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10 Warning Signs You Are Getting Fired

When you finally get a call from your dream employer with a job offer, it’s only natural for you to feel excited and enthralled. Conversely, it’s devastating to even imagine getting fired by your employer after serving and developing a strong relationship with them for many years. It’s even more devastating when the dismissal letter comes as a surprise.

If you don’t want to be caught off-guard by the termination notice from your employer, check out these 10 warning signs you are getting fired.

10 Warning Signs You’re Getting Fired from Your Job


The thought of getting fired from your job can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve always been dedicated to your job and have no plans of leaving the company any time soon. It’s even more stressful if you haven’t done anything serious to warrant a dismissal.

Therefore, you might be left with more questions than answers trying to figure out why your employer decided to terminate your service.

Perhaps the pain of getting fired might not be too devastating if you have an idea that you are about to be terminated. That’s why you should always look out for warning signs of a looming termination notice. Here are the 10 most common warning signs that you are about to get fired.

1. Smaller Workload

In any kind of employment, your responsibilities are likely to increase as you gain more experience.

So, if your workload suddenly diminishes without any reasonable explanation from your supervisor after serving for several years, or if you’ve been asked to delegate some of your responsibilities to a co-worker, it could mean that your supervisor is preparing your co-worker to take up your role soon. So, you should prepare yourself for bad news soon.

But before you conclude that you are about to be fired, make sure your company isn’t facing a crisis that could result in less workload like a decrease in the number of clients or a change in work policy. Sometimes your workload may decrease because your company is in the process of changing its business model thereby putting certain projects and clients on hold.

But if none of these factors is to blame for the diminishing workload, and your co-worker’s workload hasn’t changed, most probably you are about to be fired. So, prepare yourself for anything.

2. You’re No Longer Kept in the Loop

As an employee, you’ll always receive work-related communication from your supervisor, boss, employer, or co-workers. Sometimes you’ll be invited to meetings to discuss projects and daily operations. So, if you are suddenly left out of work emails or you are no longer being invited to routine meetings, it could be a sign that you are just about to be terminated.

It’s unusual for a supervisor or employer to deliberately leave an employee out of important work-related communication. But sometimes this can be an honest mistake. So if you were left off the emails by mistake, the person responsible for sending the emails should notify you promptly and apologize for the error. But if no communication comes from your supervisor about the changes, probably they are about to fire you.

3. No More Polite Chit-Chats

In a working environment, it’s normal to have casual talks with your co-workers and supervisors. Sometimes your boss may pass by to see what you are up to. They might even take a second to ask you about your weekend.

But if you are about to be fired, these chit-chats will suddenly disappear without an explanation and every conversation you have with your boss will become too formal and short. In most cases, the only conversation you’ll have with your boss is via email or any other official communication channel.  This should serve as a warning that things aren’t going so well and you might receive a termination letter soon.

4. No Interest in Your Role

Every employee wants to feel appreciated for their contribution to the company. Although this appreciation comes in the form of a good salary and bonuses, it’s important to know that your boss appreciates your role and wants you to grow. For instance, they should invite you to work-related seminars and workshops where you can learn new ideas that will help you to succeed in your role.

When you are about to be fired, these opportunities to grow your career will diminish suddenly and you’ll no longer be invited to important seminars and workshops. Furthermore, your boss will show less interest in your role. If you were expecting to progress in your role, you’ll suddenly find it difficult to achieve this because there won’t be any clear path for progression.

5. Trust Your Instincts

If you’re used to getting positive energy from your co-workers and boss whenever you enter the room and suddenly the vibe changes, it could mean that all is not well. For example, if everybody at the office was greeting you with excitement each morning and now you feel like they are avoiding you, or the whole office goes mute the moment you walk through the door, prepare yourself for the worst.

Sometimes you might think you are imagining things and try to brush it off but never doubt your instincts. If you have a trusted colleague at the office, you should confront them peacefully and ask them to be honest with you. Very few people will have the courage to tell you that you are about to be fired.

6. Teaching Your Co-workers Your Job

It’s an honor to be asked by senior management to train other employees. It could mean that you’re being prepped for a more senior role in the company. However, it spells doom if you are asked to teach other employees your job.

If you are doing your work so well, they won’t need someone else to do what you do. So, any request to teach your co-workers what you do every day means you are about to be relieved of your duties. But it’s important to check if the company is planning to expand your role which will require additional personnel.

7. Your Boss Is Bypassing You Lately

In any organization, communication follows a certain hierarchy. For instance, it should come from the top management and trickles down to the ordinary employees following the hierarchical system. Therefore, if you are a supervisor or a team leader, any communication from your boss to your subordinates should go through you.

So, if suddenly you realize that your boss is communicating directly with your subordinates, prepare yourself for termination. It’s the clearest sign that your services are no longer needed.

8. A Looming Shake Up

Every employee dreads the term “shake up” when uttered by the top management. It simply means that some employees are just about to lose their jobs. Unfortunately, you could be one of the employees earmarked for termination. So, all you can do is prepare yourself for the worst.

9. Poor Appraisals

Every organization conducts routine employee appraisals to check their progress and productivity. In most cases, employees who consistently get poor appraisals end up losing their jobs.

So, if you’re always getting hostile feedback after every appraisal, you could be facing termination soon.

You should also be worried if you are always being included in the performance improvement plan (PIP). This means that your performance review score has been consistently low. This often leads to termination.

10. You’re No Longer Celebrated for Your Efforts

If you can’t remember the last time your boss commended you for your good work, it means they are no longer impressed by your work. This could soon result in termination. You can try to win back your boss’s confidence by rectifying your mistakes. But if nothing changes, even after working hard to improve your work, prepare for termination.

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