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Is there an alternative to the growth imperative?

Past Event

Our climate is changing, caused by what many believe to be the relentless economic exploitation of the planet’s resources. What are the social, human and political consequences of these changes and how can Europe act together to help forge an alternative approach?

Click here to read “Green Bang” (pp. 45-60), a short story by Nick Hunt, one of the speakers at this event.

You can also read related articles on Krytyka Polityczna‘s website – one which asks ‘Are there alternatives to capitalism?‘ and another, here, that discusses the new pan-European movement DiEM 25, a group whose aim is to democratize Europe and create an alternative between the retreat to a “cocoon of the nation state” and the neoliberal system of austerity.



Rethinking Economics is an international network of rethinkers – students, academics and citizens – coming together to demystify, diversify, and invigorate economics.

This event is part of Free Word’s series, Unravelling Europe. Against a backdrop of increasing fragmentation fuelled by anxiety and fear, the conditions and values that underpin our open, democratic societies are under threat. Putting artists at the heart of the discussion, alongside thinkers and speakers from other disciplines, Unravelling Europe sets out to ask: why is this so, what are the consequences and how might we act to counter them?

This evening is also part of a Time to Talk, European Houses of Debate debate series, happening with the support of the European Union’s Europe for Citizens Programme and taking place in cities around Europe, including Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Sofia and Warsaw. You can find out more about this series of debates and the Time to Talk network at TTTdebates.org (http://www.eurozine.com/timetotalk).


Nick Hunt is a writer, journalist and storyteller whose work has investigated melting glaciers, language extinction and the effects of climate change on human cultures and beliefs. Nick also works as co-editor of the Dark Mountain books and is full-time editor of their blog.

Johanna Nyman is the President of the European Youth Forum. She studied environmental change and politics at Helsinki University and now works on environmental issues in London

Kate Raworth is a renegade economist focused on exploring the economic mindset needed to address the twenty-first century’s social and ecological challenges, and she is the creator of the doughnut of planetary and social boundaries. The Guardian has named her as “one of the top ten tweeters on economic transformation”.

Victoria Waldersee (Chair) is co-project manager of Economy, a new Rethinking Economics project which aims to make conversation around the economy more accessible, engaging, and inclusive. A recent BA Chinese & Economics graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies, Victoria has taken a leading role in organising conferences, schools workshops, and campaigns for Rethinking Economics since 2013.

Stewart Wallis was Executive Director at New Economics Foundation from 2003-2016. His interests include global governance, functioning of markets, links between development and environmental agendas, new forms of enterprise, the future of capitalism and moral economy.

Antosh Wojcik is Resident Artist at the Roundhouse and a member of Kid Glove and Burn After Reading collectives. He was joint champion of the Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2013. Antosh has performed at many events around the UK, including TEDx East End 2015 and festivals such as Poetry&Words at Glastonbury, Latitude and Bestival, as well as internationally at Sofia Poetics 2015.

Yuan Yang is a writer, translator, economist, and campaigner. She is co-founder of the Rethinking Economics network, and has recently been appointed by the Financial Times as a reporter in China. She has been part of the Yorkshire-based Writing Squad and the Barbican Young Poets. Yuan Yang was one of the Young Poet Laureate for London finalists in 2016.

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