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Get a Job in Publishing

Past Event

If you're looking for a career in the publishing industry, this course is for you. Get access to insider information from three senior publishing leaders, and demystify publishing myths.

Looking for a career in the publishing industry? Then this is the course for you.

This weekend course, in partnership with The Literary Consultancy, will offer up-to-date and authoritative insider information from three senior publishing leaders who have worked for huge conglomerates, niche indies and everything in between.

Over this two-day course featuring special industry speakers sharing their experiences alongside our consultants, we will gallop through the structure of a modern day publisher to help target the right career choice for you. We will offer an overview of what function each department offers in the process of publishing a book. More importantly, we will provide you with the nitty-gritty details of how the business works – with a glossary of terms to debunk the myths of the publishing structures and terminologies.

To give you a leg-up over other candidates, we will brief you on important topical issues facing the industry today: from barriers to entry, to the differences facing large to small publishers, self-publishing, agents, authors, eBooks, and more. The class structure will be interactive and dynamic throughout.

Finally, this is a course for everyone, no matter what your background or qualifications; whether you are brand new, already in a junior role but unsure of what your options are, or interested in moving from another sector. At the end of the course, we will have provided you with practical tools you need to write a standout CV, strategies for interviews, and more. You do not have to be an English or Creative Writing graduate to apply, though of course graduates are welcome, too! This is a course that will offer an up-to-date peek behind the curtain of the publishing industry and key insights from experts in the field.

Day One 10am-4pm

We will cover areas including How a Book Gets Published, What a Financially Successful Book Looks Like, Anatomy of a Publishing Firm, and the programme includes sessions looking at the following departments in detail – Editorial, Publicity, Marketing, Sales, Rights, and Production and Design. Coffee and tea will be provided, and a sandwich lunch is included.

Day Two 10am-3.30pm

We will look at Routes into Publishing, how to write a CV and Covering Letter, Interview Techniques, Social Media, Trade Organisations and Networking Opportunities, and will hear from New York Times bestselling novelist Chris Cleave to the theme ‘What Makes a Good Publisher?’ Coffee and tea will be provided.


Online booking for this event is now open.

*Please note: VAT will be added when purchasing tickets


Sharmaine Lovegrove (publisher, Dialogue Books), Briony Gowlett (senior editor, Hodder & Stoughton), Yassine Belkacemi (Senior Publicity Manager, John Murray), and award-novelist Chris Cleave (Everyone Brave is Forgiven, New York Times bestseller; Little Bee, Costa-shortlisted; “one of our most powerful, important and psychologically insightful novelists”). Joanna Seaton (Production Director, Hodder & Stoughton) has also contributed material to the course.

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