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Weatherfronts: Climate Change Writing Commissions

  • By Sam Sedgman
  • 26th January 2015
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Climate change is not just a question of science – it is a question of living. Our society has barely begun to understand the scale of the challenges we must face: and to cope, we will need to find new insights through creativity and imagination.

Last June we hosted TippingPoint’s two-day Weatherfronts symposium, which brought together a wide pool of writers and scientific experts to explore the nature and future of our changing climate, exchange ideas and stimulate new creative work.

Out of this event came a number of pieces of poetry and prose we commissioned to investigate the topic in more depth, which we’ve collected together in one document you can read for free.

The collection includes contributions from writers Sarah ButlerNick HuntStevie RonnieDan Simpson, and a group of three activist writers, all with a deep commitment to social and climate justice, consisting of Zena EdwardsSai Murray and  Selina Nwulu.

You can download the collection as a PDF document here, or read individual extracts from the commissions elsewhere on the Free Word blog, as we publish excerpts from the collection over the next few days.

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