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Listen: Weatherfronts: Climate change and the stories we tell

  • By Lora Christy
  • 15th July 2016
Across 14 - 15 May 2016, TippingPoint and Free Word brought together writers and climate change experts to explore one of the most politically relevant and urgent issues of our time. Catch up by listening to recordings below.

Working with the Writing Development Agencies and supported by Arts Council England, this event offered unique opportunities to:

  • Explore the complexities of our changing climate and the implications for social justice, the natural environment and how we live.
  • Spark ideas, contacts and collaborations from creative encounters and conversations.
  • Gain access to new commissions.

The sessions were invigorating and thought-provoking; congratulations on facilitating such a useful and fascinating event.
– Weatherfronts 2016 participant

Working with Durham University and the Writing Development Agencies in all regions of the UK, this project generated new artistic-scientific connections and stimulated further collaborations for new creative work.

The 2-day event gave writers in-depth experience of climate issues: through presentations; discussions with leading scientific, political and cultural experts from a range of universities; creative activities and conversations; and through sharing personal encounters with the topics.

I just wanted to thank you so very much for making the conference possible, and hosting it so well. I was really impressed with the food, all the lovely different spaces, and of course the tone and atmosphere… which must have had a huge impact on me as I feel a seismic shift mentally thanks to the conference – so unexpected and positive!
– Weatherfronts 2016 participant

Talks across the weekend included:

“Climate change: which way now?”
Harriet Bulkeley, Durham University

Researchers’ panel discussion
Chaired by Chris West and featuring Harriet Bulkeley, Eva Lövbrand (Linköping University) and Jeff Ridley (Met Office)

Writers’ panel discussion
Chaired by Rachel McCarthy (Met Office) and featuring Selina Nwulu, Darragh MartinBrit Bildøen and Oonya Kempadoo (via Skype)

“The Extraordinary Story of Human Beings, Energy and Happiness”
Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

Read our announcement about this exciting event here.

Below you can listen to audio recordings from each day of the event:

You can also watch Oonya Kempadoo’s contribution to the writers’ panel discussion by clicking below:

Speakers at this event included:

Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

Andrew Baldwin, Durham University

Brit Bildøen, writer

Gavin Bridge Raihana Ferdous, Durham University

Harriet Bulkeley, Durham University

Alison CookLouise Callard, Durham University

Oonya Kempadoo, writer

Eva Lövbrand, Linköping University, Sweden

Rachel McCarthy, writer and Met Office

Darragh Martin, writer

Selina Nwulu, writer

Alex RandallClimate Outreach

Jeff Ridley, Met Office

Chris West, researcher

TippingPoint is network-based organisation aiming to be a year round ‘connector’ of the arts and climate science worlds. At the heart of their work is an international programme of two-day gatherings where artists and scientists participate in an informal but intense series of meetings and exercises to provoke and engender collaborative thinking and creative work. They also offer points of engagement through one off events, conferences and public debates.

Free Word is an international centre for literature, literacy and free expression. Through our artistic programmes and public events we promote and protect the written and spoken word, and provide a space for collaboration, exploration and dissent. Our work on climate change through the programme Living Dangerously: Stories of Climate Change sets out to harness the transformative power of literature to explore how, as global citizens, and in the context of environmental degradation, we might live our lives differently.

Free Word would like to thank the Ashden Trust for their support towards our Living Dangerously: Stories of Climate Change programme.

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