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Luxury Revisited: Channeling Old Money Aesthetics in Fashion

With the unveiling of new-season trends, men’s fashion is experiencing a refreshing change—one that nods to the enduring charm of an old-money aesthetic. Think bespoke tailoring, minimalist colors, and wardrobe essentials that speak volumes in their simplicity. They’re as essential as it gets in crafting a wardrobe that transcends trends. Join us on this exploration where the classics seamlessly intertwine with current trends, navigating the dos and don’ts of mastering the art of quiet luxury dressing.

The Old-Money Essentials Quick Hit List

Polo T-shirts

Old money doesn’t shout; it whispers. A well-fitted polo t-shirt is the cornerstone. Find the sweet spot with a precision fit—neither snug nor loose. Let the collar stand with quiet confidence, and the sleeves hug your biceps. 

In the old-money world, simplicity rules when it comes to polos. Stick to earthy tones and shades like navy, white, cream, or olive green. These colors scream sophistication without being too flashy. If you want to spice it up a bit, think about subtle stripes or textures, but skip the wild patterns or logos.

Now, here’s the best part about polos—they can do it all. Class it up for a day at the yacht club by pairing it with sharp chinos and loafers. Or, keep it laid-back for a casual weekend vibe with shorts and boat shoes. Don’t forget to layer it up. Toss on a lightweight men’s sweater or vest for a bit of sprezzatura, or throw on a blazer with formal pants for that polished yet chill look.

Open Shirts

The charm of an open shirt is irresistible. It’s a stylish defiance against formality, a hint of easy confidence that captures the essence of old-money style with a gentle touch. However, mastering this look demands finesse, not flamboyance. Unbutton two? Effortlessly chic for the weekend. Three buttons? A touch of unhurried summer charm. Just keep in mind that too much exposure shouts beach vibes, not the distinctive allure of the Board of Directors.

Chino Pants

Forget ostentatious suits and flashy logos. The real deal in old-money style is all about being quietly elegant, and nothing nails it quite like a pair of men’s chinos.

The key to achieving that understated, old-money look lies in fit. Forget the baggy dad-at-the-BBQ vibes. We’re talking tailored yet comfortable, with a clean line that gently tapers from thigh to ankle. The hem should hit just above the shoe, revealing a hint of sock. Remember, the key to rocking chinos like an old-money pro is all about balance. Keep the fit standard, the colors muted, and the overall vibe informal yet sophisticated. 

  • Bonus Tip: Invest in quality materials and well-crafted textiles like cotton or cotton twill. They’ll hold their shape better and feel more comfortable.

Solid Shorts

Embracing old-money style with men’s shorts brings in a touch of understated cool. Stick to solid colors – classic navy chinos or crisp khaki will steal the spotlight. Aim for a relaxed, tailored fit just above the knee; steer clear of anything too baggy or sporty. Fabric choices matter – so always go for high-quality cotton twill, maybe a bit of summery flair with seersucker, or, for the bold, a fine linen blend for top-notch breathability. Keep it sleek and classic, no frills needed.

Footwear for the Discerning Gentleman

Old-money vibes come alive through classic kicks. Slip into loafers, whether they’re penny or tasseled, made from premium leather. When it’s time to dress up a bit, throw on some oxfords—wingtips for a dash of personality and brogues for that subtle texture talk. Weekends? Boots take the spotlight—picture Chelsea boots for that slick and casual vibe or chukkas for that rugged yet charming feel.

Remember, it’s all about quality here. Muted colors and a fit that’s just right create an air of timeless cool with every step you take.

Old-Money Style in Timepieces

Your watch, a subtle yet potent weapon, deserves the spotlight. Say goodbye to flashy tech-bro gadgets and embrace classic designs—opt for two-handers, dress watches, or sporty field watches with everlasting appeal. Stainless steel becomes your trusted ally, emanating a sense of elegance, while leather introduces a touch of warmth and refinement.

Prioritize the quality over the quantity in your collection—invest in a select few well-made pieces, steering away from the clutter of cheap alternatives. Allow each watch to be a statement of discerning taste, a testament to the thoughtful curation of your personal style. Perfect the finishing touch by ensuring your watch, whether paired with a sharp suit or formal chinos, harmonizes with your ensemble, gracefully complementing rather than overpowering.

Feel free to experiment with modest variations, adapting these ageless pieces to reflect your unique character. Tweak the fit, play with accessories, and explore different textures—all within the time-honored framework of old-money aesthetics. By incorporating these enduring essentials and infusing them with your own personality, you can effortlessly embody old-money style in a way that feels both modern and authentic. Whether you’re donning a well-fitted polo, perfectly tailored chinos, or loafers, let each choice be a personal expression.

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