

Even influencers are getting in on the action

They may not be bona-fide celebrities, but social media influencers are still playing a big part in this trend. Not only do they have millions of followers, but those followers will often take their cues from their favorite influencers. After all, it’s literally in the name – they’re people who influence other people.

It’s a pretty broad term, but most influencers have a few things in common. They tend to be attractive (or very good at Photoshop), wealthy, and interesting for one reason or another. Just like with a lot of people who are frequently in the public eye, influencers frequently opt for cosmetic procedures in order to look even better in photos and videos.

Not all of them admit to it, but some of them do – and even document the process for their followers. In fact, you can find both success and disaster stories: from nose jobs to chemical peels, these influencers let their followers know exactly why they got the procedure, and how it worked out for them.

What plastic surgeons have noticed about current trends

Thanks in large part to the prevalence of these discussions online, plastic surgeons have noticed more and more young people arriving at their consultations having already researched the procedures they’re interested in. They may even have pictures of what they want to look like afterwards – they’re simply selfies with various beauty filters applied.

Even though it seems like social media is having a negative effect on body image and self-esteem overall, some doctors are still impressed by how much research prospective patients have done for themselves.

Not only do they know which results they want, but they also know about the risks, recovery times, and possible complications. While a lot of this information has been available online for years, the simple fact that more people are talking about it can make it easier for people to explore the possibilities for themselves.

Plastic surgery is more accepted (and more accessible) than ever before

Even though cosmetic procedures have been around for centuries, the last few decades have seen the industry advance by leaps and bounds. Plus, the development of more efficient techniques and better tools means that many plastic surgeries are costing less too.

Not only are people more open to talking about plastic surgery, but it’s also easier for them to get work done without breaking the bank. The average person doesn’t necessarily have to stick with dreaming about getting Jennifer Lopez’s jawline; they can actually do it, and then tell all their friends about it!

The takeaway

Whether you’re hearing about a celebrity’s BBL on Instagram, or your friend’s tummy tuck on Facebook, it’s all part of the same story: people are getting a lot more comfortable talking about their plastic surgeries.

And honestly, why shouldn’t they? Just like people use makeup to look like better versions of themselves, plastic surgery has a number of aesthetic benefits that nobody should be ashamed of discussing. With any luck, this trend will have many positive benefits as it continues for years into the future.

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