Dating Smart Ladies

Dating Smart Ladies: Making an Impression

Impressing ladies is difficult, and no one should tell you differently. It requires jumping over hurdles and maintaining grace while performing the same. Some men fall back after a few tries, but truth be told, it is never easy. Nowadays, impressing women is more challenging.

Depending on your reasons to impress a lady, affordable methods work better. With that being said, smart ladies require slightly more finesse to date them. This doesn’t mean money, affluence, articulation, or a high-flying career. There are steps to follow to seamlessly land in a smart lady’s DMs and possibly date her.

Internet dating

While dating online, be authentic. Smart ladies notice lies quickly. While chatting online, it is important to share what you seek. For instance, you may be looking for a smart, rich lady to help you out. If that’s what you hope for, state it. Women smell such intentions from a mile away, and it could be your detriment or advantage. Seek women of a higher caliber at and enjoy intelligent conversations moving forward. Below are tips for dating smart women and what to avoid.

1. Make an Effort

Dress appropriately whenever you meet such women, whether on the first or subsequent dates. Whether she likes you for your boyish charm or loves your bad-boy attitude, there are places for that. Maybe she likes riding her bike, bungee jumping, or parachuting. From the onset, there needs to be some formalism and effort in appearance.

The reason is she may be considering you for short-term dating. However, keeping clean and maintaining grooming standards allows her to think of you as much more. Few men need to be thought of as tools, and you are likely not one of them.

2. Tailor-made dating

Focus on what she likes and stick to it. If she’s into sex good for you. If she prefers picnics to fancy restaurants, or likes men dressed a certain way, you should know. Don’t change your being to date her. Accommodate things that may be deal breakers.

Paying attention to her needs shows compassion and that you seek longevity. It implies you may be around for more than just sex. When men take time to remember pet peeves and accommodate women, it has a compounding effect. Chances of more dates to come are likely.

What to Avoid when Dating Smart Women

1. Overzealous behaviors

Do not work too hard to impress and don’t make it seem like you need her. Some men might refer to this as Simping. It means being somewhat weak and not manly enough. When you overdo anything for smart women it puts them off. It could hinder your chances of dating further as they feel smothered and even nauseous for lack of better descriptions.

2. Copying mates

What mates do to get the attention of smart women is only your business if you can adapt. It means take on some advice and tailor it to your situation. Chances are it will work for you if you relate it to your personality, and hers. However, avoid copying and pasting what others have done and continue to do. It will likely backfire and cause damage as you court her and thereafter. It takes a long for a man to come back from such embarrassment.

Bottom Line

Men can be sure that smart women aren’t easy to handle, but that also depends on mindsets. Some smart women need little to get excited. It doesn’t mean they are easily impressed, but trying to exude intelligence may not excite them as much. Keep things simple and always remain true to you and authentic as you chat and meet with her. 

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