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Listen: Body Politic 2016 - Freedom of Movement

  • By Sophie Freeman
  • 14th February 2017
Listen back to Body Politic: Freedom of Movement looking at how censorship affects the language of the body. Dance Umbrella with Free Word, Index on Censorship and One Dance UK.

Body Politic is Dance Umbrella’s strand of discussions and debates focusing on key cultural issues affecting dance and performance.

How does a climate of censorship affect art? There are different ways of not being allowed to speak. In this discussion, we ask artists how issues of censorship, both public and private, are reflected in their art. How does censorship affect the language of the body? Are there things we cannot say, even when not using language?

This event was chaired by Julia Farrington, Index on Censorship. The panel included Dance Umbrella 2016 (DU16) Festival choreographer, Jamila Johnson-Small and Natalia Kaliada, founding co-artistic director of Belarus Free Theatre.

Listen now

This event took place on 19 October 2016 at Free Word Centre and you can view the original listing here.

This is a Dance Umbrella initiative, presented in partnership with Free Word, Index on Censorship and One Dance UK.


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