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Past Event
  • Presented By: ARTICLE 19
  • Weekdays from 9am-8pm, 24th Oct - 22nd Nov, with some exceptions. Please call ahead to check availability.
  • Free Word Centre

You can see the full comic strips in high resolution here.

Pioneering artists from three contrasting countries unite to create an innovative exhibition of new work exploring our contemporary attitudes to Europe. Bringing together new voices from Turkey, Algeria and the UK, Reframe invites nine emerging artists to use their distinctive styles and viewpoints to 'reframe' perspectives through a series of new graphic short stories that examine the cultural, social and political dynamics between Europe and each of the participating countries.

The exhibition will go on display as part of three leading international  comic festivals over the next few months. Unveiled at the FIBDA Festival in Algiers this October, it will then come to London’s Free Word Centre as part of the Comica Festival and Free Word’s Autumn programme, before heading to the Istanbulles Festival in January.

Join us for the launch of the Reframe exhibition on Wednesday 23rd October.

Alongside the exhibition there will be a series of  debates at each of the festivals exploring the role comics can play in discussion of free expression, human rights and our attitudes to Europe. There will also be a series of workshops running in local schools.

We look forward to bringing you samples of the artists’ work to this site in the near future, along with more information about the series of debates and workshops.

The artists taking part in Reframe include:

From the UK: Hannah Berry, Daniel Locke and ILYA

From Algeria:  Sofiane Belaskri, Mahmoud Benameur and Soumeya Ouarezki

From Turkey: Naz Tansel, Murat Mıhçıoğlu and Cem Özüduru

Reframe: Perspectives on Europe through comics from Algeria, Turkey and the UK is presented by Comica, Istanbulles with Studio Rodeo, FIBDA, and Free Word in association with ARTICLE 19 and Booktrust and supported by the European Cultural Foundation

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