How Online Roulette Is Helping the Gaming Market

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular games to play at an online casino. There are now so many different ways to play it as well. You can go old school at a land based casino, or you could try out something totally new like live roulette.

Bringing roulette online helped change the face of online gaming for good. Let’s take a look at where roulette came from and how it helped to shape the online gaming landscape we know today.

Brief history of roulette

Roulette has been around for a lot longer than you might first think. There have been many slightly different variations over the centuries, but the first game that is recognisably similar to that of roulette was created in 18th century France.

The wheel on which the game is played, is similar to the one created for the Italian game of Biribi back in 1720. This wheel was taken by the French man Blaise Pascal as he went on the hunt for a machine on which to create a game.

At a similar time, there was a game played in England called EO or Even/Odd which also used a gaming wheel.

These games eventually merged together to create the roulette that we know and love today. It’s been played in the form we know it in now since 1796. The game was played a lot, particularly in Paris and is now played around the globe.

The Americans had their own version of the game for a time and added the American Eagle as an extra slot. This was to signify the American liberty as the American revolution was happening around the same time. This is why there is still some difference between the games in Europe and the US today.

Ever since its fruition, roulette has been one of the most popular games to play at a land based casino. It’s easy to play and it’s fun making it perfect for gamers and beginners alike.

So, ever since online casinos started up, getting roulette online was a necessity. As it’s one of the most popular games at a land based casino, it only makes sense that this would translate online.

The fact that people could access their favourite game online without having to hike it down to their local casino did wonders for the game. It’s now one of the most played games online and has helped to change the way we view online gaming and gamers. But what about roulette helped to change this landscape so drastically?

How does online roulette help the gaming market?

New audiences have been brought in

Bringing online casinos into the online gaming world has meant that there’s been a huge expansion in the people who play. People who never would have considered themselves online gamers are now changing their tune as the games they like to play have been brought online.

You wouldn’t have seen a traditional roulette player as an online gamer back in the 80s. But now that you can play online, the whole idea of being a gamer has changed. An online gamer is now anyone who plays games online.

With online casinos becoming more popular than ever, the way we see what an online gamer is has also changed. This widens the audience and makes online gaming feel more accessible and acceptable for everyone.

New technologies

As there is now even more demand for improvements in online gaming, this makes it all happen quicker. It’s not just the online gamers who like to play Call of Duty or FIFA who are demanding better graphics or other technological elements.

Now there is a whole other subset to online gaming, the demand for improvements is higher too. This works in everyone’s favour as the higher the demand, the more likely gaming companies are to listen.

This means better game play for everyone as well as new and improved technologies. There is a big buzz around virtual reality as the next big thing in the gaming world. Virtual reality might seem like something for traditional gamers, but there are online casino gamers who want some of the action as well.

The more demand there is for a new technology like this, the more likely gaming companies are to listen and adapt.

Better security

With any new technology comes better security which is for the benefit of players and gaming companies alike. This is particularly necessary when there’s any money being transferred or stored online.

Without the new influx of online casinos, the need for greater online security and payment options might have been a lot slower to come about. This has benefitted the ‘traditional’ online gamers as well as there are often in-game purchases available.

Overall, the rise of online casinos has helped the online gaming market tremendously and will continue to do so. This makes for a better gaming experience for everyone who loves to game online.

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