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Throwaway Lines

Past Event

It started with an abandoned handwritten letter found on Blackfriars Bridge in 2009. This was the first of many throwaways rescued by Andy Hayes – a curious man, with a keen eye for rubbish and for art.

He took his hoard of trash to 26, the writers' collective, and they got involved. Litter became litterature. A stash of 26 stories, written by 26 writers, was published at throwawaylines.org.

And now this collaborative writing project has turned three-dimensional. Fifteen top London designers have created frames for the scraps that inspired the stories, taking visual cues from the stories too.

You can see the exhibition in the Free Word Main Hall from Monday 29th October to Friday 26th November. It's open from 9am to 9pm and entry is free (as you'd expect for a load of old rubbish)…

Drop in!

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