outline of car detailing trailer

An Outline of a Car Detailing Trailer: Process and the Usage of Steam Cleaners

Washing a mobile vehicle professionally is an art. It requires more than simply washing cars with a basic kitchen sponge and soap, as well as applying lube and paste wax. Detailing is understanding the natural and man-made environmental toxins that are harmful to your car’s paint and then taking the actions necessary to maintain your vehicle clean and safe.

Auto detailing stands for the method of taking notice of your car’s details which includes upholstery, paint care, trim, proper decals, and also looking after the vehicle’s window glass. Four crucial services that could be provided in auto detailing with trailer are washing, cleaning, protecting, and maintaining.

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Cleaning Procedure of Your Automobile’s Exterior Part

Dry And Wash

This drying and washing method is not as tough as it appears because it is done by hand. The detailer sprays and mops the car’s exterior and cleans door handles, rims, and glass with specific substances.


This process is used to remove swirls and minor scratches from the vehicle’s paint. It also helps to take away small layers from the car’s clean coat and provides a new makeover.

Paint Claying

After washing the car, this method is done. It wipes away any residue, overspray, and contaminants and adds a shine to your engine’s smooth and clear surface. It also enhances the effects of waxing and polishing.

Waxing Or Sealing

In this stage, applying a sealant is mandatory for giving a protective layer and glossy shine to your vehicle’s paint. The usage of waxing is not done very often, and it depends on the condition of your engine.

Top Two Steam Cleaners for Automobile Detailing

These two steam cleaners are the best for the detailing trailer of your vehicle as they are perfectly portable, have attachments that are completely car-friendly, and are most effective for tackling unremovable stains and specks of dirt.

1. McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

This powerful and super-sturdy steam cleaner is best at wiping away stains and gives a new makeover to your car by generating a good quality of steam. Its steam’s power is 1,500 watts, and in just eight minutes, it absorbs the required heat and prepares for work. The capacity of its large tank to hold water is 48 ounces, and it works for up to 45 minutes.

2. PurSteam Handheld Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is designed for customers who need more mobility in their vehicles. It is compact and light, weighing only 5 pounds. These features simply will save you energy and time. It has 30% greater steam power than conventional steam cleaners. It comes with 9 attachments as well as an adjustable nozzle. It simply takes 3-4 minutes to heat up.

Though the manufacturer promises that this portable steam cleaner quickly raises its temperature, it actually takes a little longer to fully absorb the required heat.

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