Does Disneyland Have a Jail? How Disney Keeps the Peace

There have always been rumors that there are jails located in Disney parks. Mostly, the rumor focuses on Disney World, though some people mention Disneyland as well. But what is the truth? Does Disneyland have a jail for real? Where is it and why is it used?

If you have been wondering all about the Disneyland jail, this article has you covered with all sorts of information to answer any of your questions. You may be surprised by the answers you find here in this article, and may gain more understanding of how Disney works.

Does Disneyland Have a Jail?


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Disney World in Florida tends to have a lot more underground tunnels and secret holding rooms than Disneyland due to the sheer size, but there are still a few located throughout Disneyland park for when they are needed.

The simple answer is that yes, Disneyland has a jail. Technically, every Disney park has a jail, but Disneyland specifically has one as well. Many people know the rumor that the jail is located somewhere on Main Street, hidden among the buildings.

This isn’t technically wrong, but it isn’t the only jail there is in the park. There are multiple scattered strategically throughout the whole area to make it easy for people to be taken to the nearest one.

The jail isn’t anything fun. You may be imagining a bit of excitement with people in costumes locking you in a fake jail cell and pretending to be serious guards, but that isn’t what occurs.

Though many people call it a jail, it is just a little security room. There are security guards there and they hold you until the park closes or the police arrive, depending on the severity of the crime.

The room is usually around 10 feet x 10 feet, and is just a basic room with some benches to see. You may be in a room separate from anyone else with a two-way mirror like an interrogation room, but the security isn’t as strict as a proper prison.

There are some places throughout the park that get direct involvement of the police, so you may end up being escorted out of the park by the police rather than ever seeing a Disneyland jail now if you commit a big crime.

The room is boring and the whole event is usually pretty hushed and calm. This is to prevent people from trying to get into jail to see something cool or to try and get noticed by people.

Most of the time, you also lose your chance to explore the park for the day, or the rest of your visit, and they don’t give refunds. This means you can easily get separated from your family or friends and be forced to stay in a hotel outside of the park while they get to enjoy themselves for the rest of your vacation.

People that go to jail often end up at risk of losing their Magic Key or receiving a lifetime ban. You can also end up in a proper jail, depending on what your crime was.

There are a few reasons someone might get locked up in Disneyland jail. Anything that would disturb the rest of the visitors or are proper crimes can all see you quickly being taken to one of those hidden buildings.

For example, shoplifting, being excessively drunk, sneaking around where you aren’t supposed to be, getting into fights with guests or staff, or breaking things in the park are all reasons people have been taken to these jails in the past.

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