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How to Choose the Right Pair of Snickers Work Trousers

When you have workers and you supply their uniforms, then you want your workers to be comfortable. The uniform must be durable and offer safety and convenience features, like pockets, knee pads, and thermal capabilities. We recommend you try Snickers workwear; they have been leaders in the industry since 1975 and continue to improve their products with new technologies.

Choosing Snickers workwear as the brand your company uses will have your employees pleased with your choice. Now, you just have to work out how to select the right ones. To help, we’ve put together a few things you need to know before you purchase any pairs of Snickers work trousers for your team.


The first thing you need to understand before you buy any Snickers work trousers is what environment they will be used in and what kind of safety needs they should have. For example, if your workers will be spending most of their time in the freezer or cold room, then their Snickers work trousers must have thermal insulation.

If there is a lot of kneeling in your worker’s day, then work trousers with knee pad inserts will be important. Those who spend a lot of their time outdoors will need UV protection. So, understand want your workers will need from their Snickers work trousers and go from there. Next, you need to work out what sizes you need.


Now you know the scenarios the Snickers work trousers have to work within, you need to understand sizing. There is no point in buying top-quality work trousers if they don’t fit correctly. Kneepads that are too low or too high will make kneeling even more uncomfortable than having no kneepads at all.

The correct measurement from the crotch to the sole of the foot will ensure the kneepads are in the right position. Some of the other measurements you will need include waist size and seat size. Snickers work trousers come in 71 sizes with 5 leg lengths, so they cater to lots of shapes and sizes.


Once you’ve established the safety features and sizes of the Snickers work trousers you want to purchase, then all you need to do is find a reputable dealer to purchase them from. Our recommendation is RS Components, RS has been around for over 80 years and is a leading distributor. They have expert advice to help you with your questions and they have a large range of Snickers work trousers in stock.

Whether you are looking for one pair or more, RS can help you. Why not contact RS online, via email, or by phone today and increase your workers’ production by making their days more comfortable and convenient?

Choosing the right Snickers work trousers for your work crew will help improve your workers’ morale and boost their production. Comfy workers are happy workers, and happy workers are productive workers. Get the right style and size of Snickers work trousers from the reputable team at RS. Contact them today.

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