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5 Magnificent Wall Clocks You Must Consider To Revamp Your Office Space

It all began with a wall clock. Clockwork is the most sophisticated mechanism in the history of human inventions. And we don’t need to tell you why. Perhaps you already know it. What you don’t know is that with the evolution of watchmaking, the wall clocks have slowly and gradually been relegated into a space where they are no longer considered important.

But thanks to the old-school, old-world charm of wall clocks, people who genuinely love to preserve something as vintage as a wall clock, understand what it means to have one. This is why certain people from all walks of life still continue to have wall clocks decorating their bedrooms, living rooms and office spaces.

Now, you may not be a lover of wall clocks or particularly have the inclination to preserve them forever, but if you want to, let’s say, decorate your office space and are looking for some décor piece that can uplift your space, then wall clocks are what you must look at. It will stay in its designated place and won’t require much maintenance and give your space a retro-vintage appeal if you so desire.

But if choosing a wall clock is a cause of concern, we are here to help you out with a list of carefully handpicked wall clocks that you can probably use to decorate your office space. Don’t believe us? In that case, you must check out the following options carefully and consider getting them for your space.

1. Black Wall Clock


Adorn your office space with this black-coloured contemporary wall clock to suit your taste. It flaunts an alluring black colour with indices carved out in sleek, white colour. It gives your wall a chic elevated look and makes your wall look like an accent wall. Although selecting a wall clock is a matter of taste, you don’t have to necessarily pick up wall clocks that are vintage or retro-looking. Instead, you can pick up modern pieces like this one, so you can keep the décor aligned with your taste and penchant for decoration.

2. Blue Wall Clock


In the sea of blue-coloured objects, this wall clock has a big chance of standing out. This is because of the unique cobalt-blue colour that makes it look contemporary, bold and modern.  It boasts of a silent sweep technology that can make your office space look vibrant, colourful and less grave. This wall clock also doubles up as an art piece that accentuates the aesthetics of your office space, leaving a lasting positive impression on the viewer.

3. Green Wall Clock


This slim-shaped, lean and slender, green-coloured wall clock is irresistibly subtle and has all the charm to engage the gaze of the onlooker. It is incredibly distinct in appeal and appearance, especially because it comes with a silent sweep technology and minimalistic design. It is crafted with skill, dexterity and precision to suit your taste and elevate your office into a more vibrant and pleasant space.

4. The Black Metallica


Office spaces are places of serious work but they do not have to be boring. If you have an eye for all things classy and elegant, you must explore this black-coloured wall clock with ultra-slim hands. They add a sophisticated and chic glamour to your space and make it appear more appealing. Render your office space and interesting character with this contemporary wall clock and you are good to go.

5. Wooden Wall Clock


This fashionable wooden watch piece with the flame treated case, large-sized numerical and silent sweep technology add a timeless touch to your contemporary office space. When placed again a colourful mural wall in your office space, this wall clock would emit an exquisite appeal, making the space seem more fun and casual, eroding the seriousness that is traditionally associated with office spaces.

You don’t have to buy expensive wall clocks to revamp your office space. All you must do is to explore exquisite, unique and classic wall clocks from traditionally reliable brands such as Titan to ensure you get high quality. So, don’t wait, explore Titan watches and redefine your office space today.

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