Need Inspiration? Here Are 10 Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

Leather pants can be a fun and bold fashion statement, but they can be hard to style outside of select outfits. Once you know what you are doing, however, you will find that leather pants can actually be a very versatile outfit with plenty of styles to choose from.

Don’t believe it? Here are 10 leather pants outfit ideas to give you plenty of inspiration and to help you understand how versatile they can really be.

10 Leather Pants Outfit Ideas

1. Add a Showy Top and Nice Heels

Showy Top

Image source: Pinterest

Leather pants are often tight and revealing. Mix it with a shirt that has a bit of a revealing shape or dip to it. Whether the shirt is tight or flowy doesn’t matter, so you can pair it with almost anything and in any color.

Then you have shoes. Something tight with straps or laces tends to look the best with leather pants, but you can, again, use almost anything. Heels can make a powerful appearance, but if they aren’t your thing, you can also pair them with a nice set of wedges or flats.

2. Add a Flannel Jacket

Flannel Jacket

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If you want to go with a more punky look, you can achieve it by adding a jacket. There are leather pants that are designed more like leggings, with rips and everything in them. If you happen to have a pair of them, you can make a nice outfit by throwing on a nice jacket.

To make it a little more punk, you can add a fun band tee, but a simple black long-sleeve or something with a simple design works well.

A pair of boots, some heels, or even a simple pair of flats make this outfit. You can go with a bold color, or stick to a simple black depending on your preferences.

3. Make It Business-Ready

Business Ready

Image source: Pinterest

Faux leather works perfectly for professional settings too. Style the leather pants with a simple belt, a nice shirt, and a blazer. Add a sensible pair of shoes and you can take your outfit to work without a problem.

Take off the blazer at the end of the day and you are ready to go to hang out with friends at the end of the day and get some drinks. It really is the perfect outfit that you can wear with everything and make small adjustments throughout the day to fit with every event you may be a part of.

4. Glitz and Glam


Image source: Pinterest

You might be surprised by the variety of leather pants there are out there. These are made to catch attention and help cool you down with vent strips along the pant legs. Add a tight-fitting crop top, a nice bag, and some clean and shiny boots and you have an outfit that will turn heads.

You can do this, all while staying in the black colors, but you can also add bits of color in your shoes, shirt, or jacket to stand out a little more.

5. Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion

Image source: Pinterest

Leather pants definitely can keep you warm. While they may be cold at first, their lack of breathability tends to make them get hot rather quickly. This can make them a bad outfit choice for hot summers, but that also means they can make excellent winter pants.

When designing a winter outfit with leather pants, you have options. Pick a textured top and then throw a nice jacket on it. If you want to make the outfit look like a solid piece, pick a jacket or blazer with a bit of a shine, such as the green one we see here

You can also pick shoes that have a shine or that are black to match the best. In the image, we can see that the woman decided to pick a sort of metallic theme, going with less shiny leather pants but a metallic shine on both the jacket and shoes, with a textured blouse that is fairly neutral in color.

6. Change Your Colors


Image source: Pinterest

Did you think leather pants were only ever black? They can come in a variety of colors, with shades of brown being the second most common. Pick simple colors to go with brown, such as the white top seen here, and a nice pair of shoes.

Pretty much any type of white shirt works, whether a cropped tee, a cropped tank, a bandana shirt, or a loose and flowy shirt, you will find that it works well with leather. A bright white shirt tends to do best with brown leather, as it stands out, but try other colors that pair well with brown, including a different shade of brown.

As for shoes, you can pick any as well. Heels, flats, and even sneakers can be matched with your leather pants, depending on what style you are going for.

7. Go Baggy


Image source: Pinterest

Leather pants don’t have to be tight either. As you can see in this picture, leather pants can also be baggy and slouchy. You can also see yet another color option besides black and brown, which is nude.

This is a simple pair of pants that can be used to accentuate the rest of your outfit. When you wear nude pants, you can stick to creams and other neutrals for a more simple option. Additionally, since you are wearing baggier pants, going tighter with the rest of your outfit is a great idea.

A tight-fitting long-sleeved shirt is a good idea, even if it is cropped. Also, tighter and bold heels work well, especially if you get a pair that wrap around your leg.

8. Relaxed and Sheer


Image source: Pinterest

Brown leather pants can work with other more neutral colors as well if you don’t want to wear a basic white. Find a sheer shirt with a fun pattern on it and pair it with a nice pair of shoes and you will be surprised to find out how easy and painless it is to create an outfit with your leather pants.

9. Go Bold


Image source: Pinterest

If you don’t mind showing off some skin, you can achieve a bold and adventurous look with leather pants. Take a shirt that leaves a lot of your stomach, or all of it, exposed, and then add some belly jewelry like the beads you see in this picture.

This outfit might not be for everyone, but for those that are willing to give it a try, you may find this to be just the clothing you need to boost your self-confidence.

If you want to be slightly less bold but not any less showy, consider wearing a showy bodysuit so everything is revealing, but stays in place. Crop tops or tight tube tops also make bold pairings, so pick the one you enjoy the most.

10. Match with a Jacket


Image source: Pinterest

If you want to have more of a street style, consider getting a matching leather pair of pants and a jacket. This not only makes an outfit easier, as you have less to match, but it tends to look a little more like a street style.

It’s also a ridiculously easy outfit to wear. Throw on a crop top or even just a sports bra, and a pair of sneakers, and you are done. Look at chunky necklaces and bracelets to add more and accentuate your style. Of course, you can throw styles completely out the window if you want, and pair the outfit with a nice pair of heels. That way, you have a mix of fashionable, stylish, and street-smart.

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