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Writing a Leadership Vision Statement for Your Team

Too many times, we have heard that people who started with lofty goals lose sight of them when they get a taste of power, fame, or fortune. They tend to get so into their new life and opportunities that what they once stood for is now out the window. Even on a smaller scale, many bosses tend to forget about their team as individuals.

This is where a leadership vision statement comes in. A leadership vision statement is there to remind you, as a leader, what your original goals were, and why you started to do what you did.

What Is a Leadership Vision Statement?

Vision Statement

A leadership vision statement is a document that helps a leader to guide a team by providing goals and direction. Generally, it is meant to be inspirational, and should always be something achievable and inspiring for your team.

It is a little different than a mission statement, which is focused on the company as a whole, and how the company should grow. A vision statement explains what the leader or company wants to provide to their team, community, or their purpose in being where they are.

It also serves as a reminder. It keeps the goal in mind for the leader and the team. Sometimes, when projects are getting done, or things get overwhelming, it is hard to remember what the overall goal is or why people chose the career they did.

In essence, it is a more effective and detailed version of the inspirational cat posters that were popular for a long time. Because it lists goals as well as inspiration, it can also be used as a marker of success or failure.

For example, if your vision statement mentions something about allowing workers to reach their full potential, you can look back on the statement later, proud that you have managed to do so, or as a reminder that you still have to work on being a better leader.

Vision statements can be used for work, but they are also effective for many parts of life. They are used to map progress and let you know when you have done what you have set out to do.

However, leadership vision statements are specifically for leaders in a work environment to guide others and focus on business and growth.

There are some key points that all leadership vision statements should contain. The first is your purpose. What are you hoping to achieve as a leader? Did you start a business to make a product more accessible? Then maybe your purpose is a reminder of that. If you want to make your business become a chain, then that can also be your purpose.

Set a purpose that covers what you are hoping to achieve. Make it something simple that can be explained in just a few words, and something you never want to forget as your business grows and the stress of leadership gets in the way.

Next, you want to make sure you are dreaming big. Don’t pick a goal that you will achieve in just a year or two. This needs to be a long-term goal. While it needs to be somewhat realistic, it should also be something you have to work hard for and might be a struggle to achieve.

Finally, keep it simple, but something that has deep meaning for you. A vision statement is generally only one sentence. If you have to write a paragraph to describe your goal, it is likely too complicated, and won’t be as memorable when you look back on it.

20 Examples of a Leadership Vision Statement


1. I will work on being a good leader that will lead by example, encourage open communication with all team members, and will grow my business or organization.
2. I will promote the use of integrity, responsibility, and equality amongst my peers and my team by leading by example.
3. I will always listen to feedback from my clients and from my team on what I need to change and what isn’t working, because I know effective leadership depends on open and honest communication.
4. I will always remember to bring up the good my team is doing. To do this, I will regularly evaluate the work of my employees and reward their performance in a meaningful way.
5. As a leader in the medical field, I will make sure every patient is getting the highest care and attention, and make sure that my team takes care of themselves so they can better help their patients.
6. I will strive to be a leader where everyone on my team can strive to reach their full potential.
7. I will promote other leaders to set higher standards of what it means to be a leader, and care for those that work under them.
8. As a leader, I will strive to do so well at my job that my team no longer needs my services.
9. I want to be a leader where my team will always believe in themselves, their skills, and their goals.
10. I will do well so that my team can grow their own careers and propel themselves forward with my support behind them.
11. I will always stand up for and defend my team when they are in the right, even if it is against myself or a client.
12. I will create the opportunity for everyone on my team to stand out and show their individual strengths.
13. My team members and I will work together to improve on their strengths and master their weaknesses so they can continue to grow long after they leave the company.
14. As a leader, I will make certain that everyone on my team values themselves for what they can bring to the table so they won’t be taken advantage of.
15. As a leader, my purpose is to make sure my team never loses sight of the fact that we are working to better the planet, and the people in it.
16. My goal as a leader is to make sure that every client that comes through our door gets matched with the best team member that helps them to improve their future.
17. I will show and remind my team to feel empathy toward the people we are assisting.
18. Even when we are behind, my job as a leader is to remember to maintain quality over quantity and never sacrifice our standards.
19. Even as our business grows, as a leader, I will remember why we started our business, and never let our chance for more profits blind us and treat people poorly.
20. As a leader, I will ensure that our business is a leading global organization that delivers value to our customers, communities, and employees through innovation.

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