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10 Best Puerto Rican Drinks That Are Definitely A “Must Try”

When you think of cocktails and Puerto Rico, the first drink that’ll pop into your mind Piña Colada. But Puerto Rico offers many more yummy beverages than just Piña Colada. Puerto Rican drinks are renowned all over the globe for being some of the most refreshing and delicious on the palate.

And a visit to this US territory is incomplete without sampling several concoctions prepared on this island. Puerto Rican drinks can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but every single sip will be equally delicious!

10 Puerto Rican Drinks You Have to Try

1. Piña Colada


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You simply cannot visit Puerto Rico without trying the ever-popular Piña Colada — a refreshing rum concoction with fruity pineapple and coconut flavors. There are many theories floating around that Piña Colada was a Puerto Rican invention, but the specifics involving the where and when of it all remain a mystery. Some say it came from Barrachina, San Juan, while the Caribe Hilton Hotel also takes credit for this life-changing drink.

Served chilled with whipped cream and a lone cherry on top, this is the perfect drink to sip on during your summer holiday.

2. Pitorro


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Often considered to be Puerto Rican moonshine, Pitorro is a traditional drink made using distilled molasses or sugarcane. It also has fruits or hazelnuts to give it that extra flavor.

But remember, this drink is potent, so it might not be a good idea for beginners because of its high alcohol content. However, it does have a sweet taste that is so inviting that many would risk trying it anyway.

3. Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

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Cuba Libre means “Free Cuba.” This drink dates back to the 1900s in Havana when the Spanish and American war ended and Cuba gained its independence. And Cuba Libre, made with Coca-Cola, rum, and lime, was intended to celebrate the Cuba Liberation Army.

In Puerto Rico, you can order the Cuba Libre without the traditional lemon and request a splash of gin in your drink. This drink is usually served with a slice of lime on the glass rim as garnish.

4. Coquito


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Considered the national drink of Puerto Rico during the holidays, Coquito is a mouth-watering concoction made of various dairy products, coconut milk, and some rum. This is a must-try drink, especially for people who like their drinks sweet.

You can think of Coquito as the Puerto Rican version of eggnog. because it is made with sweetened condensed milk, coconut cream, coconut milk, vanilla extract, egg yolks, and cinnamon.

5. Medalla Light Beer


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Nothing compares to the satisfying feeling of lying on the beach, watching the waves crash, and sipping a cold bottle of beer, especially when you have a bottle of Puerto Rico’s Medalla beer in hand.

Medalla beer is the only mass-produced beer in the Islands of Puerto Rico and is brewed lager-style in Mayaguez. This drink boasts a flavor and texture similar to carbonated water but with a hint of sweetness and an intense malty taste that sets it apart.

6. Maví


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Another drink you must get your hands on while in Puerto Rico is Maví. This beverage is made from fermented tree bark and sweetened with sugar.

You’ll see plenty of locals and tourists having this drink while strolling the streets of Old San Juan. It is a go-to drink that tastes particularly good when cold. It has a bittersweet flavor that can make you an instant fan.

7. Chichaíto


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If you prefer rum, make sure you don’t miss this Puerto Rican shot. The best place to experience Chichaíto is in the southern part of Puerto Rico and drink one with the locals.

This traditional Puerto Rican beverage is made of two parts of white rum and a dash of anise-flavored alcohol. If prepared by the locals, expect the rum to be Palo Viejo. Served on the rocks, this is a smooth shot with a subtle sweetness to it that is replaced by the potent kick of rum.

People who can’t handle the licorice in this drink can reduce the intensity of the flavor by adding lemon and honey into the mix.

8. Amaretto Colada


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Make your Piña Colada more fun with this Amaretto colada twist for a nutty, rich flavor in every sip. This drink has the same base ingredients as your regular Piña Colada, which are pineapple juice, coconut cream, and rum, but as its name suggests, it also has Amaretto Almond alcohol added to it. This is an ideal drink for those who want to stick with the tried-and-tested Piña Colada while also trying something new in terms of flavor.

9. Chi Chi

Chi Chi

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A close relative of the Piña Colada, Chi Chi is another popular Puerto Rican drink that also uses pineapples as its main ingredient. This drink in English is the Puerto Rican version of a strained vodka pineapple.

Unlike in Piña Colada, you don’t use rum in a Chi Chi. Instead, mix some vodka with your pineapple juice, coconut cream, and coconut milk. Chi Chi is traditionally served in a poco glass, complete with a single red cherry on top. Given that the taste of vodka is relatively neutral, the pineapple flavors of a Chi Chi drink stand out wonderfully.

10. Horchata de Ajonjolí


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Don’t let the long name or complicated pronunciation fool you. This Puerto Rican drink is really simple and effective.

Horchata de Ajonjolí is made from sesame seeds, and the locals prepare it similar to how almond milk is made — soaking the sesame seeds and then crushing them. This is a sweet and energizing drink that’s great for all ages, and you’d be surprised how refreshing and enjoyable this non-alcoholic drink can be!

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