Easter basket ideas for adults

25 Luxury Easter Basket Ideas for Adults That Will Surprise Them

Gifts are a perfect way of expressing your love and reminding your close ones that you are thinking of them.

And what better time than Easter for gifting? But it is not just the kids that love the Easter bunny. Moms and dads want Easter baskets too — just not chocolates and candies. If you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for adults, your hunt ends here. Here are 25 luxury gift ideas that are perfect for gifting your grown-up friends.

1. Scented Candle


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Scented candles are a classic gift, perfect for both him and her. You can personalize this long-lasting gift further to make it more meaningful and unique. It is a gift that you can give to a spouse, child, parent, friend, grandparent, colleague, or almost anyone. Look for egg-shaped, bunny-shaped, and cupcake-scented candles, and add a cute lighter to complete your gift.

2. Beauty Easter Basket


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Even if they have every beauty product under the sun, they will still love a cosmetic bag or, even better, an Easter basket with a few makeup essentials for everyday use. Pop in a lip gloss, hydrating masks, blending egg, a foundation for their skin tone, a pocket mirror, and a blush stick, and you are done.

3. Spa Treat Easter Basket


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Give that workaholic friend of yours a spa gift card. If not, you can make a spa basket with spa treats. Fill the Easter wicker basket with face masks, spring-scented body scrubs, lotions, and facial kits. Don’t forget to add a scented candle for a complete spa treatment pack, and finish it with a bunny embroidery or printed towel or robe.

4. Movie Lover Easter Basket


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A movie lover has probably already seen most movies, but with this gift, they will revisit some of the classics. Gift them 100 classic movies, scratch-off paper, a popcorn bucket, and a variety of popcorn seasoning packs. If not, you can buy them a subscription to Netflix or another app of their choice.

5. Hair Care Easter Basket

Hair Care

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For your hair care gift basket, add the four main essentials — shampoo, conditioner, air dryer, and heat styler. You can also add other hair accessories like silk hair ties, hair masks, bunny scrunchie, hair bows, and more.

6. Men’s Easter Basket


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Prepare an Easter basket for your buddy with his favorite snacks, beer, popcorn, playing cards, and an electric lighter. To make it more Easter-like, add a rabbit print silk tie, or socks. You can also add bunny ears to the beer bottles for decoration.

7. Home Chef Easter Basket


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This is a perfect Easter gift for those who are the chefs of their homes. Make it with a mix of personalized items and other kitchen accessories to customize your gift for your special friend. Put in a kitchen knife, a cookbook, premium spices, and cooking ingredients, and personalize it with a cooking apron and chef cap with initials.

8. Sleepyhead Easter Basket


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Adults appreciate a good night’s sleep more than anything. To prepare this sleep basket, add silk sleep masks and socks, rabbit ear slippers, a white noise machine, a chamomile sheet mask, and essential oils spray.

9. Bath Easter Basket


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For a luxury bath gift basket, add fancy organic soaps, loofah, egg bath bombs, bath salts, and a scented candle.

10. Gardener’s Easter Basket


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This one is for your friend who loves gardening. Fill a gardener’s utility bag with a gardening apron, a gardening book, plant seeds, some garden tools, and a watering can. You don’t have to include all the items, just the ones you feel your friend needs. Alternatively, you also add other items that your gardening friend may need.

11. Early Bird Easter Basket

Early Bird

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For that early-rising friend of yours, add a bag of delicious coffee, a monogram mug, an Easter bunny breakfast board, an egg cooker, a cookie kit, and maybe a bestseller book.

12. Fashionista Easter Basket


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For that fashionista friend of yours, prepare an Easter basket with a bunny scrunchie set, stylish coin purse, goggles, rabbit-print scarf, earrings, belts, casual trainers, and sandals. You can add customized items like scarves, t-shirts, or a tote bag with a personal joke or quote.

13. Traveler’s Easter Basket


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This basket will become the travel buddy for your friend who loves traveling. Add in a few items like a printed luggage tag, passport case, travel pouch, coin purse, airplane phone mount, mini toiletries, and travel pillow. Instead of a basket, use a duffle bag, and give your travel enthusiast friend a reason to remember you on their trips.

14. Techie Easter Basket


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You know what that techie friend of yours wants, right? If not, make your tech-geek, gadget-obsessed friend a basket with an AirPods case, camera stand, and cell phone stand.

15. Wine Lover’s Easter Basket


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Put down your friend’s favorite wine variety or the ones that you want them to try, and add wine accessories like portable wine glasses, bottle openers, bunny ice cube trays, and more. Decorate your basket with a sticker of grapes and bunnies, and your wine lover’s basket is complete.

16. Gym Lover’s Basket


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For that gym-loving friend, use a duffle as a basket and add a fitness journal or workout planner, a smart water bottle, a neck fan, and a yoga mat. There are plenty of options you can pick from, and curate the perfect gift list for your gym-obsessed friend.

17. Jewelry Basket


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Use a jewelry case as a basket, and personalize it by getting your friend’s initials carved on it. Add stylish, contemporary classics that your friend can wear daily. A delicate bunny necklace is one adorable suggestion.

18. Skin-Care

Skin Care

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Your skin-care Easter basket must have springtime skin-care essentials. A hand cream, face cream, facial moisturizer, silk hair tie, and a moisturizing face mask will make up Easter skin-care baskets. But this is the bare minimum, so you can add more products according to your liking.

19. Crafty Easter Basket


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You can never run out of ideas for a crafty friend. For an Easter craft basket, fill it with your buddy’s favorite hobby like a sewing kit, painting kit, knitting kit, crochet set, adult coloring book, coloring pencils or paint, pottery set, or jewelry-making kit. If they like to try new hobbies, you can give them a kit of something they have never tried before but will love.

20. Self-Care Easter Basket

Self Care

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Self-care is the most important part of our daily routine, something we must never skip. Give a friend with a busy schedule a self-care basket to remind them of the importance of setting aside a few minutes for themselves. Add their favorite tea, blanket, essential oil diffuser, bath salts, scented candles, and silk eye mask.

21. Sports Fan Easter Basket


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You must be aware of the sports your friend is crazy for. Include accessories for those sports or other items like koozies, ball cleaners, sports drinks, and scorecards.

22. Bookworm Easter Basket


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For that friend who loves to curl up with a book, make a book-lover’s basket with a 100-Books Scratch-Off Poster, a coffee mug, a book you love, a cozy blanket, bunny-printed socks, and magnetic bookmarks.

23. Coffee’s Lover Easter Basket


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We all have that one friend who cannot function without their morning cup of coffee. For that caffeine addict, your basket must include high-quality, delicious coffee, a personalized coffee mug, and a cute coaster.

24. Sweet Tooth Easter Basket

Sweet Tooth

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For a friend with a sweet tooth, your basket will include gourmet chocolates, bunny tarts, cotton candy, and other sweets. Add a bunny-shaped snack bowl to complete your Easter gift.

25. Foodie Easter Basket


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You can easily satisfy your foodie friend with a healthy food basket with oat cookies, energy bars, dried fruits, or their favorite food. Or, instead of adding food, you can add specially crafted or personalized cutlery items.

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