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7 Pretty Horse Breeds That Will Take Your Breath Away

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” This famous quote by Winston Churchill perfectly sums up how most people feel about noble steeds. These animals are arguably some of the gentlest and most beautiful creatures ever. So, here are 7 pretty horse breeds that will take your breath away.

1. Friesian


Image source: Pinterest

The Friesian horse gets its name from a province in the Netherlands called Friesland. In the Middle Ages, the ancestors of this breed were warhorses, capable of carrying knights in full armor. In Europe, this muscular horse had the task of pulling entire carriages. But since then, the Friesian has obtained the status of a show and exhibition horse, ridden only for pleasure.

Thanks to their jet-black coat and long black mane, Friesians are some of the most gorgeous horses out there. The overall elegance in posture and movement of this horse can hardly go unnoticed. Its small ears, slightly turning inwards, make its appearance even more peculiar. When picturing Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty, this is probably the horse you have in mind.

2. Lipizzaner


Image source: Pinterest

Lipizzaner comes from the 16th-century Habsburg monarchy. In particular, these horses were first bred in Lipica in the 1580s. This village in Slovenia was famous for the Lipizza Stud Farm, where these elegant horses first emerged. Today, you can find the Lipizzaner breed mostly in the countries that were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So, it’s no wonder these horses are the main breed found in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

As for their looks, the first thing you’ll notice about these guys is their light color. Usually grey or white, their fur is short and sleek, which adds to their elegance. Still, their Roman nose and short, thick neck might appear a bit too sturdy to some.

3. Gypsy Vanner


Image source: Pinterest

As it goes, the origin of this horse breed dates back to the early 20th century. Back then, the Gypsy people in the UK needed an easily-trained horse breed strong enough to pull their caravans. Thus, they perfected the Gypsy Vanner for more than half a century. These horses first came to America around 1996, when the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society saw the light of day.

Due to their initial purpose, Gypsy Vanners are of a small and robust build. Unlike Lipizzaners, these horses come in many fur color combinations. Their fur usually doesn’t feature only one color, and the breed is well-known for having white patches over a dark base coat. Apart from heavy manes and tails, one of their most unique characteristics is long-haired hocks.

4. Haflinger


Image source: Pinterest

This horse breed comes from the Tyrolean mountains, which separate Italy and today’s Austria. In particular, it got its name from a then-Austrian village called Hafling, which was its place of origin. During medieval times, the burdened Haflingers navigated narrow trails, carrying their riders to the top of these mountains. In 1958, Haflinger horses came to America and instantly fascinated local horseback riders.

Probably the prettiest thing about them is their earthy fur color, usually in chestnut tones. Because of its darker coat, the Haflinger’s flaxen mane and tail become especially prominent. Overall, this horse has a small and robust build and is highly athletic. Because of that, children adore it — and the Haflinger is quick to return their love.

5. Andalusian


Image source: Pinterest

Also known as the Pure Spanish Horse, this horse breed originates from Andalusia, a province in Spain. The Andalusian horse descended from the prehistoric horses that lived on the Iberian peninsula thousands of years ago. These guys were warhorses — and their more modern cousins inherited the same trait. Especially beloved for their speed and agility, Andalusian horses became one of the favorite breeds of European royalty.

But it’s not only their robust build that makes their appearance so striking. Their peculiar ashen color promises to take your breath away. Apart from the most common grey tones, you can find these horses with brown coats as well. Still, what makes them the most beautiful is their intelligence and sensitivity.

6. Akhal-Teke


Image source: Pinterest

Another ancient horse breed is the Akhal-Teke, with a thousand-year-long history. It seems to share its roots with the Arabian horse, which you’ll hear more about in a bit. In particular, the Akhal-Teke comes from a desert in Turkmenistan called Kakarum. So, this breed’s ancestors had to survive the lack of food and water and the extreme temperatures back in their day.

Because of that, they now have a slender build but are famous for high endurance. As for their looks, these horses can come in many colors, ranging from earthy to dark tones. But the most peculiar thing about their coats is the metallic sheen on the surface. Because of their shiny fur, these guys also go by the name of Golden Horses.

7. Arabian


Image source: Pinterest

The Arabian breed came from the Arabian Peninsula sometime around the 7th century AD. Still, the legend has it that this horse has an even longer history. That’s because of the archaeological evidence suggesting that the Arabian bloodline dates back 4,500 years. Today, it is one of the most well-known horse breeds in the world.

Praised for its stamina, intelligence, and gentleness, this horse will surely sweep you off your feet. As for its coat, it can range from bay and grey to chestnut and even black. Like the Akhal-Take, the Arabian also has a somewhat shiny and sleek fur that only highlights its elegance. Given the beauty of their character and appearance, it’s no wonder these guys have made it to many Arabian legends and myths.

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