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10 Things To Do On A Road Trip To Make It More Exciting

Long winding roads, the cool breeze against your skin, and the company of friends — nothing beats the feeling of going on a road trip. From looking out for new sights and sceneries to chatting away as the roads keep curving, there are so many things to do on a road trip.

But the long hours can also take their toll, and when this happens, you have to come up with new activities to keep the momentum going. So, here are our 10 best suggestions for fun things to do on a road trip!

10 Things To Do On A Road Trip

1. Stop to Watch the Sunset or Sunrise (or Both!)

Watch Sunset

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When you’re on the road, you’ll have the best opportunities to catch the brilliant orange and purple hues of the sunset or sunrise. So, why not stop to watch the sky turn orange during sundown or when it starts to come alive with the sun?

Keep an eye out for any viewing decks or just plop down on the ground and savor the moment with your travel buddies. You can turn this mini break into a short picnic and savor your breakfast or supper while viewing one of the greatest (and free) shows that nature offers you.

2. Spend At Least One Night Camping

Add another adventure on top of your travel adventure by camping during your road trip. Highways are not the safest at night, and everyone, especially the designated driver, deserves a good night’s sleep where you can stretch your back.

Look up safe camping areas on your route and pick your spot. Set up your tent, light the fire, toast some marshmallows, and share stories. It will refresh everyone and give you some much-deserved rest, your car included.

3. Have An In-Car Music Festival


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No road trip is complete without good music. You can have everyone create fun road trip playlists and take turns listening to everyone’s favorite music.

You can sing to the music or do a sing-along version with your windows rolled down. You can also test your music knowledge by guessing the song’s title, album, or singer — there are countless games you can play with music!

4. Listen To a Podcast or Audiobook

If music isn’t your jam, why not tune in to some interesting podcasts or audiobooks? You can pick topics that everyone is interested in or opt for mystery or “whodunit” style podcasts.

Not only will this be a new learning experience for everyone, but the downtime can also help you chill and enjoy the ride. Plus, after the podcast, you’ll have something new to discuss and explore further.

5. Take a Detour

One of the benefits of going on a road trip is you are not pressured by time. You can make as many stops along the way as you like, take a detour, and spend an hour or two exploring new areas.

Having a proper plan is a smart way to travel, but you can also be a little flexible if you find something interesting to experience. It can just be a fun café, a farmer’s market, or an art gallery.

6. Go Analog With a Paper Map

Paper Map

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Skip the GPS and purchase the latest map that will cover your trip. Reading the map and following directions can be a fun learning experience for everyone. Do not turn on your GPS unless it is a real emergency where you’re driving in loops.

Ditching technology and going old school will test everyone’s patience but will also encourage teamwork. It can be an excellent way to kill boredom and find new road signs.

7. Declare Your Car a Phone-Free Zone

Set aside a few hours when nobody is allowed to use their phones. You may only get to go on this trip this one time with this set of people, and constantly being on your phone keeps you away from enjoying the actual trip.

You can check in with loved ones, confirm travel plans and destinations, and even answer urgent emails, but no social media or gaming. You don’t need to turn off your phone since it’s necessary in case of an emergency. But only use it for travel-related activities!

8. Explore Local Delicacies

Local Delicacies

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Every road trip requires you to make multiple stops to fuel up your stomach. So, instead of sticking to the same old take-out places or chain restaurants, why not explore the local cuisines and popular eateries?

You can chat with the locals as you enjoy new foods or new twists on familiar foods. You will not only be supporting the local community but may also get the scoop on the best places to explore.

9. Leave Customized Stickers to Mark Your Way

Leave a trail of your adventure by placing customized stickers along the way. Of course, you’ll need to know the proper places where you can leave your mark, and the restrooms of nightclubs and dive bars serve as the perfect location for this little reminder.

And once you get the chance to be in that same area again, go back and look for your trail, aka your sticker. It’s a simple and fun way to commemorate your trip and infuse it with a sense of nostalgia.

10. Record the Road Trip


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Create a diary or record of your road trip where you can also have everyone share their experiences. You can do this by blogging, vlogging, taking tons of pictures and videos, or typing notes on your phone — whichever method works for you.

Recording your adventure and capturing real-time reactions to situations can make any experience feel ten times funnier or more exciting. Aside from being able to document your experiences, you will also have something to look back to and read or watch to remember the journey.

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