tell when dating is bad for your health

How to Tell When Dating Is Bad For Your Health

Is your dating relationship good for you? That can be hard to tell when your emotions are on high, and you are seeing this new person in the best possible light. Check out these signs that your dating situation is bad for your overall well-being.

You’re Picking up Bad Habits

There is nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence at the start of a new relationship. This is a time when people tend to eat more, stay out later, and party more than usual. That said, you know yourself. You know where your boundaries are, and what is important to you in terms of your physical and mental health.

If this new relationship is leading you to engage in harmful or dangerous behavior, you should be questioning that. Is this really the person for you? Are you as happy as you think if you are doing things that go against your personal standards?

They Discourage Your Taking Care of Yourself

You make plans to go to the gym, and your new partner sulks that you are leaving them alone. Your yoga class with friends is disrupted by a barrage of jealous texts. Your plans to meditate or even go on a walk are shot down because your lover insists these things are stupid or a waste of your time.

Be aware that these messages aren’t always abusive, at least not openly. Instead, they may claim that they will simply miss you too much, or tell you that they just want to spend more time together. Don’t be fooled by feigned concern. A good partner will encourage the time you take out for your health and well-being. They certainly won’t harass you about it or make you feel guilty.

You Aren’t Feeling Very Good About Yourself

You take the time to create a profile on an app that specializes in lesbian, trans, queer, gay and bisexual dating. Things get off to a great start. You’re getting plenty of positive attention. You start going out with someone who is absolutely amazing. There is no reason for you to be anything but happy about your life and future.

So, why do you feel so bad? You question every decision you make. Everything that should be fun is a chore. This could be your instincts screaming to you that something is wrong. Don’t ignore that. Trust your gut. The issue could be your new partner. It may also be that you simply aren’t ready for dating right now. Don’t ignore what you are feeling. Explore your emotions and make an informed decision instead.

Self-Care Makes You Feel Guilty

Previously, you loved your self-care routine. You spent time at the spa, indulged in nighttime beauty rituals, and never thought twice about spending time or money on yourself. You would think that you would be more into self-care than ever. Most people want to look and feel better when they are looking for love.

In reality, doing these things just makes you feel guilty. Shouldn’t you dedicate your time and resources to your relationship? This feeling that you are doing something wrong by indulging in your own comfort isn’t something you can shake.

That’s a shame, but also unsurprising. So many of us are sent the message that being in a relationship means giving up your individuality to become part of a couple. This guilt is multiplied if you are being pressured to dive into something serious way too soon.

A healthy relationship leaves space for you to do things for yourself, particularly wellness behaviors.

Final Thoughts: Don’t Let Romance Sabotage Your Health

Is dating doing wonders for your physical and mental health? What about your partner? Do they encourage you to be at your best, or behave as if your healthy goals are a burden to them? Shouldn’t your dating life lead you to better things, not make you a less healthy version of yourself? Don’t hesitate to make changes to ensure your health today and in the future.

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