Handle a Car Accident Claim

Why You Shouldn’t Handle a Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer in Austin

Austin, the most populated county in Travis County with a population of 964,000, is known for its live music scene, parks, and lakes. Austin is 1% more expensive to live in than the national average.

Car accidents are pretty common all over Texas. Austin is not an exception. The rate of car accidents in Austin is lower than that of other cities in Texas. However, the rate of deaths in car accidents is very high.

There is no specific reason why car accidents are deadly in Austin. If you are lucky enough to survive a car accident, it is important to contact a car accident lawyer in Austin.

Can I Handle a Claim on My Own?

Technically, you can. But that would be the worst mistake you make after the accident. Many people make the mistake of handling the claim on their own.

The consequences of not hiring a lawyer will be severe. You will face the following difficulties due to handling your car accident claim on your own:

• Difficulty in determining liability
• Miscalculation of losses
• Insurance adjusters will cheat you
• Missing deadlines
• Increased stress

Difficulty in Determining Liability

Determining liability is the first step in any personal injury case. It is not possible to file a claim if you do not know who is liable for the accident.

You should know that car accidents are not always straightforward. The following parties can be held liable for an accident:

• Another car driver
• Car mechanic
• Car manufacturer
• Government entities

Finding out who is responsible for your accident can be quite difficult.

You will be confused about how to determine liability without a lawyer’s help.

Miscalculation of Losses

Calculating losses is a huge part of a car accident claim. Miscalculations can lead to lower settlements.

You will incur two types of losses after an accident: economic and non-economic losses.

Economic losses represent the expenses incurred by the victim, and non-economic losses represent the emotional losses of the victim.

With some effort, you can calculate economic losses. But figuring out how much your emotional losses are worth is just not possible for you.

A lawyer will use the multiplier method or the per-diem method to calculate the non-economic losses.

Insurance Adjusters Will Cheat You

Insurance adjusters will try their best not to compensate you fairly. Yes, you read that correctly.

Their goal is not to compensate you, even though that’s how they advertise.

You need to remember that they work for the insurance company and not to compensate you.

They will use many strategies, like the 3D strategy, to cheat you. If you hire a lawyer, they can protect you from them.

Missing Deadlines

The statute of limitations rule sets a deadline for filing a claim. If the victim misses the deadline, they cannot file a claim anymore.

Like this, there are many deadlines in a car accident claim. The victim must be aware of these deadlines and obey them. Missing these deadlines will lead to losing the case.

Increased Stress

After a car accident, you will have to deal with many things. Already, you will be stressed out because of the bills you incurred due to the accident.

Handling a claim on your own can make things worse. On top of that, the insurance company will frustrate you.

If you have a lawyer, they will deal with all of these things while you focus on your recovery.

Final Thoughts

Never make the mistake of handling a car accident claim on your own. Lawyers are there for a reason. Hire them, and let them handle your case. Hiring a lawyer significantly improves the chances of winning fair compensation.

You can let them handle the insurance company while you take care of your injuries.

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