Unique Rings to Spice Your Look

4 Unique Rings to Spice Your Look

Wearing a ring is the most common way to enhance your personality. Wearing a ring can make you look different from others depending upon the type of ring you are wearing and on what occasion. 

Unlike women, men have to be a little careful while wearing the ring on their finger because every finger determines the state of your wealth and your relationship, whether you are engaged or not. This article will give you a complete guide on how you should wear finger rings.

Can Men Wear Other Rings Except for the Wedding Ring 

The short answer to the question is yes. Men can wear elegant diamond cocktail rings according to their desire and taste. As a man, you are not only bound to wear just a wedding ring. The truth is every ring holds a secret message depending on the type of ring and the finger you are wearing. 

Wearing a ring as a man is not a newly introduced trend. For centuries, men have been wearing different rings representing their state of wealth and power. 

Although every ring contains a secret message, unfortunately, today, very few people know about this and their meaning. People mainly focus on the wedding ring to generalize your relationship state. 

Other than that, I mostly don’t know about other secrets. But still, we want you to understand these rings’ secrets which we will discuss further in the article. 

As men, you can wear any ring that suits your personality and taste. Like a colored diamond ring, you must be careful in choosing the finger you wish to wear. 

Although in our society, very few people are left to understand the secrets of wearing a ring still, you should pay close attention to it. You might come across a person who belongs to the elite class or some club that will recognize your state in a blink of an eye.

Can Man Wear Rings?

We live in a society where people have different opinions on wearing a ring than men, and there are many unclear questions about wearing a ring. 

If you had to wear the ring, then what style should it be? People in different cultures have different opinions on wearing the ring as men. Many men avoid wearing rings because of “What other people will say or think of them.” 

There is no doubt that people have their own opinion and point of view of seeing and thinking, But you should ask yourself, do people’s opinions affect you? 

Before wearing, ask yourself whether you are wearing a ring for people around you to compliment or praise you. Or you are going to wear the ring because you like it. It gives you the satisfaction of fulfilling your desire. Once you get this answer, you will be more confident while wearing a ring. 

If you don’t have the confidence to wear a ring, you will always be nervous in public, and people around you will always ask questions about it because even you are not sure about wearing a ring. But if you wear the ring and walk confidently in public, no one will notice it. Acting normal while wearing a ring is a tip to walking confidently.

4  Rings That Can Spice Your Look

Here are some unique and different rings for men to boost their personalities.

Viking rings

Viking rings can be great to boost your personality. The Viking ring represents the history of Norsemen, commonly known as Scandinavians. Norse men were warriors who loved to shed blood and explore new lands. These men were wizards, merchants, pirates, hunters, and assassins.

These people have hidden secrets and mysterious motifs, which are hard to explain in this modern era. If you are a fan of Viking movies or seasons, this ring can be good for you. You can wear it at formal occasions and parties to get extra attention. 

Wolf Ring

Wearing a wolf face ring is a great way to show love for your husky. If you have, but it doesn’t matter even if you don’t have a husky still it holds the power of enhancing your personality. The wolf face is a symbol of power and loyalty. 

You can wear the ring casually and on formal occasions, depending on your choice. Wearing a wolf ring also represents your love for the animals and gives you an incredible and unique feeling because most men wear simple rings.

Serpent Head Ring 

You possess the most incredible collection of rings if you have the serpent head ring or snake ring. Wearing a snake ring has its history, but we are not diving into it today. Every creature has its characteristics and quality, and by wearing the ring of its shape, you represent the same quality. It is another great way to speak about your personality without speaking a word. 

On the other hand, wearing a serpent head ring symbolizes being fearless and wise. In Greek mythology, the snake refers to the medical term with the power for healing and sustaining peace.

Skull Ring

Waring the skull ring has a different meaning in every society. The skull ring represents the dark side of death. In many cultures the skull is the symbol of “Santa Muerte,” making being kind and generous. Santa Muerte is the goddess who helps his worshipers in this life and even in the afterlife.

Wearing such a ring will enhance your personality, depending on the situation you are wearing. The skull ring represents both the dark and light sides of human personality. So you have to be careful what people think of the skull symbol living around you. 

Ring and Finger Symbolism

Here are a few things you should take care of while wearing the ring 

Pinky Finger 

Wearing a ring in a pinky finger has its history. To be clear, wearing a pinky ring doesn’t represent that you belong to any cult or secret society. Wearing a ring on your pinky finger represents that you belong to the elite class family with wealth and power. Moreover, you can check some of the useful tips for wearing pinky rings here.

The Fourth Finger

On the fourth finger, men wear their wedding rings. As the finger is directly connected with your heart, it also represents the symbol of love and care. In many European states, the fourth finger is the evidence that you are engaged in a relationship with someone.

Middle Finger

The index finger is the most extended finger and the most prominent. Most men don’t wear a ring on the middle finger alone. They combined it with the thumb or pinky finger, which ultimately means less. However, wearing the ring alone on the middle finger represents the leader’s power. Someone who possesses power and leads the cult or any organization.

Index Finger

If we dive into history, we will see most men wear the ring on their index finger. The index finger is used to wear a crest passed from one family member to the other. But in a few cultures, it also represents the man’s rank in a particular cult. 

The Thumb 

Wearing the ring on the thumb was an old tradition of North Americans. Wearing the ring on your thumb represents that you have wisdom and very ambition toward your goal. Nowadays, men don’t wear rings only on the thumb. They combined them with the pinky or fourth finger to make the rings more prominent.

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