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Recommended Reads: 5 Alternate Perspectives on Turkey

  • By Canan Marasligil
  • 30th August 2012
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Canan Marasligil will join Free Word as one of our two translators-in-residence this winter, when she intends to dive deep into Turkish culture, literature and translation. As part of a series of posts leading up to our translators' residencies, Canan here introduces 5 bloggers to re-introduce you to the country.

Freedom of the press is on a knife edge in Turkey, and it can be hard to find the news you're looking for in the mainstream media. To see what's really going on, you need to turn your attention to the voices of the people who make it such an exciting and fascinating place.

As part of the online work I'll be doing as part of my residency at Free Word, I'll be sharing blogs, news, reading matter and more. For now, I want to introduce you to five interesting, multilingual, well-informed tweeps from my timeline who will surely help you know more about Turkish matters. I admire their sharp and well-formed opinions on certain cultural and political matters, including freedom of speech. In a political climate like Turkey's, it's the unofficial narratives that need to be heard if you want to understand the country and its people. Here are five voices to get you started.


Efe Moral @oemoral

Tweets in English, Turkish, Greek.

Moral is an independent blogger, writer & photographer focusing on human & minority rights in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East. He is also the editor of @GlobalVoices in Turkish.


Frederike Geerdink @fgeerdink

Tweets in English, Dutch, Turkish. She is currently learning Kurdish too.

Freelance Turkey correspondent from the Netherlands, focusing on politics, human rights and women’s lives. Dives deep into the Kurdish issue: http://www.kurdishmatters.com.


Guillaume Perrier @Aufildubosphore

Tweets in English, French.

Correspondent of Le Monde in Istanbul, his blog is http://www.istanbul.blog.lemonde.fr


Esra Arsan @esraarsan

Tweets in Turkish, English

She is a lecturer in journalism and media critic.



Necmiye Alpay @necmiyealpay

Tweets mostly in Turkish. Ms Alpay is a writer and a translator based in Istanbul. http://necmiyealpay.blogspot.com


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