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20 Nicknames for Uncles to Make Family Get-Togethers Fun

For most people, uncles are big brothers, fathers, and a friend all rolled into one fantastic person. And nicknames are a great way to show your affection for them. When it comes to nicknames, anything and everything goes. Nicknames for uncles don’t have to be formal or traditional; some names may be meaningful while others can just be goofy and funny.

If you are an uncle, whatever new name you get baptized with by your nephew or niece is bound to be your favorite nickname. And if you’re looking for fun nicknames for uncles, this list can help you out!

20 Nicknames for Uncles


#1. Buddy

This is a common nickname for uncles who have a friendly relationship with their young nephews or nieces. When your uncle becomes your buddy and is always willing to play ball, go to the park, and do everything fun, you consider your uncle your best bud and reliable mate.

#2. Tio

Tio is the Spanish name of uncle. So, if you speak Español or just like how it sounds, this is the perfect nickname for your uncle.

#3. Uncle Smiley

If you have an uncle who’s always smiling and happy, this is an ideal nickname for him. Your uncle is the ray of sunshine who is always positive, sporting an infectious smile that you can’t help but reciprocate. Uncle Smiley is the one who is always there to greet you with a smile and put you in a better mood, no matter how your day has been.

#4. Uncle Sporty

This nickname is reserved for the uncle who loves sports or the uncle who introduced sports to you. You can also count on this uncle to drive you to practice and cheer the loudest during your games. This is the uncle who’d love to talk to you about sports for hours on end.

#5. Uncle Money

A nickname that’s perfect for that generous uncle who loves to spoil you. His love language is showering you with gifts and treats. This is an uncle whose generosity you can always count on during birthdays, family gatherings, and even random days when he feels that you need a little cheering up.

#6. Unky

A shortened name for uncle, this nickname is usually born when the nephew or niece is still learning to talk and form words. And sometimes, that sweet childhood nickname gets stuck. Even if the child is all grown up and can pronounce words properly, they tend to stick to Unky or Unkie as a pet name for their uncle.

#7. Unkie Char

There’s almost always a Charles or a Charlie in the family, automatically making him Uncle Char or Unkie Char. It is a sweet nickname, but it’s also quite specific to the uncle’s original name.

#8. Unk Nicky

Like Unkie Char, this nickname is specifically for uncles named Nicholas, Nick, Nikko, and even Dominick in the family. It is definitely a shorter and more endearing version! No uncle can ever say no to their niece/nephew who calls them Unk Nicky!

#9. Uncle Goof

The perfect nickname for an uncle who’s the goofball in the eyes of their nephew or niece, resulting in this fun nickname Uncle Goof. It’s ideal for that “always funny” uncle who promises lots of exciting adventures, silly antics, and laughter together.

#10. Big Guy

This name doesn’t automatically go to the uncle with the body and muscles to boast, but it is also for the uncle that a young niece/nephew looks up to. Because they significantly influence their nephew or niece’s life, they see the uncle as someone to admire. This nickname can also be for that uncle who can always be counted on when you need the strength to endure what’s happening in life.

#11. Unko

A more relaxed version of “unkie,” the nickname “unko” is often used by nephews and nieces nearing the adolescent stage. Graduating from the cute unkie to unko!

#12. Favuncle

Congratulations! You have been declared the favorite uncle! You must have done something incredibly fun or life-changing to earn that position.

#13. Unkers

A more modern and cooler term for “uncle,” this is a common nickname among teens. It’s the uncle version of “pops.”

#14. Funcle

A nickname reserved for the fun uncle, this name is perfect for the uncle who’s always ready for a fun time! They’re the uncle that all the little ones love spending time with, the one who’s always bringing the kids to fun activities, and is perpetually the headache of the parents!

#15. Uncle Weirdo

This one may sound offensive, but this is the nickname that an uncle will earn if they do stuff that’s out of the ordinary. If they’re someone who carves their own path in life and don’t care what others think of them, the kids may actually find them unique, quirky, fun, and yes, weird.

#16. Unc!

The name “uncle” can’t get any shorter than “unc!” Usually, this nickname is followed by the initial of the uncle’s name, like “Unc M” for Michael or “Unc B” for Billy.

#17. Sleepy Unc or Uncle Sleepy

No explanation needed here! Uncles can get tired too, and if they get caught sleeping, napping, or snoring by their nieces/nephews, they’re bound to earn this nickname.

#18. Unc-B

Short for “Uncle Brother,” “Uncle Bud,” “Uncle Buddy,” “Uncle Big Man,” “Uncle Best Friend,” and more. The “B” can stand for many things, so you can take your pick of what this alphabet represents.

#19. Mean Uncle (Name)

Not the nicest nickname to hear, but sometimes some uncles can be mean. Usually, this nickname is used when the kids are younger and might have found the uncle too strict.

#20. Uncle (Name)

Nothing beats this traditional nickname for your mom or dad’s brother/s — uncle followed by their respective name. Besides, everyone usually starts from this form of addressing their uncle until it evolves into something unique.

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