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Manifest Abundance: 9 Crystals That Attract Money

Money may not be everything in life, but it’s certainly quite important. After all, you can’t hope to live a comfortable or pleasant life if you lack it, yet amassing wealth is not an easy task either. It takes dedication, hard work, and unwavering focus.

But what if you struggle with these things? Is there anything that can help you keep your mind on your goals? As it happens, there is — it’s the crystals that attract money. There are plenty of those out there, but here you’ll find a list of the nine most powerful ones.

9 Crystals That Attract Money

1. Citrine


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Known as the lucky merchant’s stone, citrine brings the positive energy you need to attract wealth. Even its color is bright and sunny — typically, it’s yellow, but it may range from pale honey to dark amber. Thanks to that, it will make you think of gold and abundance whenever you look at it.

Citrine is all about unblocking your energy and boosting your confidence, allowing you to finally pursue the success you deserve. You’ll no longer be afraid of unleashing your creativity and trying out novel ideas that you always found intriguing. And that new attitude will certainly bring results. In no time, you’ll notice your businesses are booming and projects bearing fruit.

But citrine doesn’t only help with making and keeping wealth. Its positive energy encourages sharing, too, so you’ll find yourself feeling more generous than usual. You won’t be the only one who benefits from citrine — your family and loved ones surely will, as well.

2. Pyrite


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Pyrite is a glittering brown-gold stone, otherwise known as fool’s gold. With such a name, you might not be inclined to buy it — after all, it doesn’t sound very promising. But you should pay no mind to that. As it happens, pyrite is one of the most powerful crystals that attract money, almost guaranteeing you success.

This crystal will ignite your courage and vitality, helping you move towards a better future. If you’re struggling with creativity or confidence, pyrite is a must-have. Just one glance at it, and you’ll feel ready to take on any challenges you might come across.

What’s more, pyrite shifts your mind’s focus from “lack” to “abundance.” If you’ve experienced many failures or live in poverty, you might find it difficult to believe you deserve wealth. In some ways, this disbelief is your stumbling stone — whenever you come close to success, it will hold you back. But with pyrite, you should be able to overcome this mental obstacle and finally accept and invite prosperity.

3. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Image source: Pinterest

As the stone of opportunity, green aventurine is just the crystal you need when you’re starting a new business venture. It helps with making the right decisions and taking correct turns, which is crucial for amassing wealth. As long as your soul is open to its positive influence and your mind set on your goal, you’re sure to see all your projects succeed.

And while green aventurine is often used for attracting abundance, that’s not all it does. In fact, since it connects to the heart chakra, its primary purpose is to help you fulfill the real wishes of your soul. The crystal has the ability to connect to your deepest desires and put you in a place of openness. That makes it far easier for you to accept and receive.

Generally speaking, green aventurine is perfect for those who want more from life. Whether that’s more money or love or maybe even more time, this crystal will have your back. And you’ll notice its effects rather quickly!

4. Green Jade

Green Jade

Image source: Pinterest

Green jade is a stone of luck, and as such, it should be an indispensable part of your collection. And though you can use it to bring you fortune in all aspects of life, it’s particularly effective in attracting wealth.

This stone’s softer, calmer vibrations will soothe you no matter what financial woes you may be experiencing. The clarity and tranquility you gain from it are crucial when making decisions — you’ll feel no need to rush, so you won’t make mistakes. On top of that, green jade will boost your energy and focus, allowing you to stay dedicated to your goals.

And the best part is that green jade doesn’t bring instant wealth which quickly dissipates. Instead, it inspires you to work hard towards your long-term goals, and the prosperity that comes with that is sure to last for a while.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Image source: Pinterest

Among the crystals that attract money, tiger’s eye is certainly the most grounded and stable stone. It reminds you to stay focused, clear-headed, and stable during your journey towards wealth. The crystal combines both earth and solar energy, which helps you connect to your deepest intuition and apply it to the real world.

Aside from all this, tiger’s eye is also a protective stone. As you work to attract your wealth, there’s a chance you might get a little greedy and ask for more than you deserve. Luckily, this unique crystal will keep you on the right path, guarding you against negative energy and influences. On top of that, it will protect your hold on your assets and ensure you don’t overspend or put them at risk in other ways.

6. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Image source: Pinterest

Though this icy crystal primarily functions as a healing stone, it will certainly help you reach the abundance you crave. That’s because clear quartz is also a powerful amplifier — any intentions you have will become stronger in its presence. In addition, if you use it alongside other crystals that attract money, they will be that much more powerful.

Clear quartz has another helpful ability, though. It promotes clear-headedness and cuts through the noise, getting right to the core of things. So if you’re feeling confused or unsure where to take your business venture, pick up your clear quartz. Soon enough, you’ll feel as if a fog has lifted from your brain, and your path will be plainly outlined before you.

7. Malachite


Image source: Pinterest

When you see its money-green color, you’ll have no trouble accepting that malachite is one of the best crystals for prosperity. In fact, malachite is known as an energy magnet. And since wealth is a type of energy, putting it next to money could bring excellent results.

More importantly, though, malachite removes negativity and helps you let go of doubts and fears holding you back. Once your hands are free of that baggage, there will be nothing to stop you from reaching for the wealth you desire. On top of that, malachite protects against misfortune, meaning that your success is all but guaranteed!

8. Amazonite


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Amazonite’s turquoise color draws attention immediately, soothing the mind and the soul. This stone brings a work ethic and positive feelings, invites inspiration into your life, and releases energy blockages. As such, it’s one of the most powerful crystals that attract money and necessary addition to your collection.

Your mindset and its resistance to change can be exactly the thing preventing you from amassing the wealth you always dreamt of. But with amazonite’s help, you’ll find it easier to accept novelty and adjust to new circumstances. And that will naturally make you more open to starting business ventures or attempting to bring your projects to life.

And if you’re a business owner, here’s another piece of good news for you. Amazonite improves leadership skills and brings luck to companies and their owners. So expect to see some positive change soon!

9. Peridot


Image source: Pinterest

Peridot fits nicely into the idea that green crystals bring abundance. Of course, in this case, it’s a pale, glistening green color that’s a lot different from malachite’s or jade’s shades. Yet, its effect is more or less similar.

Peridot affects the heart chakra, meaning that it is deeply related to your desires and emotions. In other words, it clears out any energy blockages and gives you the emotional strength necessary to reach your goals. You can channel this newfound energy towards anything you want, including wealth and prosperity.

This crystal also helps with eliminating negative self-beliefs. Once you manage to convince yourself you are worth the money you desire, you’ll find it easier to reach out and take it. Ultimately, your thoughts have a huge effect on whether or not you’ll attract wealth. Crystals such as peridot are only here to help those thoughts flow in the right direction.

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