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Fun Isn’t Only For Kids: 11 Great Indoor Activities For Adults

Having fun indoors as an adult can be complicated. Many indoor activities are reserved for kids, pushing adults out of these opportunities for new and exciting things altogether. Even when children aren’t around, you may be wondering what the options left for adults even are. If you’re looking for a refreshing change, check out this dentist in pasadena ca, offering a bright and inviting atmosphere for your dental care needs.

These 11 indoor activities for adults provide fun for you or a group of friends when the weather is poor. Stay in the comfort of your own home, or go for a little adventure to somewhere that has indoor activities. The choice is yours.

11 Best Indoor Activities for Adults

There are a variety of activities available for you to enjoy as an adult indoors. These options range from in your own home to out in the world. Each of these activities also has the benefit of being capable of being enjoyed alone or with friends and family.

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Each option allows growth and knowledge while also keeping you entertained. Whether you are looking for activities just to pass the time or to have some fun, these 11 activities for adults indoors are the best option for you.

1. Try a New Hobby

New Hobby

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The first thing to consider when stuck indoors is finding a new hobby or picking up an old one that you may have put to the side. Great examples of this could include crafting things such as scrapbooking, knitting, painting, drawing also having an interest on creating canvas art will give more opportunities to seek new hobbies.

The best thing about having access to the internet is having unlimited access to knowledge and resources which is perfect whenever you want to learn something new. When you want to pick up a new hobby or get better at an old one, the internet is there to help.

Video and picture guidelines and tutorials are abundant on almost every new hobby you can think of. However, just videos and pictures are not always helpful for some people. If that is the case, you can consider attending a virtual class which will provide more personal lessons when developing skills in your new hobby.

2. Try Making New Food

New Food

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The one thing that will remain constant no matter what activity you are doing is the need to eat and consume nutrients. While out and about, buying food from a restaurant or store is usually the only option. When you’re stuck indoors, brand-new options open up to you.

Consider cooking or baking as a fun activity to pass the time. Many find the process of making food fun and relaxing. The laid-out steps of a recipe help people set a routine and relax. At the end, you get something (hopefully) delicious to eat.

If you do not know how to do either cooking or baking, then this also could be the time to learn. You have time to teach yourself and feel comfortable when learning something new. Think of it as a learning experience and enjoy the process of consuming new knowledge.

3. Try Your Hand at Reading


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Reading is a comforting activity for many. Exploring new worlds and escaping from what you know allows people to expand their minds to new possibilities. Even reading nonfiction allows one to consume new and exciting ideas, facts, and knowledge.

Reading is also great for the mind and your mental state. It exercises your brain and helps keep your mind healthy as well as happy. However, it can be hard to get into reading if it is not something you are used to doing or even if you are stuck on what to read next as an avid reader.

Finding the right book for you can be difficult, but thankfully, there are many options you can explore through library cards and more. Looking into different lists of popular books, such as the New York Times best-seller list, can give you a good idea of where to start.

If reading alone doesn’t appeal to you, consider starting a book club involving your closest friends and family. You can also look at joining a local book club if there is one.

4. Practice Self Care

Self Care

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Self-care is an important part of maintaining both your physical and mental well-being. However, it can be hard to find time for these activities when you are busy with work or doing things outdoors. Being stuck indoors, for whatever reason, might provide you with the perfect chance to start.

Self-care can look like a variety of different things depending on what you need for your mind and body to be in their best shape. For mental well-being, consider options such as meditating or journaling. These activities can get you in tune with your mind and emotions, helping you process as you go.

For more physical activities, you can consider things like yoga or starting a fitness regimen. Focusing on taking care of your physical body is also important for your overall well-being and starting now can help you begin the process of putting it into your everyday routine.

Other options that can help relax your mind and body are things like a bubble bath or mani-pedi. Taking care of yourself in whatever way is most beneficial to you is all that matters.

5. Play Games

Play Games

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While indoors, games are another great way to stay entertained and have fun. Games can include a variety of activities both alone and with a group. They come in a wide variety depending on what you are interested in.

Video games, if you have access to them, can lead to fun competition between peers or a fun activity to enjoy alone. Even within video games, there are many options from roleplaying games, to intense action, to racing, to simple puzzle games. There is something for everyone within video games.

Outside of video games are also regular games such as board games or card games. With a group, friendly competition can ensue, letting the time pass easily. However, even card and board games can be played alone. More and more have begun to come out that allow you to enjoy these types of games with the pleasure of your own company.

6. Start a Watch Party

Watch Party

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Watch parties are also an option when indoors. This can happen in the comfort of your own home or by venturing out into the world. At home, streaming services now provide ample opportunity for binge-watching.

Binge-watching shows or movies is a fun activity that helps time pass quickly. You can choose between watching old favorites and classics or something new and exciting. Watch parties can be done in person with friends or family, or you can watch with people that live a distance away through online options.

Getting cozy and even building a blanket fort can be a fun new activity to liven up a movie night. Finding the right thing to watch with so many options available can also be difficult, however. If you are stuck on what to watch, consider visiting lists created by sites like Rotten Tomatoes which rank the best TV shows and movies.

Besides being in your own home, movie nights are also an option at indoor movie theaters. Theaters often offer selections of both new movies, but also reruns of old classics. It provides options that are fun indoors while still leaving the house.

7. Visit Skating Rinks

Skating Rinks

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If looking to leave the house while still enjoying time indoors, consider visiting a skating rink. Skating rinks are year-round and indoors. Skating can include rollerblading, roller skating, or even ice skating if you can find the right rinks. Most skating rinks even offer adult-only hours, leaving you free from children running around.

If you are worried about not knowing how to do any of these, don’t worry, many places also offer lessons to teach you how to do each of these activities. Even if not, learning is half the fun for many people. Both alone and with a group falling over and trying again, the challenge of it all, is a fun learning experience.

8. Play at Arcades


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Arcades are a simple and fun way to be tucked away indoors while being able to access a variety of activities. Most arcades nowadays are not just arcades with machines to play. Many also offer other opportunities within the building such as laser tag, mini golf, VR rides, food, and drinks.

Like skating rinks, arcades also offer adult-only hours with more access to everything without having to scramble around children or worry about them. With so many options, you can’t go wrong as there will always be something for everyone. To find arcades with options like this near you, visit the website of chain arcades such as Dave & Buster’s or Round One to search by location.

9. Go to Museums


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A more relaxed option that opens the opportunity for relaxation and learning is visiting museums and exhibits near you. The great thing about museums and exhibits is their variety. There is one out there for anyone no matter their interests.

Art museums are always a good go-to because they will be unique with each one you go to. History and science museums can also offer unique learning opportunities as they can be more focused on each region they are located in.

Another benefit of museums is that many are often free or donation based. This helps save you money while still participating in a time-consuming activity. Museums also often offer free entrance to the disabled or those on government benefits. To find these museums, you simply look online or use sites like National Geographic to find the best options.

10. Join a Rock Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing Gym

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For a more athletic indoor option, rock climbing gyms are abundant and a great workout. Rock climbing gyms are relatively easy to find in any area, making them accessible whenever you need them. Rock climbing also offers a great full-body workout that will keep you busy and wear you out.

Rock climbing seems like one of those activities that you need to be skilled to do, but that is untrue. Rock climbing is open to any level of training as beginner walls and more advanced ones are open to use. If you are unsure of what you are doing, safety measures are always in place and lessons will usually be available.

11. Try New Bars/Clubs

New Bars

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The classic and go-to activity for any adult is going out and hitting the town. Exploring the nightlife of wherever you are is always exhilarating. No matter what city or town you are in, there is likely to be a bar or club scene readily available for you.

Each city and town also offers unique experiences in their nightlife, meaning things will always stay exciting. As people change and the scene changes, each night offers new opportunities to have a good time and meet new people.

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