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Hrant Dink Memorial Evening

Past Event

In commemoration of the exceptional life and achievements of editor and journalist Hrant Dink, murdered in Istanbul in 2007.

The Armenian Institute, ARTICLE 19 and English PEN are proud to commemorate the exceptional life and achievements of Hrant Dink, Armenian editor of the bilingual Turkish newspaper Agos. He was murdered on 19 January 2007 in Istanbul.

Hrant Dink was an outspoken champion of human and civil rights for all in Turkey. His lingua franca in free expression opened the floodgates for repressed people seeking out and declaring their true ethnic history and identity. The “Armenian Genocide”, officially taboo, became current usage. He was punished by death.

Join us in remembering this remarkable journalist as we oppose the recent waves of persecution and imprisonment of journalists, academics and liberals in Turkey.

Maureen Freely will give her keynote speech, “Witness to Hrant Dink”, and Kurdish singer Suna Alan will perform Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish songs.

With final words from Katie Morris (Article 19), Antonia Byatt (English PEN), and Nouritza Matossian (Armenian Institute).

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