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What Will Change in the Season of Discovery for World of Warcraft Classic Players

WoW Classic is a relaunch of popular and more hardcore updates to attract players who long ago left the world of Azeroth due to the movement of game developers towards the arcade, which did not please a certain part of the audience.

The gradual development of the new version led to the fact that the developers launched a season system – a series of events that, every few months, will supplement the game content and give new opportunities to all players who during this time were able to reach the development limit.

For the first season it is level 25, for the second it is 40 and for the third it is level 60.

You’ll earn Season of Discovery gold, complete quests and unlock new features, including an updated rune system that will expand the combat potential of all classes.

Leveling system

As in older versions of Classic, you will level up and develop your hero, mastering new skills and unlocking new equipment.

The first milestone that you can take will be limited to level 25 and will be expanded over the course of several months.

This is done so that each player, regardless of his online capabilities, can keep up with the general pace of development and prepare for new updates and milestones.

You will go through story and secondary quests, which, as before, will develop the storyline and help you get SoD gold.

The tasks will be different – from the destruction of monsters to the transfer of parcels and instructions.

Secondary quests will differ primarily in their reward, and you need to carefully review it before taking on such a task, because you can waste an hour of your time on useless resources that you will already receive during a regular hunt.

You can see all the rewards and experience that will be given after completing all tasks when accepting the quest in the reward column.

The grind will remain unchanged, and you will be able to choose any location for hunting according to the principle that the monsters do not exceed your level by 5 values and do not lag behind by the same indicator.

You will simply kill monsters and receive WOTLK gold and various resources for this, which can be sold to crafters, or kept for yourself for the future development of professions.

It is desirable that your hero has the ability to grind, that is, he can quickly kill monsters one by one, or in whole groups through mass attacks.

If you’re playing as a support that finds it difficult to destroy monsters in general, or it takes too much time, then it’s better to focus on the quest system, which brings a stable result for your efforts.

The only alternative would be to level up as part of a group, in which you will help attacking and tanking characters destroy monsters and for this you will receive part of the experience and World of Warcraft gold.

This approach is more profitable, because within an hour such a group is capable of destroying a large number of monsters, and even if all the experience and rewards are shared, it will still be more profitable than grinding alone.


In Season of Discovery, all players gain access to a new rune format that gives each class the opportunity to gain additional skills.

Runes need to be knocked out or bought, and each player will have a chance to knock them out from literally any monster, but everything will depend on personal luck – someone will receive a known trophy right away, and someone will be closer to level 25.

The rune significantly changes the game mechanics because it gives access to skills that were previously not available due to a lack of logic.

For example, a battle mage can now receive a rune that will allow him to apply light healing to himself or his allies, which, although it will not make him a full-fledged healer, will significantly simplify his gameplay and extend gaming sessions through self-help. Of course, this will not solve the issue of mana shortage, but it will make it possible to partially compensate for the lack of supports, or to help them themselves when the magician heals the healer.

But remember that even with such innovations you will not have a full-fledged resurrection and replacing one full-fledged healer with healing classes is not worth it, especially in complex raids and PVP, when resurrection may be required literally at any moment.


In such a fairly short period of hero development to level 25 within the first season of SoD, you will not have access to many raids, and the one that exists is designed for 10 players.

On the one hand, this is a simplification, because a large number of vacant places, difficulty of completion and good rewards always motivate players not to go through classes for a trip, as happens in more varied chronicles.

For example, a shaman may not be taken into such raids simply because his damage is inappropriate and ineffective, but in such realities they will take everyone, which will not deprive certain classes of gameplay moments.

You need to prepare as much as possible for the transition to the next season and raids, with their recharge time and the next trip and random but profitable rewards, become the most profitable in terms of experience, trophies and gold Season of Discovery.


You can still craft basic equipment and weapons for your class if you master blacksmithing, leatherworking, inscription, and jewelry making.

All professions still have at least one profession for accumulating resources, and you can develop all craft specialties that will significantly strengthen your hero.

Essentially, you will have three choices – create equipment for yourself and develop a profession that will be useful in new seasons. Get yourself everything you need from raids, but prepare for the speed of the hero’s strengthening to be determined by chance, or buy SoD gold and buy back everything you need from more successful players.

One way or another, any developed profession will always bring you additional gold, because sooner or later you will get all the basic equipment for the hero and will be able to start crafting for sale, and since there are no irrelevant classes in World of Warcraft, unlike many MMO RPG, then there will always be buyers for your products.

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