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Catch Them In the Act: What Apps Do Cheaters Use?

New technology has given us so many ways to enrich our relationships. You can now meet, talk to, and see people from across the globe. Smart rings and other gadgets can even make you feel your loved one’s heartbeat no matter how far you are.

However, it’s also easier than ever to cheat on your partner and never get caught, thanks to technology. Today, you only need a smartphone and a special app to hide your affairs.

But what apps do cheaters use? How do they work? And most importantly, how can you discover them?

Let’s find out!

26 Apps That Help Your Partner Hide Their Infidelity

First, we must say that if you have a feeling that your partner is hiding something, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating on you. Maybe they are struggling with something they are not yet ready to share, or they are planning a surprise for you. There are plenty of reasons people can seem distant at times, but not all of them are bad.

That being said, if you notice several signs leading you to believe your partner is being unfaithful, it doesn’t hurt to do a little snooping around and find out for yourself. Better safe than sorry, right? Since smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, you are bound to find some clues on your partner’s phone. So, you must be wondering, “What apps do cheaters use?”

There are plenty of apps that unfaithful partners today use to avoid being discovered. Such apps look very inconspicuous and sometimes leave no trace for you to find. Other times, they are too secure and encrypted, so you can’t access them at all.

But don’t worry. Nothing can stay permanently hidden, and we will help you discover the truth.

But first, what apps do cheaters use to stay under the radar?

Messaging Apps

If your partner is having an affair, they need a way to communicate and keep those illicit conversations hidden from you at the same time. To send and receive information about the time and place they meet with other people, compromising videos and pictures, they need specific messaging apps. Such apps usually offer features like hiding or deleting messages right after you send them, encryption, etc.

So, to answer the question “What apps do cheaters use”, we need to start with messaging apps.

1. Viber


Image source: Viber.com

Viber is a common messaging app that allows you to send messages and make calls free of charge. In most cases, it’s completely harmless. However, it also offers some features that can help your partner hide their wrongdoings. In fact, many cheaters prefer Viber because the app itself doesn’t make their partners suspicious.

So, beware of secret chats and hidden chats. With secret chats, Viber allows you to have a private conversation that automatically deletes messages after a certain amount of time, like 3 minutes. Such an option gives your unfaithful partner the freedom to send incriminating videos and pictures, knowing they will no longer exist in a few minutes.

On the other hand, hidden chats are still there but are not visible when you open the app the usual way. If you scrolled through your partner’s Viber chats, you wouldn’t be able to see them. They appear only when you type in a pin.

Viber is available for both Android and Apple phones. So you need to monitor Viber activities no matter what kind of phone your partner uses.

But is there a way around it? Sadly, it’ll prove to be a challenging task if you don’t have a hacker friend to help you out. If that’s the case with you, try secretly installing a spy app on your partner’s phone that sends you regular updates and screenshots.

Or if you notice they are spending a significant amount of time on Viber, but their visible conversations do not show a recent activity or at least enough activity to justify the time spent, there’s a reason to believe something fishy is going on.

2. Telegram


Image source: Telegram.org

Another answer to your question, “What apps do cheaters use?” is Telegram. Telegram is also a popular messaging app for business purposes, which is why it provides a perfect cover. Some of the features cheaters find pretty handy are autodestruct and hidden chats.

The autodestruct option allows you to set a countdown timer for the chats of your choosing, which means everything you send will no longer be visible in a matter of minutes. Also, just like Viber’s secret chat option, you can have secret conversations on Telegram that require a pin to access.

Both Android and Apple users can install Telegram, making it that much easier to use for infidelity. Another bad news is that these features are also next to impossible to work around. So, although you can have your suspicions, you probably won’t be able to confirm he has a secret chat. Still, you can always resort to a spying app and wait until it finds something to clue you in.

3. Signal


Image source: Signal.org

A great messaging app that lets you lead secure conversations and deletes anything not meant for the prying eyes is Signal. Thanks to the disappearing messages option, this app will eliminate any texts or media your secret lover sends you after some time.

Furthermore, many people praise Signal for being incredibly secure. In fact, it is password-protected and double-encrypted for extra protection. Even Edward Snowden claims he uses it every day.

You can install Signal on both Apple and Android devices. Unfortunately, considering the level of security, it would require serious hacking skills to get into your partner’s Signal account.

4. Facebook Messanger


Image source: Facebook.com

To answer the question “What apps do cheaters use?” you don’t have to go further than common social network apps, such as Facebook Messenger. It’s been quite some time since Messenger introduced the secret conversations option, making it very easy for people to cheat on their partners using this popular app.

If you notice your partner is always logged in, you can maybe take his phone and sneak a peek. Hopefully, you won’t find anything. But just in case, turn on your phone’s camera to take pics for evidence. On the other hand, if you don’t know their password, there are some ways to track their Messenger activities using spying apps.

5. WhatsApp


Image source: Whatsapp.com

People who want to hide affairs from their partners often opt for WhatsApp. This app is very common, so it doesn’t raise suspicion. However, WhatsApp provides its users with end-to-end encryption, which means the data you send or receive is fully secure.

The app is available for both Android and Apple users, and if you think your partner is using it to cover up their tracks, there are some things you can do. For instance, you can look at their smartphone and check their chats. But if you notice their account is locked up with a password, you might want to install spyware on their device and catch them red-handed.

6. iMessage


Image source: Support.apple.com

Apple users have an additional way to get away with their infidelity by using iMessage. You can install iMessage on all your Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers and talk with your lover across multiple gadgets. What makes it even more appealing is that this app provides you with end-to-end encryption.

If your partner is using iMessage, we might have some good news for you. Accounts on multiple devices give you more chances to log into one of them and go through all their conversations. Moreover, this app is not too hard to hack, or you can also put spyware on your partner’s devices to do the dirty work for you.

7. Snapchat


Image source: Snapchat.com

Once upon a time, Snapchat was the primary resource for those who wanted to hide their unfaithfulness. And that doesn’t come as a surprise considering the app lets you send “snaps” — pics and videos — that self-destruct as soon as the other person sees them. So, if you wanted to send naughty pics but prevent your lover from saving them and using them against you, Snapchat was the app to go to.

Your partner can use it whether they have an iOS or an Android smartphone. However, today, many cheaters avoid it since you can hack it without trouble and even check the deleted messages. Still, if you see your partner snapping a lot, there might be a reason for concern.

8. Private Message Box


Image source: Apps.apple.com

When discussing “What apps do cheaters use?” You can’t skip over Private Message Box since it is the ultimate tool for cheating partners. With it, they can freely communicate with their side pieces with little or no chance of ever getting caught because of the app’s incredible features.

First, you can hide the Private Message Box app icon from the list of apps on your phone. So, if anyone comes snooping around, they won’t be able to find it. Next, the app is 100% secure, keeping all your texts, photos, and videos private and pin enabled on top. Lastly, it provides in-app virtual numbers for you to purchase — that way, all your calls and texts will not show on your regular phone bill.

Both Android and Apple owners can enjoy its benefits. So, if your partner is using Private Message Box, you will probably have a hard time discovering it. But again, you might be able to catch them in the act with spyware.

9. Kik


Image source: Kik.com

Kik is an app people usually use for instant messaging. It provides a standard array of features, including direct messages, public group messaging, live video chats, groups for people looking for love, etc. To open an account, you only need an email address and a password. Both Android and Apple owners can create a Kik account.

If you think your partner is using this app to cheat on you, simple spy software will answer all your questions.

10. Silence


Image source: Silence.im

Contrary to Kik, Silence is an SMS/MMS app that offers maximum protection for texts and media you share. Everything you receive is encrypted locally, and messages you send are encrypted over the air.

Silence is available only for Android users, so you are off the hook if your partner uses an Apple device. On the other hand, it will be pretty much impossible to break into this app on your partner’s Android phone.

11. Line


Image source: Line.me

Continuing on with the query “What apps do cheaters use?” will lead you to Line.

Some call Line an alternative to WhatsApp. This app allows you to have Voice over IP calls, instant messages, and video calls, share videos, pics, voice recordings, etc. Every call between users is free, or you can choose the option of paid calls to mobile phones and landlines. To create an account, you need to submit your phone number.

Although not intended for secret communication, a person set on cheating can find a way to use Line to contact their lovers and hide illicit messages. It is available for both Android and Apple phones, so you can look for it if you suspect your partner is up to something.

12. Instagram Direct Messenger


Image source: Instagram.com

Instagram is one of the favorite hunting grounds for cheaters looking for new lovers. There are plenty of beautiful people posting amazing pics on this app, but it also doubles as an excellent private communication channel.

If you feel like your partner is using Instagram to communicate with their lovers, you will be happy to find out that this app is easy to hack. With the right software, you can have all the incriminating evidence on your smartphone.

Other Apps to Look For on Your Partner’s Phone

Smartphones offer plenty of other apps that help people plan and hide their affairs. So, on the quest to find the answer to “What apps do cheaters use?” you have to take a look at the most common dating and cheating apps.

13. Vaulty Stocks


Image source: Play.google.com

The Vaulty Stocks app lets Android owners enjoy their infidelity without the fear of getting caught. At first glance, it looks like a stock portfolio app, but it is actually an online vault where you can stash all your incriminating photos and videos. You can also use the app to send such illicit content to your lover.

When it comes to the level of security, Vaulty Stocks stays true to its name. The app is protected with a password, and you need to type in a pin to open it. Also, if someone else tries to use it, Vaulty Stocks will take their photo as evidence. So, when trying to catch your cheating spouse, beware of this security feature.

14. Tinder


Image source: Tinder.com

What apps do cheaters use? In most cases — Tinder.

Without a doubt, Tinder is the most used dating app in the world, with 6.5 million downloads a month. It allows you to find people who live nearby, and it only takes for both people to swipe right to start a conversation. People who use it do it solely to find a relationship or a hookup. Hence, there’s no reason for your partner to have it on their phone if you are running steady.

The good thing is that Tinder doesn’t have a private mode, so you will quickly notice it on your partner’s phone. However, your partner can use other decoy apps to hide it from plain sight. Still, you can work around this by installing spyware on their device.

15. Lovoo


Image source: Lovoo.com

Another popular dating app is Lovoo. Similar to Instagram, Lovoo allows you to check out people’s photos and like and comment on them. Moreover, with the help of a radar feature, you can find people who live in your area. Although some use it to find friends and like-minded people, for the majority, it’s simply a great way to find a hookup.

If you are in a committed relationship, your partner should stay away from Lovoo and similar apps. But if they insist on keeping them, it’s safe to assume they are up to no good.

16. Bumble


Image source: Bumble.com

The next answer to your question, “What apps do cheaters use?” is Bumble.

Bumble is considered the best cheating app for women. Why? Because on this app, women are in charge — they are the ones allowed to take the initiative, start a conversation, etc. It’s all too simple to create a profile using your Facebook account and find a possible match.

Bumble is available for both Apple and Android users. So, if you think she is cheating, search for this app on her phone, and if you find it, it’s time for a spy app.

17. Ashley Madison


Image source: Ashleymadison.com

The most notorious cheating app designed especially for married people in search of an affair is Ashley Madison. Created to look like an innocent app using a “cover app,” Ashley Madison is anything but. In fact, the motto you will see at the top of its front page is “Life is short. Have an affair “. This app is somewhat of a holy grail for everyone involved who wants discreet and open-minded hookups with other married people.

A fun fact: Ashley Madison so openly promotes unfaithfulness that it has been banned in Shanghai (China).

Other than the usual matchmaking, this app helps you cheat on your spouse by offering a Traveling Men/Women option. Basically, if you go on a business trip, you can use this feature to arrange an encounter with someone else set on having an affair. This number one cheating site will also match you with someone who is interested in experimenting with the same sex — if that’s what you are looking for.

All in all, if you find the Ashley Madison app on your partner’s smartphone, it’s all the proof you need. Without a doubt, they are being unfaithful to you. But if you can’t find it, you can still check their credit card or bank statements. Strange transactions and large sums can indicate they are paying for this or similar services.

18. Grindr


Image source: Grindr.com

Another sign that your partner is still playing the field is the Grindr app. Grindr is the most popular dating app for gay, trans, and queer people. Many think of it as Tinder for gay people. It uses your location to find the most eligible match.

More than one problem will arise if you catch your seemingly straight partner using Grindr. Besides, the practice has shown that many that are using it are actually married people who are closet gays. So, you are in for one helluva conversation.

19. Date Mate


Image source: Date-mate.com

What apps do cheaters use? The answer could be Date Mate.

Date Mate is just your ordinary dating app. It offers location-based search and private chats. But the thing that makes this app popular among those looking for an affair is that you don’t have to sign up using your social media account or pay any fees.

This might cause you some trouble if you are searching for any clues whether your partner is using Date Mate. You won’t find any traces on their credit card report or their Facebook page.

20. Kakaotalk


Image source: Kakaocorp.com

Kakaotalk or Katalk presents one more channel of communication for those wanting to connect and meet with people. It’s a free app that offers voice and video calls, messaging, games, location sharing, etc. Furthermore, Kakaotalk will let you search for people using your contact list, friend lists, names, numbers, emails, etc.

This app is available for Android and Apple smartphones, so there’s a chance your partner is using it no matter what kind of phone they own. But since Kakaotalk’s primary use is simply meeting and chatting, not cheating and sneaking around, the security level is not so high. Therefore, you can fairly easily check your partner’s activity with any of the methods mentioned above.

21. Dust


Image source: Usedust.com

If you are asking yourself “What apps do cheaters use?”, Dust could be the answer you are looking for.

By far, this app is one of the most secure apps for cheating. Dust is a suite of digital safety tools that protect your assets. So, it guarantees private web search, communication, and identity theft protection. If you delete an incriminating message, it is gone forever — no one can recover it.

Android and Apple users can both install Dust and keep their affairs private. So, even if you find anything on your partner’s phone, it will probably be encrypted.

22. Wire


Image source: Wire.com

Wire is an app business people use to have secure conference calls, safe chats, video and voice calls, and share files — all covered by end-to-end encryption. Both Android and Apple users can benefit from such a level of security.

If your partner is using Wire, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating, because many people need it for their business communication. However, the app does provide a perfect way to be unfaithful and get away with it.

23. Seeking Arrangement


Image source: Seeking.com

Another one in a line of dating apps is Seeking Arrangement, but this one is targeting rich men. The app was created to match successful men with beautiful young women — basically, sugar daddies and sugar babies. Men who want to use Seeking Arrangement have to spend a lot of money, about $90 per month. By contrast, women can sign up for free.

As with any other dating app, your partner obviously should steer clear of Seeking Arrangement if you are in a steady relationship. So, if you discover this app on their phone, you are in for a huge argument.

24. Victoria Milan


Image source: Victoriamilan.com

When talking about “What apps do cheaters use?” you can never skip over Victoria Milan.

The Victoria Milan app advertises as the No 1 app for married and attached people looking for discreet affairs. Victoria Milan promises very private dating with face-blurring technology that lets you hide facial features in all your pics. To create an account, you don’t have to share any personal details. Also, you can opt for an anonymous username, and there are other anonymity tools at your disposal.

Victoria Milan puts safety as the top priority, so if your partner is a user, you probably won’t be able to get in. However, a spy tool that takes screenshots every few minutes might do the job.

25. Adult Friend Finder


Image source: Adultfriendfinder.com

Adult Friend Finder helps you find willing partners for casual dating, secret affairs, threesomes, swinging, etc. Basically, any kind of hookup you are currently up for, you can get through this app. Hence, if your partner has an account on Adult Friend Finder, they are probably cheating on you.

26. Hide My Calls/Texts Apps


Image source: Apps.apple.com

The last answer to the question “What apps do cheaters use?” is: one of many apps that hide their call and text notifications. Essentially, such apps allow you to pick contacts whose texts and calls you would like to hide and put them in the app.

That way, when those people call you, you will only get a pop-up like “software update available,” or you won’t get any alerts at all. Such apps are mainly available for Android users, but Apple owners can easily hide calls and texts on their iPhones as it is.

Furthermore, it is pretty complicated to discover these apps because of the decoy app feature. Generally speaking, your partner chooses an inconspicuous-looking icon with a boring name such as “Baseball” or “Shopper” to create a decoy.

There are even versions that have no icon at all — the app launches only when you tap a specific place on your black screen. And even if someone accidentally opens the app, if they don’t know where to enter the password, they will simply see a message about a system error or an expired subscription.

6 Apps You Can Use to Catch Your Cheating Partner Red Handed

Now that you’ve learned the answer to the question “What apps do cheaters use”, let’s talk about the apps that will help you outsmart them. As we mentioned above, there are spyware apps you can secretly install on someone’s phone to track their activity. So, here are the top spying apps.

1. mSpy


Image source: mSpy.com

mSpy can help you remotely track your spouse’s activity. It works in the background mode, has live location tracking, gives you updates every five minutes, allows you to read incoming and outgoing messages, and you can arrange to get updates in a specific time frame. Furthermore, it’s completely free, available for both Android and Apple devices, and your partner will never notice it. The only drawback is that it can be a bit complicated to install.

2. uMobix


Image source: uMobix.com

Another free spying app that you can use on Android and Apple phones is uMobix. uMobix lets you keep an eye on your partner’s phone calls, location, messenger activities, browser history, photo gallery, social media accounts, etc. Moreover, you will see all text messages, even the deleted ones, and get timestamps.

But what you might not like about uMobix is that you only get limited features in the free mode, and one subscription will let you monitor only one target device.

3. pcTattletale


Image source: pcTattletale.com

Are you asking yourself, “What apps do cheaters use, and what can I do about it?” The pcTattletale app is here to give you a hand.

Once you install it, it will disappear, and your partner will never know it’s there. On the other hand, you will be able to record their phone calls and videos, see messages, emails, chats, browser history, social media, etc. If all that sounds good, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a free trial period, but the pricing plans can range from $99 to $300 a month, which some might find too expensive.

However, pcTattletale is only available for Windows and Android devices. Also, if you decide to cancel the subscription, it can take as long as two months to get your money back.

4. Hoverwatch


Image source: Hoverwatch.com

Tracking your partner’s Android device is also possible with Hoverwatch, which becomes invisible once you install it. With Hoverwatch, you can see all the websites your partner visits, track their location, and all the information they send or receive.

There is also a free trial version, and the pricing plans range from $6 to $25 a month, which is fairly cheap. But before you take out your credit card, keep in mind that you need to have physical access to the target device in order to use this app.

5. FlexiSPY


Image source: FlexiSPY.com

FlexiSpy is tracking software for phones, computers, and tablets that lets you monitor your partner’s online activities. What makes this app so amazing is that you can install, deactivate, and uninstall it remotely. Furthermore, it offers automatic remote updates and operates in hidden mode.

If you decide to go with FlexiSpy, you will receive real-time alerts, be able to send remote commands to your partner’s device, and prevent the app from being deleted. When it comes to drawbacks, this app needs rooting on the target device, and some might say it’s too pricey. Pricing plans go from $30 to $200.

6. ClevGuard


Image source: ClevGuard.com

The last answer to your question, “What apps do cheaters use, and what can I do about it” is ClevGuard. It has all the standard features, such as location tracking, call recording, etc. The geofence feature will let you know if your partner has entered an off-limits location. Also, ClevGuard is quite affordable, with costs ranging from around $9 to $30 a month.

However, you can only monitor one device with a subscription, and the iOS version doesn’t have remote control features.

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