Traveling Alone on a Budget

Traveling Alone on a Budget: How to Save Money and Maximize Experiences

Traveling alone is a fantastic experience and research suggests you are more likely to meet new people and make friends when traveling along than with other people.

There are many aspects to planning a trip alone and safety is always a major concern. However, there are plenty of destinations around the world that are perfectly safe for both male and female solo travelers, with millions of people choosing to travel alone each year.

Costs are also a concern when traveling alone so continue below as we look at ways to save money and maximise experiences when traveling along on a budget.

Cheap Flights

When traveling abroad alone, you will need to book a flight to reach your destination and some flights can be expensive.

Thankfully, there are ways you can travel for cheaper and you can begin by using flight comparison websites. These allow you to search not only by specific dates but by whole months, meaning you can see the cheapest flight for any given month. You will need to be flexible with your dates to book the cheapest flight but if you are still in the planning stage, that should not be an issue. If you are flying long haul, booking a connecting flight rather than direct can also save money.

Some long haul flights can cost over $1,000 but when split into multiple flights can be reduced by close to 50%.

Budget Accommodation

We all need somewhere to sleep when traveling and the best option when traveling alone on a budget is a hostel.

The quality of hostels has improved significantly in recent years and you can find plenty of reviews online before you book a bed. The beauty of staying in a hostel is that not only are they cheaper than hotels but many other solo travelers use them and they are a great way to meet new people.

If a hostel is not for you, there are budget hotels available in some destinations and you also have the option of camping if the climate is suitable. Camping is perhaps the cheapest option when trying to save money traveling alone and much like hostels, campsites are an excellent way to meet other travelers.

Mobile Phone

Keeping in touch with people when traveling alone is important and you can buy mobile phone passes so you are not charged expensive rates on your own phone contract. You will want to access the internet while you are traveling so will need a tourist phone pass that has plenty of data. If you like playing games on your phone to pass the time when traveling alone, data will be important. You might fancy having a flutter on the slots to add some excitement to the journey and these minimum deposit casinos show playing online doesn’t have to be expensive.

Working Overseas

For those who really want to save money and maximise experiences when traveling alone on a budget, working overseas could be the answer. It pays not to be picky when it comes to working abroad and if you are happy to try anything, there are plenty of job opportunities available. Hostel worker, bartender, waiter/waitress, tour guide, and teaching English are just some of the jobs available to travelers across the world.

Some jobs may pay a wage like a regular job and there are other jobs that offer accommodation and food in return for work. So, if you are on an extremely tight budget but want to see what the world has to offer as a lone traveler, working overseas is a fantastic option.


Even when traveling alone, there will be times where sharing could help you save money. It may be something as simple as getting a taxi from the airport into the city. If there are other people waiting at the taxi stand and they are going to the same place why not ask if they would like to share the fare?

During your stay, you could use a car sharing app to find people who have spare seats in their vehicle. They may be travelling to work but if they are going in the same direction as you, it is an opportunity to save some money on transport and meet a local at the same time. Meeting local people is one of the great traveling experiences and using car sharing is the perfect way to meet locals.

Rail Passes and Tourist Cards

Most countries have rail passes and have specific tourist rail passes for travelers. The passes mean you can make a huge saving if you are planning on using the subway, bus, or train regularly during your trip. Buying single tickets multiple times soon adds up and can easily eat into your daily budget but a pass comes with a one-off payment and it can be used as many times as the pass allows in the specified time.

Tourist cards are a great way to see as many attractions as possible and make a saving. If you plan to visit multiple attractions in one city, the tourist card is always the cheapest option and will allow you to visit some places for free or at reduced cost.

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