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Arctica: Launch

Past Event

Arctica is an interdisciplinary programme of poetry, photography, performance and installation from the writer and artist Stevie Ronnie. It is inspired by a voyage he undertook in 2013, with the US organization The Arctic Circle, that ventured round the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic.

The programme launches with an exhibition at the Free Word Centre in London (Dec 2014 – March 2015).  The private view on 26th February is an opportunity to see some of the extraordinary photographs Stevie took on the voyage, as well as to hear an early read through of his new performance, inspired by the Arctic landscape.


Stevie Ronnie is a writer and artist with a background in computing. His work, often collaborative and participatory in nature, spans art forms to produce interactive pieces for publication, exhibition, installation and/or performance. Stevie is currently working on a series of visual and literary works inspired by a recent residency in the High Arctic. stevieronnie.com

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