how to make your hair puffy for guys

How to Make Your Hair Puffy for Guys: Secret Tips

Whether your hair is thin or thick, you can never go wrong with a puffy hairstyle. This hairstyle is well tried and exhibited by many celebrities across the world. It is relatively easy to try and brings an effortless and confident look. This article offers you the top 3 secret tips on how to make your hair puffy for guys.

What Does Puffy Hair Mean?


Commonly referred to as the “puff” or the “toque”, the puffy hairstyle was the symbol of malevolent extravagance in the 18th century. Since then, it has become the favorite hairstyle for many noblewomen and men who want to bring out their extravagance. This hairstyle was invented by Leonard Autie – a French royal hairstylist of that time who was also the queen’s favorite hairdresser.

This style was also very popular during the Victorian period. But with time, its intricacies started to diminish, giving rise to outlandish puffy hairstyles that you see today. However, the latest puffs are trendier and more eye-catching than the old ones.

They also give your face much more character with an illusion of height than the traditional ones. This hairstyle is extremely versatile, and you can style it at the top or on the side, depending on your taste and style. It can also be big or small. Puffy hairstyle is suitable for people of all ages.

Initially, the puff was only associated with women, but today it has become quite popular among men. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it suits a wide range of occasions, including dinners, weddings, and other casual events. If your bangs have grown out and appear to be out of place, a puffy hairstyle is a perfect way to keep them intact. It looks elegant, stylish, and extremely attractive.

Do You Need Any Products to Make Your Hair Puffy?

When you want to make your hair puffy, all you need is tender loving care (TLC) and loads of volume. Also, you have to be gentle and ensure that all your curls get enough moisture when styling your hair. To create a perfect puffy hairstyle, you will need a wide-toothed comb, a brush, headband, and several bobby pins.

Your curls will also need a hair gel, moisturizer, and a leave-in conditioner, depending on how your hair behaves. You also need water and a sprayer to help you make your hair damp. There are many types of hair gels and oils that you can use for this task, including jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and other natural oils.

Tips on How to Make Hair Puffy for Men

Puffy hairstyles look gorgeous on every face cut, but men with different types of hair face different problems in pulling off this classic hair. If you are also having trouble nailing the perfect puff, don’t worry. Here are some easy tips on how to make different types of hair puffy.

1. Straight Hair


Straight hair is the easiest to manage and experiment with different hairstyles. But if your straight hair has an extra soft and silky texture, it may create problems in holding a fuller puff for too long. When you are styling this type of hair, you will need a sock bun, comb, and several bobby pins.

Steps to Make a Puff Hairstyle

• If you can’t get a sock bun, you can easily make it by cutting a grey color sock at the toe end and rolling it into a donut. The cut one end and you have a sock bun.
• Comb your hair, part it from the crown section, and pull it back.
• Lift this section of your hair and place the sock bun beneath it. Secure the bun with a bobby pin on both sides.
• Cover the sock bun with your hair and comb it neatly, removing the hair bump. Then secure your hair with bobby pins.

2. Wavy Hair


Everybody adores wavy hair, especially because it’s gorgeous and it can be straightened up or curled without much trouble. But when it comes to making a puff for men, it becomes difficult to part the hair slightly from the center. But don’t worry because there is a trick to help you avoid such problems. You will need a hair comb, bobby pins, and hair spray.

Steps to Create a Puff Hairstyle

• Comb your hair first and then part a small section of the hair from the crown area.
• Lift that section of the hair and comb it back to create volume and base for your puff.
• Spray your hair with a generous amount of hairspray to keep it intact. Detangle your hair to make it even from the front before securing it with bobby pins.
• If you are happy with the puff, secure it in place with two to four bobby pins.

3. Curly Hair


Curly locks look stunning but are very difficult to manage. The curl and the volume make it very difficult to create different hairstyles, including a puff. The main problem is the uneven puff that doesn’t look well-ordered. But there is a simple trick to help you avoid this problem. You will need a straightening hair serum, fine-tooth comb, hairbrush, and bobby pins.

Steps to Create a Puff Hairstyle

• With a fine comb, detangle your hair carefully and then apply a generous amount of straightening hair serum, especially on the crown section.
• Part a small section of your hair from the crown section.
• Lift this hair section and comb it back to create volume and base for your puff.
• Then brush your hair to make it even. If you want, you can apply hair spray too.
• Secure your puff with two or four bobby pins.

It’s important to mention that if your face is oval or long, you should take a bigger section from the crown section. For a round face, take a smaller section of your hair. And if you want a front puff, push it outwards. For a side puff, take the section of your hair towards the side.

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