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Send Them Off in Style: 17 Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes, the bonds created between coworkers can be quite deep and strong, just like in a real family. Thus, when one member of the family has to leave, it is necessary and important to send them off the right way.

If that is what you want to do, the following list of the best going away gifts for coworkers will be more than helpful. Read on, and make sure that your colleague’s last day at work is one they’ll remember forever.

The Best Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

1. Mugs With Funny Prints


Image source: Pinterest

If you want a gift that will stand the test of time and also be practical, mugs are always a great choice. Etsy offers you a wide range of choices in all colors, so you’ll surely be able to find something that will appeal to your coworker.

The best part about getting your friend a mug like this is the funny or sweet print you can put on it. It can be something along the lines of I used to work with legends, or Goodbye, traitor. That way, whenever they drink out of the mug or see it, they will remember all the fun you had together and smile fondly.

Alternatively, you can pick something a bit sweeter for the print, such as a nice retirement message. You can even print out an inside joke only they would understand. That would make the gift much more personal and valuable.

Whichever option you go for, you can rest assured that your coworker will fall in love with the mug instantly. They will keep it with them forever and remember you and your friendship for just as long.

2. A Goodbye Keychain


Image source: Pinterest

A keychain is another thoughtful yet useful present you can give to a coworker who is retiring or leaving to pursue a different career. You can get one of the options available on Amazon or any other store or website you like. However, you can also get one with a custom shape and message made just for your colleague.

Just like with the mug above, the message on the keychain can be funny, sweet, or a mixture of both. Either way, your coworker will get something durable and useful to remember you by, and you won’t have to spend a fortune if you can’t afford to do that.

3. Goodbye Cupcakes or Cakes


Image source: Pinterest

Does your colleague have a sweet tooth? If so, cupcakes and other sweets will make a perfect gift for them. You can pair the sweets up with something they will be able to keep (such as the mug or keychain above). By doing so, you’ll get a fantastic gift combo.

The important thing about cupcakes or cakes in general is that you get creative with them. Figure out which flavors and combinations your coworker likes the most, and make sure those are the ones you get or make. However, just buying a cake is not enough. You will have to come up with a message to write on top of it with icing or frosting.

Whether it is a funny joke or a heartfelt message wishing them all the best, it has to come from you. Sit down with all your other coworkers, and figure out something that would fit the occasion. You will make your friend’s day, and it will only take a little bit of your time!

4. A Personalized Tumbler


Image source: Pinterest

Tumblers make great going away gifts for coworkers, especially if you personalize them. You can pick any style and color you want, as well as a message or an image that your coworker will love.

The appeal of tumblers is quite easy to understand. They are useful and practical, and they last a long time if they are made of quality materials. Thus, it is important that you find a good supplier that you can trust. Read online reviews to find such a company, or simply get a tumbler at the same place you got your own if you have one.

5. A Goodbye Bracelet


Image source: Pinterest

If you need a great going away gift for a female coworker, you cannot go wrong with a nice goodbye bracelet. You can get these beauties on Amazon, but they are available in many brick-and-mortar stores as well.

While the bracelet itself is pretty and high-quality, the message on the packaging is just as important. Most stores offer various ones, and some might even let you put in a custom message. Either way, your coworker will feel appreciated and loved, and she’ll have a gift that will remind her of you for a long time to come.

6. A Sentimental Necklace


Image source: Pinterest

If you need going away gifts for coworkers that are retiring, the ladies will appreciate jewelry the most. In this case, a necklace might be the best choice. You can get one in the shape of something that has sentimental value for the person, as that will leave the biggest mark.

Since you will be buying this along with your other coworkers, you get to go all out and purchase something truly valuable. Depending on the person’s preference, you can choose between options such as silver, rose gold, regular gold, stainless steel, and so on. Each has its own advantages, and each one is beautiful in its own way. Choose wisely, and ensure you send off your coworker with the best gift possible.

7. A Gift Basket


Image source: Pinterest

Gift baskets are some of the best going away gifts for coworkers out there. You have two options when it comes to them. You can buy one that is already available at different stores, or simply buy some goodies you think your colleague would love and make a gift basket yourself.

Though baskets in stores are always a nice option, homemade ones are much more personal and valuable. There are no rules you need to follow when it comes to what you include in them. You can add stuff such as mugs and keychains, a personalized T-shirt, books, some sweets or snacks, perfume, makeup, or literally anything you think would fit.

You really can’t go wrong with a gift basket, especially if you know the person well. Thus, always pay attention to their interests, and you’ll be able to compile a list of gifts they will love.

8. A Whiskey Accessories Set


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a male coworker that is either retiring or leaving for a different reason, a whiskey set is something you have to consider. Most sets contain fancy whiskey glasses, some coasters, and granite chilling cubes. The cubes will keep the whiskey cold at all times without diluting it as ordinary ice cubes do. All of it comes in a beautiful wooden box.

However, there are other sets available that might include a pouring bottle or other elements to complete the package. The box can also be made of different materials, all based on what your coworker prefers. This gift is the best option for someone you know loves a good drink from time to time, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get it for them.

9. Mug Warmer & Phone Charger Combo


Image source: Pinterest

If your coworker is moving to work at an office at a different firm, you can get them an office gadget that will make their lives easier. Though there are many options to choose from, going with a wireless phone charger that doubles as a mug warmer is the best decision you can make.

As its name suggests, this gadget can serve as a mug warmer and charger at the same time. That makes it highly practical. It will help your coworker be more efficient and enjoy their time at their desk more. And whenever they use it, they will remember you and the time you spent working together.

10. A Fancy Pen


Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, your coworker is leaving because they got a promotion. In such cases, you should get them a celebratory gift. If you work in an office environment, then a fancy pen will be a perfect choice.

Most options on the market come with a sophisticated box, and you can pick the style and characteristics of the pen based on your coworker’s preferences. Each time they sign a new contract or put their name on a report, they will remember how they got to the position they are in today. More importantly, they will also remember who was there to support them along the way.

11. A Scented Candle


Image source: Pinterest

There is a whole collection of scented candles made exclusively as going away gifts for coworkers. You can find a wide range of scents and pick one based on what you think or know your colleague would like.

When they move to their new office, they will always have a piece of you with them. And when they light the candle, the scent will instantly take them back to the times you spent together.

12. Some Office Fun


Image source: Pinterest

Is your coworker a die-hard The Office fan? If so, then this going away gift will make them love you forever. The Dundie Award statue is an award given to extraordinary employees to congratulate them on their exemplary work. What better way to say goodbye to your coworker than giving them one of those?

The award will make them laugh, instantly reminding them of the show they love. They will keep the award forever and display it either at home or in their new workplace. No matter where they go next, you can rest assured that they will always remember you as the best colleague they have ever had.

13. A Personalized Poster


Image source: Pinterest

There is no better way to say farewell to a coworker than to give them a personalized poster or any other type of wall art. You simply pick a design you like, and then you have everyone at the office sign and doodle on the piece until it is complete.

People can write messages, draw something, write song lyrics, funny anecdotes, or simply leave their names. Whatever they do, the result will be a piece of art that your coworker will be able to keep close. By doing so, they will always know how much you loved and appreciated them.

14. A Gemstone Globe


Image source: Pinterest

Is your colleague a lover of art? If so, there are tons of artsy going away gifts for coworkers that you can consider. A beautiful gemstone globe is one of them, and it will make a fantastic addition to your coworker’s new desk or bookshelf.

The globe is made from lapis lazuli, and it perches on a golden stand, which makes the whole thing look sophisticated and fancy. It will make a lovely present for either a man or a woman, and it is suitable for all ages. Thus, you can get it for anyone and be sure that they will love it.

15. Cologne/Perfume


Image source: Pinterest

Perfume and cologne are also great options to consider when looking for the best going away gifts for coworkers. They are a thoughtful choice that doesn’t cost a lot when divided between a couple of people.

It is best to try and find out which scent your coworker loves. You can do so by figuring out which perfume or cologne they already have. Alternatively, you can figure out which aromas they usually love and look for something similar.

16. A House or Office Plant


Image source: Pinterest

If your coworker loves plants, gifting them a pot with one is an excellent idea. You can give them a plant or flower you know they love. Alternatively, you can go for something you know they had always wanted but never got around to buying.

Since the plant will grow and develop over time, the memories you and your coworker shared will never be forgotten. You will be with them for as long as your gift is. That is the best part of choosing this gift option.

17. A Watch


Image source: Pinterest

Watches are some of the classiest options you can choose when looking for great going away gifts for coworkers. They work for both men and women, they are practical, and they will be functional for years.

All you have to do is find a brand or style that your colleague would like. Make sure to add a sweet personalized message to the box. You could even have the watch engraved. It is a gift that will bring tears to their eyes and make them grateful to have you in their life.

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