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Comma Press Short Story Course with Adam Marek

Past Event

Join award-winning writer Adam Marek and Comma Press on this six month course dedicated to the short story. Explore the fundamentals of great story writing so you can hook your readers from the opening line.

This course is about the short story.

The best stories linger long in the reader’s mind. So how can you achieve that in just a few pages? Short stories offer the writer huge creative freedoms, but they also teach great discipline and precision.

Join Comma Press, one of the UK’s leading publishers of short fiction, on one of our popular, nation-wide courses, this time run by award winning short story writer Adam Marek. Together in a series of six workshops, we’ll explore the fundamentals of great story writing, including: generating ideas, plotting vs making it up as you go along, writing convincing characters, creating conflict, starting and ending a story, and editing your work. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, by the end of the workshops you’ll be writing stories that will hook your readers from the opening line.

What you need to be familiar with…

You don’t necessarily need any practical experience of writing stories, nor of supervised creative writing of any kind, but it’s important that you have an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the short story form.

To get the most from the course, you should be prepared to do some background reading, and undertake writing tasks in and between the sessions.

The course isn’t geared towards any particular sub-genre within the short story form – be it literary fiction, sci-fi, or horror – we’ll be looking at techniques applicable to all these genres.

What we won’t cover…

This isn’t a course devised to help you write a novel, a novella, poetry, micro-fiction, or biography – it’s all about the short story, which presents its own specific demands and opportunities to writers (for the avoidance of doubt, short stories typically weigh in at somewhere between 1,500 and 8,000 words long).

Tickets can be booked below and are listed for the start date of the course. One ticket covers the whole course, which runs on the following dates:

  • Thursday 6th July
  • Thursday 17th August (*please note: amended from 3rd Aug*)
  • Thursday 7th September
  • Thursday 5th October
  • Thursday 9th November
  • Thursday 7th December

Please note: all concession tickets are now SOLD OUT. All bookings for concession tickets will be asked to confirm eligibility at the first session.


Adam Marek

Adam Marek is the award-winning author of two short story collections: The Stone Thrower and Instruction Manual for Swallowing. He won the 2011 Arts Foundation Short Story Fellowship, and was shortlisted for the inaugural Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award. His stories have appeared on BBC Radio 4, and in many magazines and anthologies, including The Penguin Book of the British Short Story. He teaches creative writing regularly for the Arvon Foundation, WordFactory, Comma Press and the creative writing group at Google London. Visit Adam online at www.adammarek.co.uk

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