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Looking For Tanzanite Ornaments? Here Are The Best Pieces You Should Buy (2022)

What Is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a blue/violent material that comes from the zoisite mineral found beneath the earth’s surface. It originates in Tanzania, and was first known as blue zoisite, before being renamed Tanzanite after its place of origin by American Jewelry giants Tiffany & Co. It was a popular ornament for their jewelry campaigns, and the name only continued to grow since it was claimed to be one of the most astounding discoveries in over 2000 years.

Tanzanite is also an extremely rare gemstone, with its availability on the decline. This means that we are fortunate enough to be living in a timeline where we can experience the best of this beautiful gemstone.

Best Tanzanite Ornament Pieces You Should Consider Buying

1. Pendants: The beautiful blue shade of the Tanzanite gem allows it to make for some unique jewelry pieces we see today. The color is subtle, yet stands out with anything you wear, complimenting different styles and accessories.

If you’re looking to buy a popular piece of Tanzanite jewelry, a Tanzanite pendant should be at the top of your list. You can attach the pendant to silver or gold chains, and wear them as a beautiful and elegant necklace. The pendants bring out the color of this beautiful gemstone and allow it to shine at the front of the outfits you choose to wear.

2. Studs: These may be some small-sized earrings, but do not underestimate how elegant they can be, especially with the addition of a Tanzanite gemstone. Tanzanite stud earrings are some of the most popular and prized jewelry pieces to buy. They elevate your looks significantly, and the subtle color of the gemstone makes for a fun pop of color for any outfit you wear.

If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of Tanzanite earrings, make sure that one of the first ones you look at are Tanzanite studs. They’ll not only make for valuable additions, but will also be a treasured ornament for your jewelry wear.

3. Rings: Another popular jewelry piece that works well with the Tanzanite gemstone is a ring. Tanzanite rings make for some of the simplest yet elegant ornament pieces to own. You can wear these pieces conveniently, and also for any occasion you prefer. You can buy a Tanzanite ring along with gold ones for a perfect jewelry combination.

Some of the best pieces can be found at gold jewelry clearance sales, giving you the perfect opportunity to get your hand on some unique designs. The blue shade of the Tanzanite gemstone on a ring, compliments gold jewelry in an elegant way, thus making these a highly sought-after combination for different styles. 

4. Bracelets: These are some of the most versatile jewelry pieces and also some of the most beautifully designed ones. And if you find one with the addition of Tanzanite gemstones, that’s definitely a bonus for your jewelry collection. Tanzanite bracelets are unique ornaments that if you get the opportunity to own a piece, they’ll make for some of the most valuable possessions you have. The subtle blue shade of the rare gemstone will make your jewelry collection, as well as any style you choose to wear it with. 

How To Care For Tanzanite Jewelry?

If you’re looking to buy yourself some Tanzanite ornaments, it is also necessary to make yourself aware of the care they need and the steps to look after them. Hence, here are two crucial tips to keep in mind when buying Tanzanite jewelry. 

1. Storing tanzanite ornaments: Tanzanite ornaments are unique and delicate, which makes it necessary to keep them in the safest way possible to avoid the chance of damage and loss of shine. You can use velvet-covered ornament boxes for Tanzanite jewelry and ensure that they are kept in the best conditions. 

2. Re-polishing Tanzanite: If you wear your Tanzanite ornaments often, they may lose their shine with time. To restore it, visit a reputable lapidary who has significant experience with Tanzanite gemstones. They will handle your ornaments with care and make sure that they look good as new again. 

The Tanzanite gemstone is not only rare, but it is also one of the most unique elements to exist around us. Getting the chance to own to ornaments that carry this precious stone is often the opportunity of a lifetime. The stone’s beautiful blue shade makes it suitable for a unique variety of jewelry and also for some of the most valuable pieces that anyone can own as part of their jewelry collection.

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