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20 Easy and Tasty Toddler Meal Ideas for You to Try

“My 1-year-old does not like anything that I make.” “It takes me hours to feed my 2-year-old!” “I have run out of ideas for my toddler’s meals!” Are these statements part of your daily conversations? Not to worry, you are not alone. Parents describe 25-30% of toddlers and preschoolers as “picky”.

If you are frustrated by your plight, we are here to help you. Here are 20 toddler meal ideas that are easy and quick to prepare.

20 Toddler Meal Ideas

Here are 20 toddler meal ideas.

1. Chicken and Corn Tacos


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Warm tortilla, frozen corn, and rotisserie chicken in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds. Serve with salsa dipping. You can replace the chicken with beans if you don’t want a non-vegetarian ingredient. Cocktail shrimp are an excellent substitute for chicken.

2. Deconstructed Cobb Salad


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For a well-balanced meal, serve your toddler Cobb salad. If your toddler does not like salad, deconstruct it and read the ingredients. Avoid lettuce, as it will not go well alone. Use a non-vegetarian option like turkey or chicken. Add fruits that your toddler loves, like avocado, apples, and bananas, and veggies like tomato and cucumber. Complete the meal with a hard-boiled egg and mozzarella cheese.

3. Toast with Nut Butter, Fruits, and a Glass of Milk


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Lightly toast the bread and spread any nut butter over it. You can choose from a variety of nut butter, including peanut, almond, and walnut butter. All are healthy and great sources of protein and essential nutrients. Pair it with a fruit of your kid’s choice and a glass of milk. This is a perfect breakfast meal that you can make new and exciting every day by changing the nut butter and fruit.

4. Buttered Pasta with Veggies


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Slightly fry cooked pasta in a tablespoon of butter. Serve it with the veggies of your choice. This can also be a family meal, eliminating the need to prepare separate dishes.

5. Tuna Patties


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Another meal idea for the family, tuna patties are budget-friendly, easy to make, and nutrient-packed. The patties are made from tuna, potatoes, and diced veggies like green beans, carrots, and capsicum. Serve it with a green salad for kids and add chili sauce for adults.

6. Meatballs and Veggies


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Toddlers love meatballs. They are very tender, break apart easily, and are simply delicious. Pair it with steamed veggies like broccoli, carrots, capsicum, and green beans. Add fried sweet potatoes to make the meal more attractive.

7. Pasta and Peas


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If your toddler is very picky, try pasta in attractive designs like a star, vehicle, or alphabet. Cook it and add frozen peas in the last 5 minutes of cooking. Serve it with butter and cheese.

8. Yogurt Parfait


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Take plain yogurt and add toppings of fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, or granola. You can also blend sweet potatoes or squash with yogurt. You will be amazed to know that children eat more food when they make it. You can ask toddlers to pick the fruits of their choice to make it a more fun activity. Serve it with crackers.

9. Shortcut Fried Rice

Fried Rice

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Scramble an egg and add 1⁄4 cup cooked rice and 1⁄4 cup peas. Stir it for a minute or two. Drizzle 2 teaspoons of soy sauce (one with reduced sodium) if you have it, and serve it with a small bowl of fruit.

10. Chicken and Black Bean Quesadilla


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Quesadillas are a great way to make your kid eat anything. Most toddlers love quesadillas and eat them with whatever filling they are served with. Add cooked chicken and black beans to a tortilla. Fry it and serve it with roasted sweet potatoes and ranch. You can avoid the chicken altogether and add any other veggie of your choice too.

11. Creamy Broccoli Pasta

Broccoli Pasta

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It is a one-pot dish, easily prepared in 15 minutes. Add broccoli to the pasta pot and cook for 5 minutes. You can make it with butter and add oregano seasoning. After turning off the heat, add cheese and yogurt to make it creamier and tastier. Serve it with peas and golden kiwi.

12. Rice and Beef

Rice and Beef

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If your toddler loves rice, this is a perfect dinner recipe. Top the rice with ground beef and sour cream. Serve diced tomatoes and black beans as a side.

13. Chicken Nuggets


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Kids love chicken nuggets. Make them extra healthy by adding as many veggies as you can. To make it more appealing, shape the nuggets into dinosaurs or any other animal of their choice using market-available molds. Serve it with veggies and juicy fruit like grapes.

14. Spinach Pancakes


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Make the pancake mix by blending spinach, bananas, eggs, milk, oil, and oat flour. Make small pancakes and serve them with mango, strawberry, blueberry, banana, or any other fruit. Spinach pancakes are a great way to add spinach to your toddler’s diet.

15. Cereal and Fruit


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Cereals are a great way to start your day, but you can have them for lunch and dinner as well. Use low-sugar cereals, add an equal quantity of milk, and a fruit of your choice.

16. Chicken and Hummus Naan Pizza


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Chicken and hummus naan pizza is the perfect dish to make even the pickiest of toddlers eat. Serve it with roasted sweet potatoes and blackberries.

17. Red Sauce Penne Pasta

Penne Pasta

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Serve red sauce penne pasta with orange and peas. You can also add chopped and boiled veggies to the pasta.

18. Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

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It is a kid-favorite meal that they will gobble down in the wink of an eye. Make a plain bread and cheese grilled sandwich, and cut it into strips so your toddler can easily dip them in soup and enjoy.

19. Hamburger


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You can make a hamburger and serve it with grilled corn. Add baked beans as a side and pair it with any seasonal fruit.

20. Pizza

Pizza 1

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This one is also going to make it to the list of your kid’s favorite foods. Pizza doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Add as many vegetables as possible as toppings, including carrots, beans, and peas, to make the meal extra healthy.

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