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How to Go Back to Learning Korean after a Long Break

Taking a break from learning Korean is perfectly normal. It can be due to personal circumstances that are out of your control or urgent matters you have to handle. Regardless, you can always pick Korean textbooks for beginners and other source materials if you feel like studying again.

It’s okay if you’re rusty when you resume your Korean lessons. You can get past that feeling and pick up your pace again with these tips.

1. Eliminate Distractions

Now that you’ve decided to return to learning Korean, you should take all kinds of distractions along the way.

  • Don’t open too many tabs on your computer that don’t help with your Korean lessons.
  • Make your room a conducive space for learning by cleaning it up, arranging stuff, and adding a few potted plants.
  • Try to open your windows a little to let some fresh air in.

2. Do a Quick Review

Revisit the Korean language basics that you studied before to refresh your memory. Start with the Korean alphabet or Hangul, then move on to Korean words and Korean grammar. This helps you pick up where you left off and resume your journey as you go topic by topic.

3. Set Your Goals

Learning a new language and resuming your journey with it after some time can be overwhelming. Setting goals helps you be on track with what you want to do. Do it by:

  • Allocating how much time to dedicate to learning Korean in a day or week.
  • Dividing your goals into smaller chunks.
  • Working your way to achieving the smaller goals before the bigger ones.

When you set goals, you clearly know what to finish first. You won’t find yourself scrambling with your lessons every time you study Korean.

4. Use Your Korean Textbook

Open your textbook and get back to learning Korean the traditional way. Pay attention to the lesson’s flow and follow its pattern to get the best out of it. If you’re practicing writing Hangul for the day, get your pen and notebook ready. Your textbook has practice lessons that aid in sharpening your Korean skills.

5. Sign Up for Language Learning Apps

Online language learning applications like Duolingo can help you refresh your memory with Korean. Use these apps’ features as much as possible as you learn the language daily.

Set aside a few hours of your time in a day to consistently learn Korean. Make this a habit, and you’ll be eager to learn in no time.

6. Immerse Yourself in Korean Media

Media and content in South Korea can contribute greatly to polishing your Korean learning. Familiarize yourself with Korean pronunciation and common phrases when watching TV shows and movies.

Korean music and podcasts are your best learning sources if you’re more of a listener. Pick up words that expand your vocabulary and improve your listening skills while listening to the whole episode or song.

Korean tutorial YouTube videos serve as video lessons that are also available with just a few searches.

Korean content is easy to access nowadays, so take advantage of this convenience and watch the videos that can enrich your knowledge.

7. Look for a Language Exchange Partner

A native Korean speaker can boost your confidence as you speak Korean every day. Find someone who can mentor you with the grammar, pronunciation, writing, and nuances of the Korean language. They’re the right people to turn to since they know the language by heart. They can also show you Korean culture, which will help you learn better.

8. Get into Online Learning Communities

Join online groups on social media and even on Reddit and Discord. Engage with other people who are learning Korean at the same time as you are. You’ll get loads of online resources to expand your options for learning Korean.

9. Take Formal Classes

A formal learning setup might boost your eagerness to learn. You can sign up for classes in schools or enroll in a crash course. With a tutor teaching you the basics, you can get instant feedback and correction. Formal classes in a classroom setting allow you to work with your classmates and enhance your skills.

10. Be Patient and Consistent

You must learn to be patient when resuming your Korean lessons. It’s perfectly alright to feel rusty, but it shouldn’t stop you from learning more. Be consistent with your learning routines and habits. You will eventually feel that you’re gaining back the learning you previously absorbed.

Taking Korean Classes Online

Learning a foreign language like Korean can be challenging, especially if the languages spoken are vastly different. Signing up for online Korean classes can help you build your skills and vocabulary. With a structured lesson from a tutor, you will quickly learn the basics of the Korean language. You can learn the aspects you need to learn at your own pace, too. The courses are tailored to accommodate your needs, so you can only learn the essentials.

Closing Thoughts

Picking up your Korean learning journey after a long time can come with challenges. You may feel overwhelmed with reviewing what you have learned and taking in new information. Take it slow and gradually go faster in your studies as you regain confidence and fluency in Korean.

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