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BatNon & Robin: How to be an Author

Past Event

How do you survive post-publication? How do you maintain momentum for your second (and third, and fourth) books? And how, when incomes are shrinking, do you keep paying the rent?

Today’s authors don’t just need to be good with words – they need to be event planners, public speakers, marketers and sales people.

Non Pratt and Robin Stevens will help you become the kind of confident, prepared and clued-up author you need to be to survive the world of children’s books and emerge triumphant with that coveted second (and even third!) book deal.

  • The launch and beyond: how to prepare for publication
  • Selling yourself: how to swim, not sink
  • Making money: advances, finances and taxes
  • The bad and the ugly: coping with disappointment
  • Momentum: turning a deal into a career

Non Pratt is the author of teen novels Trouble, Remix and Truth or Dare and teen novella, Unboxed. Before becoming a full-time author she worked as an editor in children’s publishing at independent fiction publisher Catnip, and Usborne Publishing.

Robin Stevens is the author of the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries series and the sequel to Siobhan Dowd’s London Eye Mystery – The Guggenheim Mystery. Prior to becoming one of the UK’s best-selling authors for 8-12 she worked in the editorial department at Egmont Publishing and Orion Children’s.

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