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Comics from Reframe

  • By Sam Sedgman
  • 17th October 2013
View in Reading Room
Our autumn exhibition, Reframe, features art from pioneering comic artists from Algeria, Turkey and the UK. We'll be showcasing all the artwork here on our website over the next few weeks.

Pioneering artists from three contrasting countries unite to create an innovative exhibition of new work exploring our contemporary attitudes to Europe. Bringing together new voices from Turkey, Algeria and the UK, Reframe invites nine emerging artists to use their distinctive styles and viewpoints to 'reframe' perspectives through a series of new graphic short stories that examine the cultural, social and political dynamics between Europe and each of the participating countries.

The exhibition opens on Monday 21st October here at the newly refurbished Free Word Centre as part of Comica festival, but we'll also be showcasing all of the artists' work online throughout the course of the exhibition. The show will then travel to Istanbulles festival in Turkey, and be shown at FIBDA in Algeria.

In the slideshow below, you'll be able to see work from four artists: Algerian artist Sofiane Belaskri, Britsh illustrator Daniel Locke, and a collaboration between Turkish artists Naz Tansel and Murat Mıhçıoğlu. We'll be adding new work from the exhibition to the slideshow throughout the next month. You can also read interviews with Sofiane Belaskri, Daniel Locke and other artists and writers in the Free Word Writers' Room.

Some of the comic strips are too detailed to view through even a full screen slideshow – you can download these strips as PDFs from the links below:

Hannah Berry: Europe Welcomes Careful DriversPage 1 | Page 2

Murat Mihcioglu & Cem Ozuduru: The Angry Turks, Page 1 | Page 2

Murat Mihcioglu & Cem Ozuduru: The Chained RoamerPage 1 | Page 2



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